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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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Dead Man's Float

Postby Evarista on April 15th, 2017, 7:23 pm

Waiting for the prey to take the bait, Evarista remained immobile just below the nearby building. The countless tripwires she had pulled across the alley were all attached to the ends of her legs. The tripwires were so sensitive that even the lightest breeze sent small signals down to her… alright, maybe that was too sensitive and would probably need adjustments in the future. Evarista had no visual on the alley, and didn’t think she needed it. There was nothing her near-sighted eyes could reveal that the tripwires couldn’t, she thought.

The hurried footsteps on the walkways above her showed that the bait was working. Two sets of footsteps, and only one heartbeat. It was them. It couldn’t be anyone else. The prospect of multiple corpses walking the streets was somewhat disgruntling and rather unappetizing, so for her own sake, the huntress chose to assume that the pair of feet, which still intently made its way to the secluded alley, belonged to already familiar personages.

Preparing to attack, the monster morphed its legs, elongating them and the talons at the end. The plan was to achieve a range that would allow her to attack without fully emerging from the water. She couldn’t tell exactly where her guests were, but the sudden tug on several of her tripwires told her that at least one of them must’ve entered the killzone. Using the four shorter legs to steady herself against the submerged part of the wall of a nearby building, Evarista folded her four longer legs like springs, built up some pressure, and swung them upwards in an arc. A sickening whistle pierced the air as four giant talons shot out of the water and sailed through the air, slashing across the walkway in front of the wrapped-up bait like a giant rake before vanishing as fast as they appeared. The boy squealed in shock, although the very fact that he was still conscious was rather impressive.

Excited, Evarista inspected her high-grade hunting spears, only to find… nothing. Either her attack missed the prey, or they’ve tricked her and weren’t even in the alley to begin with. She couldn’t decide which would be more embarrassing, but it made her rather angry either way. The lesson, was learned, though: just the tripwires didn’t provide enough information to work with.

Since she was fully aware that the same trap wouldn’t work twice, she needed to change tactics. Pulling the tripwires back into the water, she cleared the passage to the bait, as if allowing the pair to recover it. The cocoon enclosing the boy, however, was sticky on the outside. Not only was he firmly stuck to the walkway, but anyone who tried to free him would inevitably get stuck as well, at which point pulling the whole company underwater would be an easy matter. The sticky coating was originally just an afterthought, but it provided for a nice plan B.

Mildly impressed by her own ingenuity, the spider continued lurking, considering time to be on her side. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Several additional pairs of feet, clearly clad in heavy boots, were already approaching the alley as well. It seemed that dangling the boy from a roof had attracted more than passing attention from the guards and Ebonstryfe soldiers present at the initial scene.

Seeing as the bait was inseparably glued to the walkway boards, relocating the ambush at this point was no longer possible. Bailing on the setup was starting to look like a valid concern. However, the huntress didn’t want to give up just yet. Someone, at some point, was bound to make a mistake, and one mistake was all she needed.
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