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Postby Alija on November 11th, 2014, 10:05 pm

Alija Piper

Date of Birth: 7th Summer 495
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Profession: Blacksmith

Fluent: Common
Poor: None
Basic: None

City: Ravok
Location: Tarsin's Boarding House


A young lady with the appearance of a slightly older woman, Alija is what one might call average. Average height, average weight, the only thing that makes her different are the well defined muscles, large from har work. Despite being inside for long hours a day, her skin shines a natural tanned colour. She has an intelligent, curious look, but also withdrawn and shy.

Alija put little effort in her hair, cutting it just above the shoulder to require miminal efffort. Usually down or tied up in a messy ponytail, stray hairs always frame her face in a messy sort of way. It is scraggly looking, often compared to the yellow brown straw. It appears different varying on the light: at times blonde, others brown, and others a mixture of the two. Although straight, the dampness beside the sea often adds little waves to it, although this often turns to frizz.

Her features are plain, never leaping out at the passer-by. Almond eyes stare out a hazel colour, and her nose and mouth are just as long. Her face as a sense of elongation to it, but just not enough for it to be noticeable on a glance.

Alija prefers to where practical clothes that can become dirty easily, her career seen in her dress style. To see her wear a dress is a rarer occasion, but there comes the time when she feels it is only natural to find or make a dress to wear. Most of her clothes are hand sewn, so are rough and messy, with not much hold.

Alija knows what she wants. She knows how to get it. The only problem is putting the plan to action. Alija is timid, not wanting to make a move. However well thought her plan is, she still concentrates too much on the consequences, good and bad. She can always think up alternate ways to do things, and will change plans often, sometimes a positive thing, sometimes negative.

She is also extremely curious, wanting to know new things and understand how they work. However, her shyness means she is often too shy to ask. This has made her think outside the box as she tries to discover things.

Appearing almost dumb, once people get past the not-able-to-say-anything zone, they are often surprised about what she does know. She keeps her knowledge to herself, trying to appear modest, and finding the more she knows, the more attention is drawn to her.

(This was written at character creation. Alija has developed past a lot of things here, so only use this as a very rough guide.)

Alija's life has never been very exciting. She barely strayed out her comfort zone, even though the few times in which she did, the results have always been great. She trained under her mother, who was well accomplished at sewing, but often snuck off to join her father in the blacksmith he worked at. Her best friend Thegans often claimed she was better at blacksmithing than he, an apprentice, was.

When she was 13, she met a wizard who studied Auristics in great detail. She managed to convince him to teach her, and he did, happy to have a pupil as dedicated. Although he himself wasn't too good, Alija learnt lots under his teachings, despite having to pay some gold mizas now and then.

At 16, a ship arrived bearing a letter written to Alija's mother. Her aunt, who had left Zeltiva before Alija had been born, had written, telling her family of the terrible illness she had gotten. Worried for her sister, Alija's mother managed to find a ship willing to take her to her sister. Alija's father felt that it was his duty to stay with his wife and prepared to leave with her. Alija was given the choice: stay in Zeltiva or join them. She decided to stay in the city she knew well, hoping to join the university. Her parents never returned, nor sent her any message of their well-being.
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Postby Alija on December 4th, 2014, 9:56 pm

Alija Piper


Skill Experience Total Level
Observation 3EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 5EP 4EP 5EP 3EP 3EP 5EP 4EP 2EP 3EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 96 Master
Socialization 2EP 5EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 3EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 5EP 4EP 5EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 83 Master
Blacksmithing 26SP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 5EP 3EP 4EP 4EP 5EP 5EP 5EP 4EP 4EP 1EP 2SESpring 5151SEWinter 515 2SESpring 516 1EP 83 Master

Skill Experience Total Level
Auristics 15RB 12SP 1EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 3EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 3EP 2EP 68 Expert

Skill Experience Total Level
Rhetoric 1EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 3EP 5EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 30 Competent

Skill Experience Total Level
Acrobatics 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Acting 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Alchemy 5EP 3EP 2SEWinter 516 10 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 7 Novice
Astronomy 3EP 3 Novice
Body Building 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 8 Novice
Brawling 1EP 1EP 1EP 3 Novice
Business 3EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 11 Novice
Carving 3EP 1EP 1EP 5 Novice
Childcare 1EP 2EP 1EP 4 Novice
Cleaning 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 7 Novice
Cosmetology 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Copying 4EP 4 Novice
Cryptography 1EP 1 Novice
Disguise 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Drawing 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 8 Novice
Endurance 1EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 17 Novice
Engraving 1EP 1 Novice
Flirting 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Hosting 2EP 1EP 3 Novice
Hunting 3EP 3 Novice
Impersonation 1EP 1 Novice
Intelligence 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 8 Novice
Interrogation 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 6 Novice
Intimidation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 5 Novice
Investigation 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 16 Novice
Knot Tying 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Land Navigation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 10 Novice
Larceny 1EP 1 Novice
Law 1EP 1 Novice
Leadership 1EP 2EP 4EP 1EP 8 Novice
Logic 3EP 1EP 2EP 6 Novice
Mathematics 1EP 2EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 13 Novice
Medicine 1EP 3EP 4 Novice
Meditation 1EP 1EP 1EP 3 Novice
Metalsmithing 1EP 1EP 5EP 2EP 9 Novice
Negotiation 1EP 1EP 4EP 3EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 22 Novice
Organization 2EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 14 Novice
Painting 1EP 1 Novice
Persuasion 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 9 Novice
Philosophy 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 4 Novice
Planning 3EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 19 Novice
Reasoning 1EP 1 Novice
Running 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 7 Novice
Sewing 12SP 1EP 1EP 1EP 15 Novice
Singing 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Stealth 1EP 1EP 1EP 3 Novice
Storytelling 1EP 1EP 1EP 3 Novice
Subterfuge 2EP 1EP 1EP 4 Novice
Tactics 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 9 Novice
Teaching 3EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 8 Novice
Tracking 2EP 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 1EP 1EP 2 Novice
Weaponsmithing 1EP 2EP 2EP 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival 1EP 1EP 2EP 4 Novice
Writing 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 4 Novice

Donovan: Co-Worker
Rals: Master Blacksmith and Boss
Kamilla: Yvette’s Dresses Attendant
Donovan: A hard worker
Donovan: Celebrates his birthday 27th winter
Alija: A rotten fish
Kial: Good with animals
Kial: An outgoing kid
Aryanha: Drinking partner
Intimidation: Try to look strong even when you're not
Kerra: The Kelvic Kitten
Kerra: Like a sister
Looking the part of an upper class business woman
Edward Mine: Captain of the Night's Pearl, trader in ore
Acting: Projecting confidence
Ricky: Part of the Wave Guard
Rhetoric: Reciting a short script from memory
Pulren: Member of the Wave Guard
Meeting up with an old friend, Thegans
Story of aunt's madness and mother's disappearance
Father is alive
Father faked his own death
Thegans: Explorer and adventurer
Thegans: A ladies man
Alija: Kept her father's name
Thegans: Missing working with Alija
Thegans: Killed a woman
Pulren: Living as a Mercenary Now
Jod Murondun: High Priest of the Tempered Anvil
The Monks of Xannos
Thegans: A Smug but Lovable Sonuvabitch
Faradae: An Investigative Partner
Faradae's Aura
Alija: Dislikes smokers
Alija: Takes offense to being overlooked because she’s a woman
Alija: Doesn’t flirt with rude people
Leadership: Delegation is key for bigger projects
Alija: Loves her work
Alija: Prefers unique items to quantity production
Theagans: Perfect timing
Theagans: A friend but much more
Alija: Pride in work yields satisfaction in creation
Alija: Has big goals in life
Alija: Appreciates finery
Some choices are harder than others
Alija: Payment is secondary to creation
Alija: Seeks answers
Kial: has everything arranged
Hosting: greeting guests
Pulren: gave me a bracelet for my birthday
Firenze: gave me a dress for my birthday
A stranger in the storm
Elias: a cousin
Elias: wrecks things
The Curse of Caldera
Alija: Prefers Life Over Undeath
Alija: Eternity Means Nothing to Me
The Immortal: An Unsettling Aura
"Mortal" and "Pulser" are Insults
Lore of Sayana: Six-Armed Eypha
Lore of Sayana: Hypnotist and Aurist
Lore of Bebe Eternius: Stuck-up Synchographe
Pycons: Small Clay People
Gulle: Adventurous pycon
Gulle's Aurar
Alija: Doesn't trust strangers
Hosting: Pouring guests a drink
Imass: Loud, impatient Akalak
Imass: Specializes in dangerous and controversial encounters
Imass: Has Pulren's trust
Alija: Trusts people whom her friends trust
Khemkhaengawut: Arrogant armourer
Alija: Interested in cursed objects
Alija: Well-to-do and not one to haggle when she wants something
Alija: Knows how to get what she wants
Alija: Selfish actions for an unselfish reason
Ciara: Has a crush on Smaug
Alija and Thegans: Something in the air
Smaug: Can't do maths
Katy: The beekeeper's anoying daughter
Alija: Little experience with boys

The Armed Scholar: Layout
Location: Armed Scholar
Location: Back entrance to the University
Location: Zeltiva University
Zeltiva winters
Slaves are illegal in Zeltiva
Zeltiva Law
Nyka has a different accent
Ocean's Forge: New home and a new blacksmith
Location: Tempered Anvil Headquarters
Nyka: The Monks Rule This City
Nyka: The Western Quarter
Nyka: A City Divided
Xannos: A Celestial of Nyka
Location: The Aperture
Location: The Cursed Bridge
Nykan Oddity #668: The Case of the Burning Snow
Haggling Is Outlawed In The Fourth Day Market
There's nothing funny about the Aperture
Location: The Gift Tree
The Gift Tree: a place to thank and please the Alvina
The Gift Tree's paths: one for each Celestial
Sahova Location: The Glannoch
Sahova: Debts are Valuable
Sahova Location: The Thorn Forest
Lore of Sahova Location: Synchograph's Office
Lore of Sahova: Golem Delivery Service
Ravok: City of Rumors


Blacksmithing: How to Stoke a Forge
Blacksmithing: Welding Technique
Blacksmithing: yellow-orange, the perfect color for foraging
Blacksmithing: How to make a horseshoe
Weaponsmithing: Using a Whetstone
Blacksmithing: Triangle
Blacksmithing Tech: Setting A Forge Fire
Blacksmithing Tech: Wire Brush Cleaning Of Broken Edges
Blacksmithing Tech: File Sword Sharpening
Blacksmithing: Raw Sand Uses
Blacksmithing: The importance of an apron
Metalsmithing: Working with silver
Metalsmithing: Working with iron
Blacksmithing: Mastering the basics
Metalsmithing: Overheating delicate metals
Blacksmithing: Using a hammer
Metalsmithing: Welding techniques
Blacksmithing, something Alija was born to do
Opening and closing a blacksmith
Starting a fire with flint and steel
Blacksmithing: Preparing a forge
Weaponsmithing: Creating a sharp edge
Weaponsmithing: Filing and polishing a finished product
Blacksmithing: Punching a hole to form a ring
Blacksmithing: Working with Steel
Blacksmithing: Creating Spiral Forms
Blacksmithing: Branching Metal with Vice and Tongs
Blacksmithing: Using a Reducing Fire for Weaker Welds
Blacksmithing: Using a chisel to mark the center
Blacksmithing: Working both sides to keep the product straight
Blacksmithing: Symmetry
Blacksmithing: Clearing Away Metal Flakes for a Clearer Imprint
Blacksmithing: Tapping gently while heating to slowly curve ends together without damaging or breaking
Engraving: Red Hot Steel requires a delicate and steady hand
Carving (Metal): Chiseling metal to form a rose template
Carving (Metal): Applying heat and heavy hammer to cut into the metal
Carving (Metal): Downward Cuts to separate
Carving From a Drawing
Metalsmithing: Heating cold iron
A forge is no place for children
Metalsmithing: Using a chisel for fine details
Metalsmithing: Simple welding techniques
Metalsmithing: Heating cold iron
Hairstyles fit for work in a forge
Metalsmithing: Spade and shovel heads
The Fundamentals of Metalsmithing
Metalsmithing: Basic Alloy Recipes
Metalsmithing: Melting Points for all Basic Metals
Metalsmithing: Burning Coal Versus Wood
Metalsmithing: Isurian Iron Composition
Blacksmithing: Pots and Pans
Blacksmithing: Working with Lead
Weaponsmithing: Turning a tool into a weapon
Blacksmithing: Making an axle
Blacksmithing: Making a spring
Teaching: Recognizing acceptable levels of craftsmanship in an apprentice
Blacksmithing: Nuts & Bolts
Blacksmithing: making a punch
Blacksmithing: making a peen hammer
Gentler hammering on chisels is more accurate
Filing only one way makes metal stronger
Blacksmithing: how to make a ball shaft
Blacksmithing: making a dishing plate
Metalsmithing: working with gold
Cold forging gold
Blacksmithing: making a frame
Blacksmithing: welding edges together
Blacksmithing: making a hinge
Weapon: Ceremonial Blade
Blacksmithing: Using your Striker for Reference
Weaponsmithing: How to Sharpen a Blade

Auristics: Sensing Superficial Emotions
Aura: Steel
Auristics: Can See Through Solids
Auristics: Identifying common metals using their aura
Investigation: Using auristics to detect guilt
Auristics and drinking don't mix
Auristics: Steel Welding Temperature
Overgiving: Sweet Whispers Are Sometimes Silent Actions
Overgiving: Ignoring When to Quit
Auristics: Detecting Malicious Magical Intent
Auristics: Detecting Impurities
Auristics: Detecting Magic as a Tingling Feeling
Auristics: Detecting Intent as Dust
Auristics: Tracking Others in Fog
Auristics: Detecting a lie
Changes in a sick man's aura
Lore of Using Auristics to Hunt Hidden Prey
Lore of Auristics: Seeing Through Earth
Lore of Alchemy: D-Wires and Glyphing Keystones are Essential
Lore of Alchemy: Charging is Best Vertically
Lore of Alchemy: Founts Add Properties, Filters Block
Lore of Alchemy: Less Djed Per Person Allows More Control
Lore of Alchemy: Activate Link Through Lifeblood
Lore of Alchemy: Use World Djed, Not Personal
Lore of Alchemy: Push Djed into the Doorway to Charge

Lore of Alchemy: Formulas are all Equations
Lore of Alchemy: Know What to Use Through Experience
Lore of Alchemy: Your Perception Determines Outcomes
Lore of Alchemy: Protect Formulas with Encryptions
Lore of Arios: Has a Secret Code for Formulas
Lore of Magic: Apprentices are Greedy
Auristics: Some auras are strong, some are not
Auristics: The aura of silver
Auristics: Using auras to sort out the mundane[/columns]

Laviku: God of the Sea
Gnosis: A gift from the gods
Kihala: Goddess of Life
Gnora: Goddess of Logic, Order, and Balance
Izurdin: God of Strength, Patience, and Industry
Eyris: Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge

Nightmares feel so real
Negotiation: Giving in on Your Terms
Negotiation: Force Them to Convince You
Negotiation: Hide Your Emotions
Fratava: How to say Rock, Paper, and Scissors
Rosco & Tump: New Companions
Language: practice makes perfect
Animal Husbandry: Caring for dogs
Organization: Creating labels
Getting turned down by the University
Recognising when someone is stronger than you
Cosmetology: Basic application of khol
Cosmetology: Basic application of lip pomade
Land Navigation: Asking directions
Business: Acquiring a steady supplier of raw materials
Law: Reducing personal liability
Business: Signing a contract
Negotiation: Offering a potential customer options
Mathematics: Simple addition and division
Business: Setting a price based on the cost of raw goods
Business: What it takes to run a forge
Leadership: Putting priority before desire
Leadership: Delegating tasks
Things Dying From Pollution: Strangely Amusing?
Impersonation: Harder Than One Might Think
Disguise: Being a Nykan Monk
Childcare: The Power of Bribery
Alchemy: The Transmutation of Substances
Relying on Instinct Instead of Magic
All Magic is Feared for a Reason
Strange Thing: Soul Sapping Piano
Money Can Grease Elbows
Grown Women Make Their Own Decisions
Sewing: Sometimes it’s best to start over
Nothing is what it seems
Business: The direct approach is best
Tactics: Offering a substitute
Business: Conferring with others on large tasks
Organization: Prep well to make a job smoother
An unexpected party
Posters for a Party
Designing a beautiful chest
Endurance: How to Practice Self-Control
A Hammer is No Good Against a Ghost
Land Navigation: Navigating in Fog
Logic: Must Withhold information for a Reason
Holding a Dead Man's Hand is Uncomfortable
Lore of Tactics: Teaming Up to Hunt
Lore of Land Navigation: Fighting Through Thorns
Lore of Tracking: Watch for Droppings
Lore of Tracking: Watch for Trails in Leaves or Dirt
Lore of Wilderness Survival: Crafting a Cage for Trapping
Connal: helps with sleep
Bon'mor: good against fever
Rhinedale: for burns
Aletrid; nice scent
Belltor tincture: for fever
Trading pots for herbs
Lore of Planning: What Works in Theory Might Not Work in Practice
Business: Don't sign a contract before discussing conditions
Business: Keeping protocol of negotiations
Negotiation: Using auristics to strike a good bargain
Business: Structuring a contract
Negotiation: Money talks
Investigation: Asking direct questions
Persuasion: Convincing someone to leave
Business: Damaged items need to be paid for

• Cleaning: Sweeping the floor
• Planning: Designing a comission
• Drawing: Sketching a design
• Rhetoric: Explaining a task
• Explaining is harder than understanding
• Practise makes perfect
• Teaching: Letting an apprentice copy your work
• The sound of hammers on an anvil: Music to Alija's ears
• Teaching: Guiding an apprentice's hand
• Teaching: Explaining while working
• Alija: Enjoys being alone in her forge
• Smaug: A silent, boring employee
• Socialization: Being polite despite a lack of sympathy
• Planning: Altering a plan when better ideas arise
• Teaching: Demonstrating steps
• Blacksmithing: Branch-shaped decorations
• Teaching: Students need breaks
Lore of Self: I Can't Lie for My Own Benefit
Lore of Self: I Have the Spirit but Not the Drive
Lore of Location: College of Djed
Lore of Rhetoric: Telling the Truth is Refreshing
Lore of Animal Husbandry: Trump's 'Jump' Trick
Lore of Zeltiva: Otters are Not Common
Lore of Kelvics: Change in a Flash of Light
Lore of Animal Husbandry: Otters Love Fetch Too
Kenabelle Wright Found the Ocean Indifferent and Terrifying
Lore of Sahova Location: The Courtyard
Lore of Belugnir: Rude, But Living
Lore of Belugnir: Not in Sahova on Purpose
Lore of Belugnir: From Sunberth
Lore of Self: I Need Interaction With Living Things
Lore of Interrogation: One Question at a Time
Lore of Sahova Location: The Palsa Hydrasa
Lore of Nuit: Wear Corpses like Shirts
Lore of Palsa Hydrasa: Too Beautiful for a Crypt
Lore of Philosophy: Someone Must Remember the Dead
Lore of Acting: Feigning Confidence with Controlled Voice
◇Lore of Astronomy: Normally, Stars are White
◇Lore of Auristics: Reading Auras is Harder at Great Distances
◇Lore of Clyde Sullins: Secretive Mage
◇Lore of Clyde Sullins: Staff's Name is Cha
◇Lore of "The Immortal": New Reimancer
Investigation: Asking questions to discover
Politics is a dull subject
Malera: Cryptic & mysterious
Investigation: Searching for Kial
Zeltiva's East Street: A place of illegal happenings best avoided
Flirting: Batting your eyelashes
Interrogation: Bargaining for answers
Subterfuge: Lying about a burly husband to evade unwanted advances
Brawling: Kicking a man where it hurts!
Ripp: A half-Zith that rescued Kial

Zeltiva Location: The Quill's Rest
Auristics: Reading an aura taste
Investigation: Asking direct questions to uncover more
Ethaefal: Shapeshifters fallen from the realms of Syna or Leth
Auristics: The look of auras differs between aurists
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Postby Alija on January 22nd, 2015, 6:43 pm

Alija Piper


A rather dirty, long, white shirt
Dark brown leggings
A deep blue cloak
Knee-high leather boots
Simple undergarments
Emerald velvet dress
white silk shirt
leather breeches
two trousers
dark blue cotton skirt
fine wool shirt
two cotton shirts
four pairs of cotton undergarments
white lace trimmed gloves
two cotton chemises
ramie tunic
cotton blue dress
cotton green dress
leather apron
leather gloves
cotton blouse
fur lined half cape
satin ribbons
plain woollen scarf
neon pink wool scarf
blue wool scarf with intentional holes
white cotton dress
fine gold bracelet

Wooden comb
Wooden brush
Eating knife
Balanced rations (1 Week's worth)
Flint and steel
gallon pitcher
Large spyglass - obtained here

1 Sykanis Hound, Trump
1 Deerstalker hound, Rosco
An Account of The Circumnavigation of Mizahar by Kennabelle Wright

red, black and yellow cotton

Strange objects
Grand Piano
When played, everyone feels cold and drowsy. Being exposed to the piano’s music too long can leave one with a sense of hunger afterwards. It is inadvisable to play to the point of falling asleep at the keys. The piano will grow irritable if it isn’t played at least three times a week.

ImageViolin (uncursed) - 50gm with discount 45gm

The dark features of this wooden Violin were hand crafted from a distant swamp. Not much is known as to how it had reached the caravan, but rumors surrounding this violin had stated that it has been passed around from merchant to merchant for over a decade. The overall quality of the Violin is in decent shape and has recently just had new strings placed on it to help sell the item. If one was to attempt to play beneath the bridge of the Violin it would release violent screams which would echo. These screams have no effect other than being severely annoying
ImageFlute (uncursed) – 5 sm with discount 4 sm 5 cm

The bones of this segmented flute were carved by a long forgotten Myrian. Due to the nature of them resembling human bones the flute has never been appraised. Markings within the flute seem to resemble that of the Goddess Myri, but those unfamiliar with such markings would only note unfamiliar inscriptions. When all pieces are placed together to form one flute a number of sounds it can make would impress any musician. Only those expert in flute could ever hope to hit every note on the flute and be able to play it proficiently.
ImageSilverware (cursed) – Full Silver Ornate Fork, Spoon, Knife – 5gm with discount 4 gm 5 sm

These ornate pieces of silverware are far more expensive than their counterparts; A fork, spoon, and knife crafted with a similar theme of resembling a skeleton. The owner of these prized and ornate eating utensils served Glorg, the Alvina of Gluttony. The owner died and empowered the utensils with his madness and unhealthy amounts of consumption. If anyone takes ownership of these utensils and chooses to eat with them they will find themselves unable to stop consuming food until everything on their table has been consumed. This may result in the owner feasting until the point to which they will throw up. Once this occurs the owner will feel a strange connection to consume more and more. Food is more alluring when one is holding these utensils, but until one eats with the utensils the effect does not work. Once all food has been consumed the owner will feel sick and guilty. This item has never been identified or appraised.
ImagePainting (cursed)- 15 gm with discount 13gm 5 sm

A strange painting of ships on some sort of water. This painting will always be perceived differently every time someone looks at it. At one moment the ships will appear to look perfectly normal, and at another, it will look as if the ships are about to sink. The birds and people will usually look as if they are in different places each time one looks at it, but unless it is closely inspected will not be apparent. This item has never been identified or appraised. The natures of those who painted this strange and alluring piece are unknown, it features no marks to tell who it's artist is. It has been passed from merchant to merchant due to the great misfortune that it brings to travelers. When traveling with the painting, especially oversea, nothing tends to go right. Things that would never break down do, and caravan or boat travel proves to be extremely difficult resulting in a 50% increase to travel times. Please PM the ST of whatever city you reside and are travelling to so they can figure out the details with you.

Aerius has chosen the vessel of his latest work to be a golden ring with 10 ct of Kainyte for Alija. She is his first customer, and therefore he wanted to supply her with the highest quality product possible. Will become MC2: (Steps) 1+ Magical 1+ Intellectual (Trigger word for spell command: Fire) Can only use two spells per day. Contradictory to the trigger word it will release a strong gust of wind that could easily knock an opponent backward, or off balance. The jewel will shine brightly ( As a direct result of the res it transmutes) before the gust of air is released. The Ring will not respond to the trigger word if it is about to overgive.

Alija's heirloom is an ordinary steel dagger, the edge along one side carved with sweeping, curling patterns. She crafted it with her father, and believes it to be perfect. If she is ever asked to show her best work, Alija would reveal this. Her father made it with her to practise her skill and for her to have something to defend herself with. Luckily, she has never needed to use it.

Starting 100GM 0 100GM
Job Wages:Fall 819GM 0 919GM
Seasonal Expenses 0 450GM 469GM
Forging and Dogs 0 30GM 439 GM
Dress to Impress 0 16GM 423 GM
Seasonal Wages (Winter 514) 828GM 0 1251 GM
Seasonal Expenses (Winter 514) 0 455GM 796GM
clotheswhite silk shirt - 2gm 5sm leather breeches - 1gm 6sm two trousers - 1gm 6sm dark blue cotton skirt - 1gm 1sm fine wool shirt - 3sm two cotton shirts - 2sm 5cm sandals - 2sm four pairs of cotton undergarments - 5sm corset - 3sm white lace trimmed gloves - 2gm two cotton chemises - 2sm 5cm ramie tunic - 8sm 8cm cotton blue dress - 2gm 2sm cotton green dress - 2gm 2sm leather apron - 6sm leather gloves - 1gm belt - 2sm cotton blouse - 1gm fur lined half cape - 10gm satin ribbons - 3gm 0 31gm 5 sm 8cm 764gm 5sm 8cm
Seasonal Wages (Spring 515) 819gm 0 1583gm 5sm 8cm
Seasonal Expenses (Spring 515) 0 450gm 1133gm 5sm 8cm
Seasonal Wages (Summer 515) 819gm 0 1952gm 5sm 8cm
Seasonal Expenses (Summer 515) 0 450gm 1502gm 5sm 8cm
Rip Roaring Drunk (water+drink) 0 1gm 1501gm 5sm 8cm
Initial payment for The Ocean's Forge 0 1000gm 5cm 501gm 5sm 7cm
furniture2 good beds: 40gm Average bookcase: 2gm 2 good end tables:1.4gm 2 good dressers: 10gm Good wardrobe: 5gm Average wash basin: 2gm Bar of soap: 0.3gm Toothpaste: 1gm 2 toothbrushes: 6gm mirror: 10gm 2 blank books: 6gm 2 vials of ink: 2gm 3 quills: 0.15gm good table: 3gm 4 good chairs: 4gm Good hutch: 5gm 4 cup: 0.24 4 bowl: 0.12 4 dish: 0.12 Knife and cutlery box: 2gm 4 fork+knife+teaspoon+tablespoon : 0.12 serving spoon: 0.03 Bread knife: 0.01 fireplace: 15gm fire tool: 0.2 gm common large basket: 0.3 couch: 6gm 0 122gm 3cm 379gm 5sm 4cm
An Account of the Circumnavigation of Mizahar 0 20GM 359gm 5sm 4cm
Conversion of Mizas to Laats 359.54 laats 359gm 5sm 4cm 359.54 laats
Seasonal Expenses (Fall 515) 0 135 laats 224.54 laats
Seasonal Expenses NPC (56 days Fall 515, Poor) 0 28 laats 196.54 laats
Seasonal Expenses NPC (56 days Fall 515, Common 0 84 laats 112.54 laats
Directions 0 1GM (laat) 111.54 laats
Selling cottage oocI realise I forgot to add this to my ledger, apologies for confusion as the cottage was sold in Summer 500 laats 0 611.54 laats
Seasonal Wages (Fall 515) 1911 laats 0 2522.54 laats
Auristics payment 20 laats 0 2542.54 laats
Scarf and Pulren 0 0.5 laats 2542.04 laats
Pitcher, cloth, piano 0 206.5 laats 2233.54 laats
Amazing Lock and Key 0 225 laats 2008.54 laats
Seasonal Expenses Winter 515 (Good for self, common and poor for NPCs 0 630 laats 1378.54 laats
The Ties That Bind 100 laats 0 1478.54 laats
Birthday Celebrations 0 18.42 laats 1460.12 laats
Seasonal Expenses Spring 516 (Good for self, common and poor for NPCs) 0 630 laats 830.12 laats
Seasonal Expenses Summer 516 Good 0 450 380.12 laats
Seasonal Wages Winter 515 3956 laats 0 4336.12 laats
Seasonal Wages Spring 516 3913 laats 0 8249.12 laats
Magecrafting from Aerius (MC2) 0 5100GM 3159.12 GM
herbs 0 7GM 3142.12 GM
Seasonal Wages (Winter 516) 920GM 0 4062.12GM
Purchases 0 63.45GM 4125.57GM
Seasonal Expenses Autumn 516 (Good) 0 450GM 3675.57GM
Seasonal Expenses Winter 516 (Good) 0 450GM 3225.57GM
Seasonal Expenses Spring 517 (Good) 0 450GM 2775.57GM
Testament about the star here 100GM 0 2875.57GM
Seasonal Expenses Summer 517 (Good) 0 450GM 2425.57GM
Seasonal Expenses Fall 517 Inactive 0 0 2425.57GM

Currently, Alija resides in a small, cell-like room in the Quarters, with a small barred window she is almost grateful for. Other than the water basin and straw mat, the only possessions are the things she brought with her, which show the room's main purpose: storage.

Instead of sleeping there, the apprentice most often finds herself in the other cupboard she has to call home - a tiny room off Arios' lab, just about big enough to hold a bed and enough food to keep her going through the day. She hates both "homes", and will never spend more time than necessary there.

previously... :
The Shop
Located near the city docks, the Ocean's Forge is a small building tucked into the street where it is barely visible to the public. However, a clear sign marks it out, the words neatly written out on the plain wooden panel.

Made from a similar rock as the rest of the street, the pearly grey stones form three floors, marked with dark oak windows and door. Half unfinished, two of the interior walls are covered with wooden panelling and painted a deep blue and the others the grey stones matching the outside. The inside of the shop is plain and poorly furnished, with rough shelves lining the walls. On them lie a few pieces of scattered stock. A simple counter at the back holds a handwritten note: "Orders made on request."

Through the door located at the back is a simple smithy, and another door connects the smithy to the storage, where materials used for work are stored in a plain and otherwise empty stone room.

Also located towards the back of the shop is a staircase leading up to Alija's living area, kept locked to avoid strangers and thieves snooping around.

Be Careful!

1. The primary trap is the lightning one. The glyphs act kind of like two pylons bouncing electricity back and forth between one another. Once activated the trap floods the room with a surge of lightning that lasts only as long as it takes for the opposite glyph on the other side of the wall to absorb it all up again for reuse. That's a few seconds maybe. It keeps the shop from getting damaged, but anything and anyone caught between the two pylon glyphs in the meantime gets toasted. I wanna say it could be used 3 times before its completely tapped.

2. The second trap uses ice reimancy to flood across the floor and freezes anyone standing there up to their shins, ensnaring them in place. Its a one time deal.

3. Third one is a plain ol' water sprinkler system on the ceiling in case a fire breaks out. One time deal.

4. Unlike the others which are all reimancy, the last glyphs house a pair of competent level hypnotic suggestions to help someone seal a deal or persuade them into agreeing. You've got two of these.

The Residence
A small wooden staircase leads up to a platform located overlooking the shop. Through the door located on this platform is a small room, with doors on all four sides and a staircase in the middle.The one to the right leads to the the living room, with a large couch facing a fireplace. It is this room where Alija takes any visitors, and spends the evenings.
Through the next door is the kitchen, a simple wooden floor with a stove, a small pantry to one side and a scullery adjacent. In the middle was a table with four chairs, and a hutch nearby held enough cutlery for four. Meals are eaten here, and it is often either Thegans or Alija who cook them here.
Through the final door, there is a desk and chair, a small cabinet and shelves that formed an simple office. Most often, a book or paper will be resting on the table, half finished. Alija uses this room to write her diary in, as well as do any administrative work required for her shop.

The staircase leads to another small room like the first, two doors leading to bedrooms and the third a bathroom.
Her bedroom is large, a neatly made bed under a large window, the view of Nyka clear, and just behind the city the sea. A shell sits on the end table, and beside it an empty bookcase. There is a dresser and a wardrobe, filled with all her fine clothes, and simple benches on two of the walls. Alija's bedroom is a place of purity, and no one enters but her.
The other bedroom is her father, and is both messier and emptier. The bed, the same good quality as Alija's, sits under another window, this one with less of an impressive view, although impressive all the same. To one side is the end table, the other a dresser, lined with clothes that are simple and similar. Opposite it is a bench, although it is often covered in small metal trinkets. He has these everywhere, crafted from the tiniest scraps of metal. Hanging on the walls are sketches of his wife and daughter, some by him, others treasured gifts from long ago.
The bathroom contains a large metal tub, a washbasin, chamber pot, mirror, and some benches, which hold towels and toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Finally, there are two bedrooms in the attic. They both contain messy straw beds, a chest of drawers with a dirty mirror above it, an empty end table and a rough wooden bench. Small windows poke through the roof, filling them with light. In between the two small bedrooms in which Thegans and Kial sleep, is a small and simple privy, which they share.
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Postby Alija on January 30th, 2015, 9:12 pm

Alija Piper


Date Title Progress Description Awards
* An Interview Graded Alija has the interview for the University 2 Rhetoric, 1 Planning, 4 Lores
67th Starting Afresh Graded Alija begins her work at the Armed Scholar 1 Running, 2 Socialisation, 1 Weapon: Dagger, 1 Blacksmithing, 4 Lores
71st Rock, Paper, Scissors Graded Kial and Alija meet and teach each other various things 1 Blacksmithing, 1 Weapon: Dagger, 4 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
* What an Odd Sight Abandoned Trump introduces Alija to an otter, or rather a Kelvic 1 Running, 3 Socialisation, 4 Animal Husbandry, 4 Lores
1st Forging and Dogs Graded The smith meets some ill-looking dogs and takes them home with her 1 Auristics, 2 Blacksmithing, 3 Observation, 1 Endurance, 6 Lores
3rd Out On the Town Graded Alija befriends Kerra, a once-slave Kelvic 1 Organisation, 4 Observation, 1 Running, 1 Animal Husbandry, 1 Negotiation, 3 Logic, 1 Intimidation, 4 Rhetoric, 3 Socialisation, 1 Wilderness Survival, 1 Philosophy, 1 Auristics, 1 Meditation, 7 Lores
4th A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Ongoing Alija tries to sew a dress with her low skill *
6th by the pricking of my thumbs Abandoned Two girls meet in the library, both struggling 1 Sewing, 1 Socialisation, 1 Lore
7th Rip Roaring Drunk Graded Alija gets drunk with a stranger and stumbles around 4 Socialisation, 4 Endurance, 1 Intimidation, 1 Auristics, 1 Land Navigation, 1 Tactics, 5 Lores
25th Dress to Impress Graded Alija decides to get a fancy new dress 2 Socialisation, 1 Lore
27th Another Day of Work Graded Alija has another day of work 1 Endurance, 1 Socialisation, 2 Blacksmithing, 3 Observation, 2 Auristics, 1 Intelligence, 1 Persuasion, 1 Mathematics, 1 Reasoning, 1 Drawing, 1 Painting, 1 Cleaning, 1 Planning, 1 Metalsmithing, 9 Lores
38th Give Me An Inch Graded The second obelisk awakens and Alija is called to the Lord Council's Office 1 Running, 2 Investigation, 1 Observation, 3 Lores
40th Rowdy Gals Abandoned A smith and a beekeeper have a talk about goods and more *
88th The Sound of Metal Graded The Armed Scholar gets a touch of music, and an annoying music teacher 2 Blacksmithing, 1 Auristics, 1 Singing, 1 Land Navigation, 2 Socialisation, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Negotiation, 1 Persuasion, 1 Intimidation, 3 Planning, 2 Subterfuge, 4 Observation, 1 Weaponsmithing, 2 Organisation, 2 Tactics, 1 Philosophy, 1 Body building, 1 Knot tying, 3 Lores


Date Title Progress Description Awards
2nd Spring Cleaning Graded The Armed Scholar needs some cleaning and a woman with bad intentions arrives 2 Cleaning, 1 Singing, 5 Observation, 2 Intelligence, 4 Auristics, 2 Persuasion, 2 Socialisation, 2 Rhetoric, 3 Organisation, 3 Investigation, 1 Meditation, 2 Endurance, 1 Bodybuilding, 1 Planning, 1 Drawing, 1 Writing, 1 Unarmed Combat, 1 Intimidation, 4 Lores
5th First Day Orientation Nulled Alija has the task of showing the newest recruit around Not available
6th A Little Boy and Some Godes Graded Alija and Kial have a philosophical discussion 1 Rhetoric, 3 Observation, 5 Socialisation, 1 Philosophy, 1 Childcare, 1 Running, 12 Lores
42nd A Weighty Subject Graded Pulren visits the Armed Scholar, looking for diving equipment 3 Observation, 5 Rhetoric, 2 Intelligence, 3 Negotiation, 2 Planning, 1 Interrogation, 3 Mathematics, 1 Leadership, 1 Blacksmithing, 5 Lores
67th A Little Work Graded Ricky visits the Armed Scholar, looking for weapons 1 Cleaning, 2 Blacksmithing, 5 Observation, 2 Intelligence, 5 Socialisation, 3 Rhetoric, 4 Negotiation, 1 Weaponsmithing, 2 Mathematics, 7 Lores
86th A Business Woman Graded Alija acts as a representative for her shop in a business deal 1 Planning, 1 Cosmetology, 3 Observation, 1 Land Navigation, 1 Disguise, 2 Socialisation, 1 Investigation, 1 Acrobatics, 2 Auristics, 3 Rhetoric, 2 Tactics, 3 Business, 1 Intelligence, 2 Negotiation, 2 Mathematics, 2 Subterfuge, 1 Acting, 1 Law, 1 Writing, 9 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
3rd The halfblood, the runaway and the blacksmith Graded Kial and Ripp getting into trouble lead Alija to meeting the latter 1 Investigation, 1 Flirting, 1 Interrogation, 1 Subterfuge, 1 Brawling, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Socialisation, 7 Lores
7th Birthday Celebrations Graded Kial manages to set up a birthday party for Alija 4 Socialisation, 2 Observation, 1 Cosmetology, 2 Hosting, 1 Rhetoric, 6 Lores
20th Artistic Projects Graded Alija works with metal to create decorations 3 Blacksmithing, 1 Engraving, 3 Carving, 1 Socialisation, 10 Lores
25th Tea and Auras Graded Alija meets a fellow aurist at the Quill's Rest 2 Auristics, 2 Rhetoric, 1 Investigation, 1 Storytelling, 1 Meditation, 5 Lores
31st Trouble With Gates Graded Alija creates a gate 1 Mathematics, 5 Blacksmithing, 3 Planning, 2 Endurance, 5 Observation, 3 Auristics, 7 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
1st His Last Will and Testament Completed Alija hears some terrible news *
34th A New Home Graded Alija's arrival in Nyka leads to a lot more she didn't expect 1 Land Navigation, 4 Observation, 2 Investigation, 1 Interrogation, 3 Socialisation, 3 Endurance, 1 Storytelling, 7 Lores
35th Looking Through My Eyes Graded Alija does some work for the monks 3 Observation, 2 Socialisation, 1 Organisation, 2 Auristics, 2 Drawing, 1 Rhetoric, 8 Lores
36th A Handful of Spades Graded While making spades, Thegans and Alija talk about his past 1 Organisation, 1 Stealth, 1 Wilderness Survival, 2 Observation, 2 Planning, 2 Business, 4 Blacksmithing, 2 Leadership, 2 Bodybuilding, 3 Socialisation, 1 Carving, 1 Persuasion, 7 Lores
43rd Knocking On My Door Graded A strange request arrives at the smithy 3 Observation, 3 Socialisation, 2 Childcare, 1 Organisation, 4 Blacksmithing, 2 Bodybuilding, 1 Endurance, 6 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
* Stalks of Wheat Graded Alija makes decorative gold wheat for Skerr 4 Blacksmithing, 2 Metalsmithing, 1 Socialisation, 2 Teaching, 3 Lores
* Parts of a Sword Graded Alija makes a ornamental sword for Uphis 2 Weaponsmithing, 1 Blacksmithing, 1 Auristics, 1 Carving, 1 Endurance, 4 Lores
1st There Once Was A Tree Graded Alija finds a tree which sparks a plan 1 Land Navigation, 1 Observation, 1 Drawing, 1 Planning, 4 Blacksmithing, 1 Mathematics, 6 Lores
15th Let Me In Graded Elias turns up out of nowhere on Alija's doorstep 4 Observation, 1 Brawling, 5 Socialisation, 1 Medicine, 2 Auristics, 1 Storytelling, 1 Planning, 4 Lores
16th The Morning After Ongoing The morning after he arrived *
20th Aren't You...? Graded Alija spots Pulren, in Nyka 1 Animal Husbandry, 4 Observation, 5 Socialisation, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Childcare, 2 Lores
21st Pots and Pans Graded Some standard work 2 Bodybuilding, 1 Endurance, 5 Blacksmithing, 1 Socialisation, 1 Organisation, 1 Planning, 3 Observation, 1 Sewing, 1 Mathematics, 3 Lores
24th Curiosity Killed the Cat Graded Alija investigates strange happenings with Faradae 4 Observation, 2 Auristics, 1 Animal Husbandry, 3 Investigation, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Persuasion, 2 Social, 6 Lores
26th I wasn't going to take anything, I swear! Graded A pycon tries to steal from Alija 2 Observation, 1 Socialisation, 1 Auristics, 3 Lores
30th Exchanging Favours Graded Alija's shop gets busy as people trade work left and right 1 Socialisation, 1 Persuasion, 2 Logic, 1 Observation, 5 Lores
38th Equipment For Another Trade Graded Alija makes equipment for armoury 5 Blacksmithing, 1 Observation, 6 Lores
48th The Ties That Bind Graded A lot of strange orders lead to Alija finding help in Nyka 5 Observation, 5 Socialisation, 5 Blacksmithing, 4 Leadership, 3 Organisation, 3 Auristics, 3 Teaching, 2 Business, 2 Weaponsmithing, 2 Investigation, 1 Sewing, 1 Tactics, 27 Lores
60th Not All Black and White Graded Strange objects for sale call Alija 3 Observation, 2 Negotiation, 4 Lores
83rd A Different Type of Metal Skill Graded Alija sneaks into the monk's headquarters to learn metalsmithing 5 Metalsmithing, 3 Observation, 1 Disguise, 2 Drawing, 1 Impersonation, 1 Running, 1 Larceny, 4 Copying, 1 Investigation, 10 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
3rd A Business Proposal Graded Alija and a locksmith discuss business deals 1 Observation, 1 Hosting, 3 Business, 1 Auristics, 2 Negotiation, 7 Lores
36th Malleable Reality Ongoing/Abandoned Alija meets Loken while both search for magecrafting books *
40th I'm Fine Graded Alija's search for medicine leads to other things 1 Acrobatics, 3 Medicine, 1 Intimidation, 2 Socialisation, 1 Auristics, 1 Land Navigation, 1 Running, 1 Brawling, 1 Unarmed Combat, 1 Teaching, 7 Lores
42nd Plant Pots Graded Alija completes an order for another shop 1 Cleaning, 2 Planning, 1 Drawing, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Leadership, 2 Teaching, 1 Socialisation, 1 Blacksmithing, 17 Lores
64th Beekeeper's Daughter Graded An annoying girl shows up at the shop 4 Socialisation, 2 Persuasion, 1 Negotiation, 1 Rhetoric, 1 Business, 1 Flirting, 1 Stealth, 1 Cleaning, 7 Lores

Date Title Progress Description Awards
20th Unlikely Friends Ongoing/Abandoned A customer shows up asking for repairs on her sword *

Date Title Progress Description Awards
13th Finesse and Culture Graded More strange objects for sale call Alija 4 Observation, 4 Auristics, 1 Socialisation, 1 Negotiation, 1 Investigation, 10 Lores
17th A Clean Kidnapping Ongoing/Abandoned When she goes to get registered, Alija finds the office empty *
72nd Hard Work Never Killed Anyone Ongoing Strange lightning comes when Alija treks up a mountain *
73rd Dead Man's Float Ongoing/Abandoned Dead bodies start appearing in the canals *

Date Title Progress Description Awards
* Metalsmithing; The Basics Ongoing Some more work on the other metal skill *
20th A Look Beyond The Veil Completed The Judgement for Alija *
24th Ghosts and Ghouls Graded Alija meets with Aerius who says a lot but also nothing 1 Land Navigation, 2 Observation, 1 Auristics, 1 Logic, 3 Negotiation, 16 Lores
25th Rendezvous In the Darkness Ongoing Alija meets with Aerius again *
26th First Time Lucky Completed Alija has her first go at alchemy 5 Alchemy, 1 Endurance, 1 Auristics, 10 Lores
27th One Minus One Graded Alija learns the basics of alchemical formulas 1 Organisation, 1 Cleaning, 2 Mathematics, 1 Cryptography, 1 Writing, 3 Alchemy, 7 Lores
50th A Peculiar Visitor Graded As Belugnir arrives in Sahova, Alija is there to greet him 3 Interrogation, 4 Socialisation, 2 Negotiation, 1 Philosophy, 1 Observation, 2 Land Navigation, 10 Lores
53rd Thorn In Your Side Graded Sayana and Alija hunt thorn hares together 3 Tactics, 3 Hunting, 1 Land Navigation, 2 Observation, 1 Socialisation, 2 Tracking, 2 Auristics, 1 Knot Tying, 1 Trapping, 1 Stealth, 2 Wilderness Survival, 10 Lores
81st Make a Wish Ongoing A star falls over Syliras 3 Astronomy, 1 Acting, 3 Auristics, 2 Observation, 1 Writing, 6 Lores
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