[PC Plotnote] Ascen's Future Plots

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[PC Plotnote] Ascen's Future Plots

Postby Ascen on October 1st, 2016, 6:47 pm


In Progress


- Ascen discovers what has become of his father and teacher.
- A specialized group of hunters trained to kill magic users.
- Ascen finds a duo, and becomes severely injured yet still lives (barely)

Possible Situations

- During the skirmish between Ascen and the duo. Ascen is severely injured by having his left arm removed. Resulting in a lot of blood loss.
- Ascen proceeds to use his Res on purpose to Overgive, suffering from the Sweet Whispers and the spells are getting out of control. It was the only way to ward off the duo and harm them enough to retreat. As the result however, Ascen undergoes a Severe Overgiving to the point where in place of his missing left arm is a arm made completely out of the element of fire.

OOC Notes

- The Possible Situations is something that I am still working it out and hasn't been confirmed on whether I should go with it or not.
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