Closed A Dilemma [Modded Thread]

Sh'Ky needs to get into Zeltiva, but there's a blockade in the way.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

A Dilemma [Modded Thread]

Postby Sh'Ky Naes on October 3rd, 2016, 10:59 pm

39th of Autumn, 516

The chill night air nipped at Sh'Ky's nose as it blew past, sea spray whipping across his face. Sh'Ky stood at the prow of a trading ship, out of the way of the crew, staring into the cloud-covered sea before him. The weather was fairly calm, with a decent easterly wind, but the overcast sky made everything even darker than normal. Sh'Ky didn't care, though. He was in Zeltiva for one reason, and one reason alone.


Slamming his fists into the deck railing, 'Ky grit his teeth as he thought of Caiden. He probably should've seen it coming, but... It still hurt. That always was his blind spot when it came to people, wasn't it. Trusting people who didn't deserve it, just because they were his friends. He wouldn't do that anymore. He couldn't afford to trust.

In the distance, however, something grabbed his attention. Squinting, Sh'Ky looked at what seemed to be several dark shapes, low on the water. Looking closer, he saw that they were ships, spread out in a line across the bay, not physically blocking the way into the city, but obviously forbidding any entry. Scowling, Sh'Ky turned around, and headed to the stern of the ship, where the captain was at the helm.

Passing through the bustle of sailors performing their duties, 'Ky reached the quarterdeck, and walking up the stairs, headed towards the captain, scowling. A big, bearded man, the captain looked at Sh'Ky quizzically. "What's goin' on, sah? Ya normally stay near the prow, is it some sorta special occasion?"

Sh'Ky simply pointed forward, and said, "There are ships blocking entry into the bay. Would you know why?"

The captain sighed, and said, "Ah nye know, lad. If i's ta Navy or the Guild, then we shouldn't tryta mess wit' tem." Scratching his thick beard, he thought a little, then spoke, scratchy voice breaking the silence between the two men. "Hm. Ah'll get close, see wha' ah ken find out. Tis' whole bid'ness wit' teh bay rubs mah beard 'rong, but yah paid good coin tah get 'ere, and ah've got cargo tah unload, an' ahm a Cap'n of principles."

Sh'Ky nodded, and turned away from the captain, once again facing the Bay. What could've caused this? From what he had heard from the sailors, Zeltiva was a fairly calm merchant city. Why the blockade? It didn't sit right with Sh'Ky, but he was determined to get to Caiden.

He would pay.

Approaching the blockade, the captain of 'Ky's ship called out to the nearest ship, bass voice ringing clear over the water. "Ahoy, ta ship! Oi've cahm ta trade, unload sahm cargo, pick some up, an' all, and what's wait'n fer me? Ah bloody blockade! Mind explainin' things fer me?"
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A Dilemma [Modded Thread]

Postby Net on October 8th, 2016, 12:58 pm

NoteHey Sh'ky. I loved the start of the post, but the interaction part left me with little to work on. Try to add more to the post in terms of interaction. If I am lacking on my end, let me know. I tried to add some hooks and options.

“Turn 'round and sell yer goods elsewhere. Bay is closed.” Came the response from the Naval Sailor who leaned over the rail and spoke. “Ain't nobody getting' in or outta this bay without permission.” With that the sailor vanished back over the rail, the splashing of something overheard from above, it sounded like a pail of water and a brush being introduced to one another. If one looked around they would see that the next closest ship had turned one of their two harpoons at the merchant's casinor and had it primed to fire.

“Looks like youse best be movin' back to sea. Me buddies o'er dere are rearin' ta put a 'poon in yer hull. Trust me, that would put ya in the depths of Laviku's belleh.” the sailor called from the other side of the rail, unwilling to show his face over the barrier once more – apparently once was enough.

There was little more to say at that point, the aimed harpoon from the other ship was quivering with anticipation, it could be seen this far away... Could be due to the proximity of target and comrade.
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