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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Aloha! (Kavala)

Postby Aq Sulei U'sij on October 4th, 2016, 12:21 am

Fall 2, 516

The offshore breeze only slightly ruffled the dark, damp curls that now lay relatively slick and tight to the Akalak’s head. The growth of their most recent voyage had been whacked off at a local establishment that did such things to hair. Neither Aq nor Sulei were overly particular in how their hair looked. So the fee had been minimal compared to what might have been demanded if they’d wanted to be more finely coiffed. Short and not hanging in the face was about the only parameter set, and it had been achieved, in spades. Perhaps a bit shorter than they’d imagined it would be, but it didn’t matter. It would grow back. It always did, and when at sea, they made no effort to either trim it or keep it manically tidy. Simply pulling it back in a queu, tied with a bit of rawhide, sufficed.

It was clean, too. The bath they’d enjoyed preliminary to the haircut had seen a nice layer of grime sluicing away as the bath house attendant poured bucket after bucket of hot water over them. The clothing that graced the long, muscled frame, though, was another matter. They really needed to see about getting some new ones – these were at the beginning edge of the end of usefulness, or modesty. Rips and tears had been carefully mended, by a ship mate who also tended to the sails. But there was now a jagged gash where the very fabric had been torn away piecemeal. A substantial patch was needed and would show quite badly. The collar and wrists of the shirt were badly frayed too, pretty much beyond repair. They looked like a hobo, or some other type of ne’er do well tramp. Shopping for clothing was at the top of a list of needed purchases for this landfall, but not at the very top.

At the top had been a stroll along the beach. It might have seemed odd, that a sailor who had made port in any number of places in the world, should long to roam about in the sand, close by the ocean’s edge – such a mundane undertaking. But the Akalak had always found solace in such rambling, once they were home. Home, meaning Riverfall, was as symbolic to them as it was a real place. They had so few ties any more. No family left, and friends that had moved on in their own lives, while they were off gallivanting about Mizahar (or, Aq was gallivanting and Sulei was along for the ride). Thus the very rocks and cliffs, the beaches and the caves, the great swell of grassland beyond the gates – the buildings and streets and landmarks – they had all come to take on a very special meaning to them (and perhaps more so to Sulei, who was the “deeper” of the two twin souls).

The sun was just beginning to set when they’d started down the strand. A half hour later, the breeze had switched fully, flowing from the fast cooling landmass to the warmer water beyond. Gulls still wheeled and called overhead, but otherwise all they heard in those big, black-red ears was the sound of the surf pounding upon itself. It was soothing, and neither of them thought anything of it, having heard a similar beat throughout most of their lives. Sharp seeing golden eyes, though, picked up on the fact that, now, They were not the only other creature on the beach, as they rounded a small headland of dunes. They saw a figure well ahead, and the outline of a craft, half in the swell, rising and falling with the waves. Was the person having some difficulty landing the craft? Or were they attempting to launch it? They couldn’t tell from this distance.

Aq being at the helm at this point, and being a rather nosy bugger, walked more quickly, then breaking into a trot. It felt good to run a little. Life aboard a ship gave little opportunity for such, although such a life was an active one, and they were fit enough. Coming closer, Aq saw more clearly that here was a woman, or a female of some sort, and a craft which was not of the typical build. It had two keels, separated by a platform, rigged with a single mast. A catamaran – a type of vessel he had little experience with himself. But that of course was a draw, as was the fact that the person handling it was female.

”Hey! Need a hand?” he called, in a friendly voice, drawing near enough to be within speaking distance.
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