[Red Diamond Tavern]Fulfiing what is Real

Fall Job Thread One

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Red Diamond Tavern]Fulfiing what is Real

Postby Infilia Snowsong on October 5th, 2016, 2:05 am

Timestamp:: 1st of Fall 516av
Location:: Red Diamond Tavern

I seriously need to work on my job threads for characters I've been so busy, they've slipped my mind, I'm getting a little behind, please bear with me. I apologize, for now this will be a placeholder along with job thread number two. Thank you!
Summer Threads - 2/5
1 of these threads are job threads.
Job Threads - 1/2

Note: I am doing what I can to catch up with past job threads. So bear with me please!
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