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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Blood and Bones

Postby Kame on October 14th, 2016, 4:56 pm

twentith of fall
syka commons

The Commons in Syka were not a place the Myrian was very fond of. The place itself was just a simple open area for gathering and speaking with each other. To Kame's surprise, every time she walked past the place it seemed to have a few settlers dotting it. Kame wondered how anyone around here could have the time to just lounge around. She was always doing something, whether it was scouting the land, trying to cook her own food or upping her skills in malediction and survival, she never found the time for free play. She hadn't even visited the baths more than once her entire time here, though Kame wasn't much of a bath taker, so perhaps that's not very unusual.

Yet she found herself craving a new source. She still had a few items that she brought with her to this area that could be used in malediction. But most of them were not very impressive. They were all simple things that couldn't really ever reach the potential she was looking for. She needed something to wow her, to challenge her, at least more of a challenge than her leather dress was going to be. There was another thing though, she wanted to be around when the animal died. She did not have much of that. Most of her dead things were items she had bought from a third party. She had not witnesses the kill and so she did not have all the information a malediction should have about her items.

The small mage, however did not have the ability to kill her own animal. Of course she had before a couple of time. Though they were lucky kills and the animals were never at the best to begin with. She wanted something proud, something capable. And she knew she couldn't kill something like that on her own.

She had found one or two people who might be able to help her on this, but she honestly did not know where to find them as she had not been paying much attention during those interactions. She regretted that now. Her excuse was that she did not like to have other's help, which was true of course. Kame is a very 'do it yourself' kind of Myrian. But eventually even Kame had to admit to herself that she can't do everything. So this is the reason she had entered the Commons for the first time in the 19 days shes been in this settlement. This is where people go to 'hang out' so perhaps she could run into someone useful there.

Upon arriving she scanned the area. There were three or four people here today, a little more than she usually noticed. Some were familiar faces, people she had been acquainted with before, some not, strangely enough. Kame was surprised there were people she hadn't met yet. 19 days is a long time when the city has a grand total of 20 or less people in it. She concluded that she simply doesn't get out enough. The closest person to her was someone she knew, thankfully. It was that Izuyanai she had met for the first time a few days after her arrival when she killed that sea turtle. She didn't mind the girl at this point, and the black haired woman seemed much more social than Kame would ever be. Perhaps she would know someone who could help her, or even be able to help her herself.

Walking over she tried to think of a good greeting. She was unsure how humans and their like worked and if they held the same kinds of greetings Myrian's had. She doubted it. Instead she thought back to their previous interactions and attempted to copy the way the girl spoke before. "Hello, Izuyanai!" She voiced, with an intended enthusiasm, trying to be nice. "I have been thinking, do you know about anyone that can kill - hunt? I need some... supplies." She spoke slower than someone normally would, trying to think of words, translating inside her head. She thought she did a rather good job, though her accent, as always, was very noticeable.
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Blood and Bones

Postby Izuyanai on October 16th, 2016, 10:37 pm


Izuyanai was seated at a small wooden table, facing away from the sun. The slight breeze that swept across the open deck of the Commons provided a pleasant lull as she focused. To any untrained person looking on, it would appear as though she were simply relaxing or meditating. Her legs were crossed and her elbows were propped up on the table's surface. The Kelvic's chin rested lightly on her folded hands as she gazed into the distance, eyes narrowed against the sun.

Magic practice was a pleasant change of pace from stumbling around the jungle. It required a different sort of focus and strength. The last time Izuyanai had stepped into the thick vegetation, she had managed to tear a good bit of the end of her sash. Therefore she was keen on trying her hand at something else. Also, for reasons other than the menace of the jungle, she had a theory she wanted to try out.

Controlling her inner djed and shaping it into the focus of Auristics, Izuyanai paused awhile, letting the energy build up and gain momentum. By now she had gotten comfortable with identifying the physical aspect objects. The information was presented in the form of a myriad of senses, but she had learned enough to be able to interpret them. What she did have trouble with was judging emotions. It was easy to tell the difference between sentient and non sentient auras, but not so easy to pick apart the complexities of emotion. Usually, the stronger the emotion was, the easier it was to read. However, practicing on others had its limits, which was why she was turning her focus back inwards.

She had wondered before if her own aura could be read. Since she knew all things had auras and that masters could shape their own, she had assumed the answer was 'yes'. Now her experiment confirmed it. Just like reading another's aura, her own came into view like smoke. She could instinctively determine the size of the aura and with it, many of her own physical features. With the considerable area the aura occupied, it was either a large object or a sentient being. Sentient, since she very well knew whose aura she was looking at and because the colors were shifting like a bewitched painting. Object's auras tended to be more stable and uniform.

Just as Izuyanai prepared to delve past the physical, a voice pulled her out of her solitary practice session. The feeling of magic slipped away like the tide and left her without the company of auras. Swiveling in her seat, the Kelvic turned to Kame who was now walking up to her with a somewhat strained expression. As with their meeting before, her voice was heavily tinted in a accent and she seemed to be coming to her for help.

"Kill?" Izuyanai teased the slip up with her eyes twinkling. "Anyone can kill, but I suppose hunting is different."

The raven scooted over on the bench and waved her hand at the open space next to her, motioning for the other woman to sit.

"What is it that you need? Food? Pelts? I haven't met anyone who hunts, exactly."

Izuyanai laced her fingers and looked out towards the jungle. There were certainly many creatures roaming among the greenery, the problem was how to catch them. If she tried a direct approach, they'd spend the whole day running through the jungle with nothing to show for it. At best, they could probably catch one of the Vom together.

"I could help, if you like," she said after a moment. "Perhaps we could set up some simple traps?"
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Blood and Bones

Postby Urkut on October 26th, 2016, 1:33 am

OOCYuck. Sorry guys. This is the best I've got at the moment.

The concept of Syka was still so foreign to Urkut. She had thought she was coming home, but here she was, overwhelmed by the sight of all the Humans, Kelvics, and Svefra running about. She was bothered by the sounds of the Common language, brushing at her ears like an insistent insect. She was caught off guard by the smell of fish and salt water, instead of burning meat and juicy fruits. Even the atmosphere was different, she thought as she took a seat in the common area. There was no pressure to work, or hunt, or train. It seemed as if everyone was okay with being just as they were.

Lazy. She scoffed at them internally. Apathetic.

Urkut had nearly condemned them all and convinced herself to go home within ten chimes. But, as if halting her specifically, she heard the woman call out.

"Hello Izuyani!"

It was hard not to hear the woman. Her voice was powerful, and it carried well across the open space. Even more interesting was the thick accent coating her words. It sounded suddenly familiar- almost homey. Urkut turned her head up to scan the gathered folk, and found her easily.

It had to be her that had spoken. Though she was smaller than typical, she had the muscled build of a Myrian, and she had that ferocity in her eyes. Urkut stood to move closer, just managing to catch the rest of the conversation on the wind.

"I haven't met anyone who hunts, exactly." Urkut almost spoke up, but she was interrupted before she could begin. "I could help if you'd like. Perhaps we could set some simple traps?"

That, if nothing else, spurred her on. "Traps are not hunting." She half-growled as she neared their bench. "I show you a real hunt, if you want." Her hand moved to her side, caressing the handle of her scimitar. It was not intended to be menacing, but rather a habit from her younger years.

"I have not seen a Myrian for much time. It is..." She floundered for the word. "Good." She tapped her free hand nervously on her leg as she tried to remember what she was forgetting. An expression of interest, an offer, no, she had done those. But, a name!

"Ah. Excuse me for forgetting. I am Urkut of the Tiger Eyed."
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