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Postby Aerius on December 15th, 2016, 7:47 am


Titles: "The Immortal Sorcerer"
Race:Nuit/ Chained One Type II
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:Spring 3rd 499 B.V
Weight:180 lbs
Languages:Fluent: Common, Basic: Nadar-Canoch ( NO poor language, Yes I'm sure.)
Merits:Daredevil, Self-Confident, Graceful
Flaws:Compulsion, Ulterior Motives, Unaging

Gnosis:Returning L1 (Submitted for HD approval)

Physical Appearance:
Aerius sports an unremarkable appearance among his peers, however to a human he would appear strange. He possesses exceedingly pale skin, and As a result of his body not being chosen by him, but by Uldr he has been given an his irises are of hazel coloration. His bodily temperature has a tendency to remain low as he lacks a flow of blood. His figure is rather slender, and at first glance his figure seems delicate, and fragile. However, the immortal is a firm believer in appearing weak when one is strong. He has a tendency to still dress in formal attire, and speaks in a monotone voice with a somewhat deeper tone than the average male. . Due to being marked by Uldr, he has no need to switch bodies, and his current body will be the one he maintains for many more centuries to come.

Aerius is a very well-spoken individual if he chooses to engage in conversation with another individual that is. He has spent many centuries in the practice of researching magic; he will not allow for very many distractions. Aerius generally chooses to “Befriend” someone based upon how much they can benefit him, and vice versa. Good and evil are concepts that fall upon deaf ears with this individual; he does not believe in either. All things considered good and or evil are simply instinctive decisions. Everything and everyone has a single destiny, and that destiny is to die. However, if one dies unaccomplished then the point of their life is mute. Aerius is the definition of diligence, and conviction; both creation, destruction and righteous retribution.

In the days of his youth, Aerius was a young prosperous child born and raised to follow in the footsteps of his father. The boys father figure was his everything; his inspiration, best friend and the one that would protect him in his time of need. The first discipline his father initiated him into at a very young age had been Reimancy. However through multiple years of study he picked up other disciplines such as Magecraft, Hypnotism and Morphing. She was also the on that taught you the language or, rather the basics of Nadar-Canoch. The process was long, and so painful that it could've stolen the heart out of a mans chest. As Aerius recalled it the feeling was similar to drowning in a pool of warm water whilst being weighed down with boulders. Yet, he made it through the entirety of the invasive process alive and practiced day and night using his first element, water. Water was the element he loved first as he felt that the element chose him. The cool that it could bring when summer came was lovely, as was the destruction it could cause in the blink of an eye.

Although the prodigal child lived to make his father proud; he fell ill in the boys adolescence,and as such left Aerius in charge of the home whilst he sought out a healer. However, his father had been far too weak to seek help alone. Aerius made no promises to help the weak, as they were too weak to survive something as simple as a passing illness. His father always instilled in him that survival simply meant what it was by literal definition. Survival was to rise above hardship and make the best of a difficult situation in order to be triumphant; if one had been too weak to survive they were never capable or fit to survive to begin with. Therefore, Aerius abandoned his fathers side and left him to die and rot alongside his mother.

Several years later, Aerius much like his father fell incredibly ill. The boy found that he could no longer breathe quite as well as he used to. Yet, as he fell to the ground prepared to take his dying breath he was approached by the very same entity from his childhood. “Open your mouth, I cannot guarantee your survival, but ultimately your death will come either way. I can grant you the key to a life everlasting. Yet, one filled with suffering and disgust... Do you accept my offer, lad?” Spoke the man that had once been his companion. “Y-..es..” Spoke Aerius in response, and the nuit proceeded to slash open its own flesh and pour the ichor into the boys mouth.

He hacked, gagged, and with each and every gulp that he took he noticed that he was “slipping away” from himself. His body became limp, and he eventually collapsed upon the ground he so wished to die upon. Aerius awoke only to discover that his worst fears had been confirmed; he too was a dead-man. His heart no longer functioned and moved blood through his veins, he was no longer breathing, and did not require rest anymore. This was his new reality, and he accepted it with pride. ( Any questions anyone has will be answered in flashbacks and the history/ thread links will be tacked on here. The identities of his mother and father are long lost memories. Yes, I'm sure I don't need to flesh it out any further here. )

When Aerius is not working he takes up lodging in the quarters. However, that is very rare in and of itself being that he typically does not rest being that he no longer has to.


ImageReimancy(Water + Air + Ice + Mist)26 SP +10 Xp36Competent
ImageMagecraft14 SP14Novice
ImageHypnotism5 SP +2 Xp7Novice
ImageEmbalming10 RB10Novice
ImageMorphing5 Sp +1 xp6Novice
ImageLeeching1 xp1 Novice
ImageNegotiation4 xp4 Novice
ImageObservation10 xp10Novice
ImageTactics3 xp3Novice
ImageWriting1 xp1 Novice
ImageStealth1 xp1 Novice
ImageAstronomy1 xp1Novice
ImageAnatomy1 xp1Novice
ImageAuristics1 xp1Novice


◇Reimancy: Para element Ice (Sp)

◇Magecraft: Basic Techniques(Sp)

◇Leeching: Djed Can be Toxic

◇Reimancy:Comes in Three Forms

◇Ghosts:Possession is Uncomfortable

◇Location:The Glannoch

◇Reimancy:Ice is the Most Beautiful

◇Leeching:Initiation is Painful

◇Leeching:Initiation is Long

◇Leeching:Being Drained of Djed

◇Lore of Sahova: There Are Always Better Wizards

◇Anatomy: Land-Dwellers Have Lungs

◇Writing: Quick Notes are Best for Observations

◇Sahovan Fauna: Lemekors are Semi-Aquatic

◇Sahovan Fauna: Lemekors Have Sharp Razors

◇Sahovan Fauna: Lemekors are Fierce, Solitary Predators

◇Lore of Self: I'll Never Run or Hide From a Fight

◇Lore of Tactics: Timing the Springing of a Trap

◇Overgiving: Resisting the Sweet Whispers

◇Overgiving: Fluctuating Body Temperature

◇Overgiving:Spontaneous Casting

◇Reimancy: Overgiving is Sometimes Necessary

◇Nothing More Beautiful Than Undeath

◇Mortals Are Careless With Life

◇Hypnotism: Suggestions are Weak but Effective

◇Hypnotism: Emotional Responses, Trust

◇Using Hypnotism Without Speaking

◇Negotiation: Sealing a Deal

◇Alija: Skilled in Business

◇Reimancy: Combining Air and Water for Mist

◇Alija: Has a Stronger Sight

◇Sahova: Debts are Valuable

◇Changing Emotions is Pointless

◇Logic: Jewelry Means Wealth

◇Lore of Anatomy: Dog's Irises and Pupils are Larger Than Humans

◇Lore of Animal Handling: A Dog's "Danger" Body Language

◇Lore of Sahovan Fauna: Noktal are Deadly in Numbers

◇Lore of Tactics: Lure the Enemy into the Open

◇Lore of Astronomy: Normally, Stars are White

◇Lore of Self: I Enjoy Bloodshed in Any Form

◇Lore of Master Farke: Feared Wizard


  • Simple Shirt ( Black )
  • Simple Pants
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Cloak ( Black)
  • Simple Boots
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Backpack which contains:
  • Comb (Wood)
  • Brush (Wood)
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • 1 Bottle of Embalming Fluid
  • 1 eating knife
  • Flint & Steel
  • 100 Gold Mizas
  • 1x Lemekor Corpse


Heirloom:Bozderon Shadow Dog (40 GM) Aerius received the pet from a friend as a pup approximately two years ago. The dog is his best friend, and closest companion. It often chooses to follow him wherever he may travel, and Aerius will more often than not refuse to enter an area if he cannot travel alongside his Dog. ( And Yes I am sure I will not start with animal Husbandry. )


Starting Package100gm#100gm
Quill100gm-5 cm99 gm 5 sm
Book(Blank)99 gm 5 sm-3 Gm96 gm 5 sm
Payment From Alija (MC2)96 gm 5 sm+5100 GM5,196 Gm 5 Sm
MC2 Ingredients1700 Gm-1700 Gm3,496 Gm 5 Sm
Kainyte(10 CT)+ Gold Ring100 Gm-100 Gm3,396 Gm 5 Sm


Ghosts & Ghouls(Alija)24th Winter 516 A.vIntimidation 1 Observation 1 Hypnotism 2 Logic 1 Reimancy 1 Negotiation 2
Beasts & Skeletons32nd Winter 516 A.vObservation + 2 Anatomy + 1 Reimancy + 3 Writing + 1 Tactics + 2 Planning + 1
The Unforged BondWinter 14 500 A.v Leeching +1 Reimancy +2 Observation +2 Negotiation +1 Logic +1
Rendezvous In The Darkness25th Winter 516 A.vAuristics + 1 Negotiation + 3 Socialization + 4 Observation + 3
Lyin' Eyes##
Make a Wish81st of Winter, 516 AVStealth +1, Animal Handling +1, Morphing +1, Anatomy +1, Observation +2,Tactics + 1
Corrupted by timeWinter 13th 500 A.vReimancy + 4 Observation + 3 Socialization + 4 Research + 2

Mark Progression
Returning L1The undead is a Chained One and receives a new physical body of Uldr's choosing. This particular body has been given the gifted aspect of toughness; while he has already lost the sluggishness of a typical nuit he is incredibly difficult to kill. As his body both exterior and interior are twice as durable as that of a human body. He has a tendency to flay the flesh from living creatures, including but not limited to humans and drink the blood from their bodies until they are dry.

Magic, and All things Magic Related

Magic related ItemsNameDescription
ImageAlija's RingAerius has chosen the vessel of his latest work to be a golden ring with 10 ct of Kainyte for Alija. She is his first customer, and therefore he wanted to supply her with the highest quality product possible. Will become MC2: (Steps) 1+ Magical 1+ Intellectual (Trigger word for spell command: Fire) Can only use two spells per day. Contradictory to the trigger word it will release a strong gust of wind that could easily knock an opponent backward, or off balance. The jewel will shine brightly ( As a direct result of the res it transmutes) before the gust of air is released. The Ring will not respond to the trigger word if it is about to overgive.( Aerius has NOT finished the project yet, these are simply plans for the item ) Before Someone Asks What Kainyte IsKainyte is a rather uncommon gem with inconsistent, blotches or streaks of color throughout the crystal. Kyanite is also a difficult stone to cut, with a cleavage similar to Diamond, but overall is a popular gem. Its hardness and clarity makes it a favorite for striking rings and other jewelry Ring Sold To Alija Price: 5100 GM Projected Profit:3400 GM -HD approved

Magic Consequences
Leeching Initiation (Winter, 14th 500 A.V -)Aerius will suffer severe symptoms for the next season as a result of the new leeching abilities. He will experience fierce pains at seemingly random times, but especially when trying to perform Reimancy. He will feel very tired after performing Leeching- sometimes to the point of passing out.
Overgiving Consequences(Permanent)As a result of severe overgiving, Aerius will suffer from spontaneous production of ice on his body, which will worsen as he tires. If not regularly taken care of, this may burn and damage the skin. The scrape on his chin will be fine so long as it is kept clean for the next few days.

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Aerius, as a Chained One projects an unnatural aura of unease, “wrongness”, Fear, and discomfort. Anyone who happens to be nearby will likely experience one of the feelings above; both people and Animals have a tendency to avoid him under normal circumstances.
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