A Slave To The Dream [Infilia Snowsong]

Garland and Inflilia save a bunch of Vantha because they're nice like that

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A Slave To The Dream [Infilia Snowsong]

Postby Garland on February 10th, 2017, 2:11 am

"Vantha lady! Make sure they don't follow the others." Garland called out and pushed forward to keep on the offensive. He planned on taking on as much as he could and not letting them disengage with him.

Garland threw a flurry of attacks, pushing the twin-bladed slaver back, another one snuck up behind Garland and was ready to attack.

The squire, through sheer luck had dodged, and saw the one attacking him was left open, he backhanded the man's face, sending him reeling to the floor, Garland then curb-stomped the man's neck, crushing his windpipe, and any semblance of a cry of pain or help only came out in a pathetic whimper.

Garland kept on the offensive, not overly offensive that his defense would have been left open, buut enough to keep the people he was fighting on their toes. Of course not everyone ganged up on him, a few of the surviving slavers tried to follow their merchandise through the forest to try and reclaim them.

But with Garland's swordplay and distractions, there were more in the camp and less running to the wilds.
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