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Postby Garland on August 25th, 2014, 4:33 am



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 85, Fall, 497 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth
Occupation: Carpenter: 5GM

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, rather muscular build, average height(though a little shorter than most at around 5'6"), Recently Garland had a growth spurt, getting to 5'8"

Character Concept

He loved to uphold the law, and breaking it at the same time, but he loved fighting above all else. Despite being shy, he would never turn down a fight or look away from someone in trouble.

Of course he would never turn down a prank on anyone, heck if there was no way he'd get caught he would prank Loren Dykes if he had the chance.

Character History

Garland was born in Sunberth, his parents didn't want him to have a lawless life in Sunberth like they did. They left Sunberth to travel to Syliras for a better future for their son. As they traveled to the capital, a small group of knights had mistaken them as the thieves that have been sighted in the area, knowing that their targets were hostile, they didn't take any chances and killed them. The knights checked the bodies and the cart, they found a young boy wrapped inside a blanket. The knights took the boy and decided to raise him in Syliras. He was raised in the orphanage and then he decided to leave and try to become a knight on his own.

He was always the odd one out. Being one of the stronger kids in the orphanage, the other kids would ask him favors, and he would do it without complaint, but there was one thing he would never do and that would be fight with anyone. He was a pacifist back then, avoiding any and all confrontation

That all changed when he got his first taste of blood, mostly his own. He saw that there were a few older kids that formed a sort of gang and terrorized the younger or smaller kids. They were getting bolder with each passing day. All the kids were too scared to talk, and when Uncle Wade, one of the knights that would frequently visit the orphanage, the bullies were perfect little angels.

One day they pushed it a little too far. 512AV after the great Djed storm, more children joined the orphanage, all of them had just lost their parents or caretaker, so they should have been given the mercy of mourning their loved ones, but no, the bullies saw them as prime targets ripe for breaking.

They were relentless, breaking all the new faces that joined the orphanage. Garland couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed one of the bullies by the neck and broke his nose in a bloody splatter. Next thing he knew was that he was being ganged up by the rest of them, nearly beating him to an inch of his life.

After that, he decided to take down the bullies, once and for all. He wasn't a tactician, but he did know that he was stronger than them, and he could strengthen his body by helping rebuild the city.

He tempered his body by working, carrying loads of heavy building materials back and forth. His muscles were well toned by the time most of the area around the orphanage was mostly fixed.

He felt he was strong enough to take them on, but he knew that he wasn't going to win if he fought alone or at least if they fought him all together. He needed a plan to fight back.

He took out the lowly grunts first, making them fear him more than their superior. It was a slow but steady take down. Two more years pass by, until only a few of the gang were left. He fought down the few remaining, he grew cold to the other's pain, but enjoyed the fighting and breaking of bones. His Sunberth side was starting to show. One day, he permanently (or at least nothing medicine could cure) broke his arm. There was no hiding that. He had little control of the bloodlust he had during the fight, so after that he left the orphanage. After 3 seasons he joined the knights and then moved there.


Fluent Language: Common

Shield Points

Old Shield Points
Action Reward Total
Training +1 1
Helping a Citizen +2 3
Abandoning post -2 1
Disorderly Conduct in Public -1 0
Patrol with Patron +1 1
Patron +1 2
Training +3 5
Disobeying Orders -2 3
Training +3 8
Patron +1 9
keeping your patron waiting -2 7
Training +4 11
fighting with citizens -1 10
Defending Sayana +2 12
Training +1 13
Training +2 15
Training +1 16
Patron +1 17
Training +2 19
Training +1 20
Teaching Imellion how to read +1 21
Patroling +4 25
Helping a Stranger +2 27
Helping a citizen + 5 32
Training +3 35
Helping a Citizen(risking life) +8 44
Training +2 46
Helping a Citizen +2 48
Helping a Citizen +2 50
Patrol +2 52
Helping Children +3 55
Patrolling +2 57
Assisting a Citizen +4 61
Helping people of the city +2 63
Training +5 68
Patron +1 69
Training +3 72
Arresting a thief +5 75
Training +1 76
Helping the City +2 78
Helping a citizen in need. +2 80
Training +2 82
Insulting a knight -2 80
Training +3 83
Talking during Training -1 82
Being rude to Lucius -2 80
Realizing your mistakes and offering to help your fellow squires +1 81
Altruism +2 82
For Helping Citizens Caught In a Trap +4 86
Hunting Bandits +3 89
Defending citizens from bandits +8 97

Winter 515-Summer 516
Action Reward Total
Training +3 100
Training +5 105
Patrol +4 109
Breaking up a fight +2 111
Helping Citizen +3 114
Seasonal Challenges(Fall 515) +18 132
Killing bandits and helping free the slaves +6 138
Training +3 141
Training +5 146
Training with Patron +1 147
Hunting Bandits +2 149
Training with Patron +4 153
Training +2 155
Patrol +5 160
Rescuing a Citizen +6 166
Reimancy initiation +1 167
Training With Patron +4 171
Training +1 172


General Information
-Lore of History of Syliran Knights
-Note to self – don’t walk into pans
-Griddlecakes Recipe – Breakfast to go
-Lore of Syliran Culture
-Eating Undercooked Foods
-Cooking isn't as easy as it seems
-Lore: Knight training is hard
-Lore: Animal can’t talk back
-Losing, it leads to savagery
-Lore: A new squire with new responsibilities
-Lore: One drink is never enough
-Never say no to your Patron
-The Harvest Festival, 514 AV
-Training with Oriah
-Losing a Bet with Gunther
-Fighting an Alcoholic's Urges
-Drunken Seduction
-The Pleasure of Company in Bed
-Growing Used to a Woman
-The Mistake of Poking a Pycon
-Mock Ambush
-Sometimes you just got to run
-Running in full-plate armor is exhausting
-Blunt arrows hurt
-Once defeated, improvise
-Little Teal Trotting Hood
-Teaching someone to read
-Defending the Defenseless
-Don't Disrespect Your Mount!
-Losing to Saede
-Chocolate is really good
-Getting a day off
-Snow ball War
-Tiny Avalanche
-Organizing an army of little warriors
-Stark naked in front of a girl - By accident
-To give up squirehood for a girl?
-A Humble Winner
-Intimidating a goat to stay with the herd
-Defending a drove against an ambush
-Attract a Girl with Confidence, Passion, and Perhaps a Gift
-Event: Sayana's New Year's Party
-Lying to get out of trouble
-Leading a song to cheer up children
-Making up a song for kids
-Cleaning Stables is Gross
-Warm-ups Are Advisable Before Combat
-Event: Sayana’s New Year toast, 515AV.
-Assuming command under stress.
-Some people just have opinions.
-Story: Ser Jordan Kinsways
-Arresting a thief
-Require Information Prior to Action
-Armor: Plate unbearably hot in the Summer
-Following Directions
-Earning the title “The rowdiest squire in the city”
-The impenetrable defensive stance of Lucius Antinous
-The warm up sequence fit for children
-Having One's Sword Temporarily Confiscated
-A Chance to Join the Order
-Lying About Leaving the Orphanage
-Recruited by Ball
-Clothes shopping for something respectable
-Picking out a tattoo
-Choosing to wait until certain about a tattoo
-Bumping into Bakar at the Bazaar
-Undergarment Shopping with Bakar
-Sharing the Big News!
-Do Nuits Love?
-Event: surviving Sanea Labyrinth
-No place is truly safe
-Filling in for injured squires
-Leaving a trail to find your way back
-Being a Good Sport
-Event: Sayana and Aren's wedding
-The Drawbacks to Focusing on Melee Combat
-Watching your Instructor Carefully
-Proper Shooting Stance
-Waiting for a Lull in the Wind
-Longbow vs. Crossbow
-Winter means higher prices
-Breaking up a fight
-Acrobatics vs. Athletics
-Leading a Small Group
-Green mist: Swells the tongue
-Sold into slavery
-Being Possessed by a Ghost
-Expelling a Spirit Through Willpower
-Moving Shields Leave Vulnerable Spots
-Archery and Swords Leave Different Aches
-It takes strong men and women to work together
-Trying to make Alex Ross feel welcome
-Mizahar: Kill or Be Killed
-Channeling Anger into Training
-Talking to Manage Anger
-Self: I'll Always Pay for Damages
-Self: Can't be Left Alone with Thoughts
-Otters are the Cutest!
-Giving the Gift of Friendship
-Lore of Gambling: Luck Runs Out Eventually
-Lore of Cosmetology: Shaving Hair is Necessary for Dresses
-Heels: Never Again!
-Lore of Tailoring: Dresses Can be Modified
-Lore of Crossdressing for Others' Amusement
-Finalised Plan to deal with the Yukmen
-Fire is not a good idea in a forest
-A pot is no use without a plant
-Trying to be chivalrous
-Telling Ross about the treacherous knight
-Bastard Swords: Not too Long, Not too Short
-"Ser" Garland Has a Nice Ring to It
-Some People Aren't Cut Out to Be Knights
-I'm Too Reliant on my Shield
-Fighting Dirty is Fair in Sparring
-Wolves hunt in packs
-Throwing one wolf at another
-Lack of sound is a warning too
-Look before you lunge

People and Animals
-Francis: Only kid bigger than me
-Francis: Bully
-Suresslynn: the Antidote Maker
-Bakar: Nuit in the Bazaar
-Bakar: Abused In His Past
-Bakar: Glypher
-Bakar: His Life, His Story
-Maia: Had past taken from him
-Catherine: Recklessly dutiful
-Jovhel: Bartender
-Lora: The scatterbrained konti girl from the Bazaar
-Lora: She seems to cough a lot.
-Morgan: From the orphanage
-Sera Catherine: Patron Knight
-Sera Catherine: Excellent Equestrian
-Sera Catherine: Childhood Savior
-Sayana: Seductive Eypharian Dancer
-Saede: Brief Dance Partner
-Saede: She Is From Avanthal
-Sayana: Playful And Attractive
-Tryn: A Stubborn Tiaden
-Gunther: A Bossy Stablehand and Trainer
-Gunther: Ruthless About Bets
-Oriah's Patron: Sera Mora
-Sayana: A Beautiful Dancer
-Sayana: Learning to fight off drunkards
-Sayana: Opponent with six arms
-Sayana: Fast and light on her feat
-Nivel: Cute Name
-Nivel's Pre-Fighting Dance: A Pycon Tradition or Spell?
-Nivel's Magic: Auras, Astral Bodies, and Shields
-Narick: Skilled archer
-Oriana: Good with a bow
-Lilly: Mage, Air reimancer
-Tobias: Mage, Projector
-Cameron: Not the best fighter
-Ashryn: The herbalist
-Ser Ortis: His nose is always stuck in a book
-Imellion: The shy Squire
-Francis: Childhood Bully
-April: Has Crazy Hair
-April: A Casual Smoker
-April: Possibly a Pirate?
-April: Fun Sized
-April: A Svefra
-April: Lucky or Unlucky?
-April: Bad for me, never listens, love her for it.
-Aunt Tosca: April's Casinor
-Sayana: Attractive and Scary in equal measure.
-Autumn: Sayana's tomboyish friend
-Sayana's first snow
-April: Doesn't do well in crowds
-April's story about her Aunt
-April: Suffers from Migranes
-April: Mutual Love
-April: Girlfriend?
-Clemens: A Strange Looking Man
-Marrick: Squire who led the bucket brigade at the fire of White Swan Inn
-Katelyn: Drover
-Orin: Guarded about his past
-Orin: Talented cook
-Delivering Firewood to Sayana in a Blizzard
-Finding Sayana with a Fever
-Enlisting Devi to Heal Sayana
-Revisiting Old Man Servus
-Devi: You're a Looker!
-Confessing Crush to Sayana and Devi
-Sayana: Going to be a Mother
-Devi: Doctor in Syliras
-Devi: Willing to help if needed
-Sayana: Very unlucky.
-Mystery man: Who did he kill?
-April: One heavy Svefra.
-Asen: Name's a Mouthful
-Asen: Hawk-Faced Squire
-Asen: Hails From Rivefall
-Sayana: Dealing with morning sickness
-Sayana: Her relationship with Aren
-“Ser Baldy”: Norsar Wilton
-Rhov: Mercenary
-Elann: Shy Benshiran
-Knight: Lucius Antinuos VI
-Lucius Antinuos VI: Loudmouth weapon master of the Antinuos training grounds
-Lucius Antinuos VI: legend on the battlefield
-Kreig Messer: The Diligent squire
-Don’t mess with Lucius.
-Ball: Squire & Shield Games Contestant
-Elann: Works at An Elegant Weave
-Elann: Is a Weaver by trade
-Elann: Has a small appetite
-Benshira: Eating habits
-Benshira: Nomadic People
-Revy: Beautiful yet tough on the outside
-Bakar: Not a Monster
-Visiting Bakar's Home
-Bakar Plays the Flute
-April: always gone
-April: pregnancy taking its toll?
-Morgan: Right time and right place
-Morgan: Didn't know her parents
-Garland: Hates the woods at night
-Ferrin Al'Mandrikan: A long bowman
-Sera Catherine: Cruelty and Kindness
-Lynn: Adorable but Determined
-Squire Faircroft: Familiar Partner
-Pyrcons: Pint-Sized Powerhouses
-Alexander: Fast, Even in Armor
-Alexander: A Capable, Adaptable Opponent
-Greyheart and Catherine: Sittin' In A Bush...
-Alex: fascinates the twins
-Aneeka: likes to hit things
-Alex: smarter than me
-Alex: a rival of sorts
-Alex: used to be a hunter
-Jade Laken: Hails from Endrykas
-Treacherous knight: Revenge needed
-Sayana: Rescuer
-Ser Gary Greveth: a traitor
-Tyrn: Afraid of Ghosts
-Calidus: Spiritist of the Lavender Ruins
-Ghosts: Create a Chill
-Ghosts: Some Benevolent, Others Not
-Clyde: located in Winthrop Alley
-Clyde: a mage working for the knighthood
-Sayana: wants an inside source
-Sayana: looking after my kids
-Ser Samuel: Doesn't Waste Time
-Alex Faircroft: Not so green anymore
-Sekai: a “Midget” at just half a foot shorter than Garland
-Sekai: Delicate in appearance
-Sekai: Asked to join the Order
-Arialys: Looks like a Preacher and Not a fighter, yet her attire contradicts it
-Arialys: Quite rude from the start
-Arialys: Is searching for her brother and is not deterred a bit
-Kalvina Skyglow: Pregnant girl tasked with carring a heaving crate to the White Swan
-Kalvina Skyglow: Works at the Herald's Arm
-Kalvina Skyglow: Her Bosses are strict
-Zhou: Looked like a Merc or a Hunter
-Zhou: Archer and Scout
-Lasken: Silent Mage
-Mystery Konti (Avline Silverwood): Mistaken as Lora.
-Mystery Konti (Avline Silverwood): Sings
-Alex Faircroft: Going to leaving the knighthood
-Alex: Originally from Ravok
-Alex: Killed someone he knew
-Archaliast: Would run from combat
-Alex Ross: Loyal and dependable
-Tryn: Size isn't everything
-Tryn: Loves to run.
-Tryn: Will steal food if left unattended
-Self: Desire to beat patron
-Sera Catherine: Extremely talented fighter
-Lore of Self: I Like Strong Women
-Dovey: Seems like she needs a friend
-A date with Dovey
-Dovey: Can't stop crying
-Billy: a lost boy
-Billy: ran away
-Tyrn The Horse: Stubborn & cocksure
-Garland: Optimist who always seeks the silver lining
-Garland: Stubborn
-Clyde: Abrasive
-Garland: Slow to learn yet determined
-Clyde: Loses his temper with Garland
-Clyde: A skilled, if impatient, teacher

Skill and Combat
-Herbalism: Acson is good for treating animal poisons while dry just don't touch it while it's fresh.
-Wilderness Survival: Kindling is needed for fire
-Focus on defense not offense
-Shields are pretty useless against pycons, unless you throw them.
-Ignore the pain and fight on
-Swords are also pretty useless against a pycon
-Acson tastes like shyke and makes you vomit.
-Horseback Riding: Proper Leg Pressure
-Horseback Riding: Being Bucked Off
-Bastard Sword: Proper Stances
-Tactics: The Eight Striking Areas
-Bastard Sword: Forward Slash
-The Many Things That can Disrupt a Bow Shot
-Having to Shoot a Shortbow from the Back of a Horse
-Unarmed Combat: Disarming a Combatant
-Incorporating Acrobatics in Sword & Shield
-Flux: Magic That Knocks Me Off My Feet
-Reimancy: Create and Control Natural Elements
-The Advantages of Subtle Magic
-Intimidation: Standing Up to the Enemy
-Unarmed Combat: Throwing a Punch
-Unarmed Combat: Headbutting
-Auristics: Inanimate Objects Have Weak Auras
-Auristics: Magical Objects Have Strong Auras
-Tactics: Fighting Ranged Enemies
-Shield: Ram at opponent
-Acrobatics: Roll to dodge
-Dagger: Basic Combat Tactics
-Dagger: Proper Weapon Grip
-Dagger: Vital Points to Target on an Opponent
-Teaching Basic Dagger-fighting Skills
-Teaching through Simple Sparring
-Cooking: The end result is definitely worth it
-Cooking: Food that isn’t fried!
-Cooking: Separating egg whites and yolks
-Persuasion: Convincing a kid to sit still
-Teaching: Start with the Basics
-Unarmed Combat: Vulnerable Spots on the Body
-Unarmed Combat: Hooks
-Unarmed Combat: Jabs
-Negotiation: Playing the peace-keeper.
-Rhetoric: Using a public announcement to diffuse a tense situation.
-Tactics: Gauging an Opponent's Reactions
-Tactics: Next to Useless to Fight Without Proper Equipment
-Crossbow: Easier at Close Range
-Crossbow: Check the Equipment Before Firing
-Persuasion: Whining as a persuasive technique
-Horsemanship: Saddling a horse
-Riding: Slowing a galloping horse
-Swords aren’t useful in tight quarters
-Knowing Foreign Cultures is Important in Disguising
-Shield:Less movement is ideal
-Tracking: following blood trails
-Hunting: kill prey quickly
-Hunting: finishing a wounded deer with a dagger
-Wilderness Survival: crushed grass for kindling
-Trapping: Where to place trap
-Wilderness Survival: Constructing a tent
-Leadership: small doesn't mean useless
-Unarmed Combat: Low blows
-Brawling: groin attack
-Tactics: a quick death is better
-Tactics: let your enemies tire themselves out
-Medicine: binding a wound.
-Rhetoric: making a wedding speech
-Politics: tactfully avoiding potential problems
-Unarmed Combat: Not Just Fists!
-Tactics: End the Fight Fast
-Tactics: Immobilize a Faster Opponent
-Unarmed Combat: Feints
-Riding: Stay in Sync with your Mount
-Riding: Relax and Don't Yank the Reins
-Riding: A Loose Saddle
-Attacking from The Ground
-Shield as a Projectile, Not Just Defense
-Tactics: Patience and a Cool Head
-Rolling Away from Trouble
-Teaching: Basics of Combat with a Blade
-Tactics: unhorsing a rider
-Brawling: torch as improvised weapon
-Politics: first to accuse has the advantage
-Tactics: Don't Split Up
-Spiritists: Can Generate Soulmist
-Spiritism: Can Create Wards
-Crossbow: Always Easy Bullseyes
-Shortbow: Speed Sacrifices Accuracy
-Leadership: Bravado can be a powerful tool.
-Tactics: Try to remove ranged support
-Bodybuilding: Shoveling Snow to warm up
-Organization: Following Orders from Knights: Leaving the Snow for squire training
-Tactics: Counter Striking in close quarters
-Tactics: Pressing the attack. Tires both attacker and defender
-Seduction: 'Accidental' seduction
-Tactics: Using the Weight of the Snow, the Cover of Snow to bolster one's kicks
-Unarmed Combat Technique: Chaining attacks to gain the advantage
-Intelligence: Asking Kalvina about her personal relations in life
-Tactics: Strength in Numbers
-Tactics: Drumming Sword against Sword as a distraction
-Childcare: Keeping an eye on shaky walkers
-Lore of Negotiation: Paying with a Favor
-Philosophy: Syliras is NOT like Ravok
-Lore of Flirting Accidentally
-Lore of Land Navigation: Crossing Slush
-Lore of Survival: Stay Warm by Training
-Philosophy: Ideals can only get you so far.
-Tactics: Abandoning the Sword
-Lore of Philosophy: Angering a God Never Works Out for Mortals
-Lore of Seduction: One-Night Stands Don't Mean Anything
-Wilderness Survival: Prepare beforehand
-Acting: animal mimicry
-Wilderness Survival: gather wood as you walk
-Deduction: Weighing up a foe's physical strength
-Reimancy: Four elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire
-Reimancy: Reimancers begin with one element
-Reimancy: Reimancers gain elements as they grow in skill
-Overgiving: Invited by overuse of magic
-Djed: The fuel of life & magic
-Magic: Taps into djed
-Reimancy: The initiation
-Reimancy: Fire
-Wilderness Survival: Starting a fire
-Reimancy: Attracting an element
-Reimancy: Res gets weaker the farther from the caster it is
-Reimancy: Incantations & gestures create focus
-Reimancy: Avoid overgiving by resting between use
-Reimancy: Creating a fire-ball
-Overgiving: Listening to your body when it needs rest
-Shield: Hiding your next move from your opponent
-Crossbow: Steadier than a bow

Race and Monsters
-Yukman have genitals too?
-Race: Nuit
-Konti: An all female race of seers
-Kelvics: Naturally naked
-Pycons: Hard to Fight Once They're Latched
-Kelvics: More Artistic than Wild
-Lore of Konti: Stubborn
-Lore of Ethaefal: Two Forms are Very Different
-Lore of Ethaefal: Waiting for Their Gods
-Pycons: Like super strong mice
-Elin: A cook with two children
-Elin: Ilia and Rion
-Finding friends for the twins
-Elin: Been in Syliras under a year
-Elin: Works at the Rearing Stallion
-Sera Catherine: No such thing as a fair fight
-Self: Keeping Reimancy a secret
-Self: Hates ranged training

-Location: The Bean
-The Bean: Sells coffee & tea
-Location: The Sylirian Bazaar
-Location: Lora's house
-Location: The Rearing Stallion
-Fighting Pits: Nearly empty on cold days
-The Windmount Track and Field
-Location: The Syliran Archives
-Location: The Great Harbor
-Location: Soothing Waters
-Location: Kova's Well
-Location: The Rearing Stallion
-Location: The Syliras Theater Square
-Syliras: The Snowstorm of 514
-Location: The Welcome Home Orphanage
-Location: Sacred Arch Hotsprings
-Location: An Elegant Weave
-Location: Sanea Labyrinth
-Sanea Labyinth whispers
-The labyrinth is alive
-Location: The Lavender Ruins
-Location: The Purple Woods
-Location: Soothing Waters
-Fighting Pits: Real fights, real weapons, real people
-Lore of Location: Avalis' Gift
-Fighting Pits: More Skilled than Knights
-Location: The Stone Gardens


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt(blue dyed)
-Simple Pants(brown dyed)
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak(blue dyed)
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
Acquired items:
-Silver Ribbon
-Bucket 2-Gallon
-Soap 1 lbs
-Children's Rattle Toy (common carving)
-Children's Doll x2
-Wash Basin Average
-Fur for basket
-Glass Bottles and Decanters, Pint
-Children Headcap, llama wool x2
-Children Shoes x2
-Children Tunic, llama wool x2
-Children's Undergarment x20
-Dual Baby Carrier, Cradleboard
-Baby Carrier, Sling
-Bowls 6"/10oz x2
-Glasses 8oz x2
-Wooden Spoons x2
-Blanket Chest
-Child sized Fur-lined (Common) blanket x2
-Rusty Dagger
-Book - A Treatise on Reimancy by Clyde Sullins
-Wrist Crossbow with a "G" engraving
-10 crossbow bolts
-Four man tent
-Builder's kit(complex)
-Blank Book
-Splitting Axe
Heirloom: Bastard Sword with a snake style pommel


Location: Syka

House: Syliras=Sold home for 500 GM
Syliras=Squire Dormitory

noteWill eventually work this into a more compact style
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Postby Garland on February 17th, 2015, 12:55 pm

Injuries and Scars

Fall 515 :
60th Fall: Arrow wound in arm - 12 days to heal if treated. 1 day to be fully functional with the help of a healer. Treated

Spring 516 :
72th Spring: Injuries: assorted bumps, cuts and bruises. Will heal without scars if treated. Treated

Lasting scars:
Scars on his palms and chest
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Thread List


Date Thread Status Graded?
50th Winter 513 A small tussle Completed Graded
11th Summer 501 Hero Completed Graded
3rd Spring 508 A Coincidintal Meeting Completed Graded

Summer 514 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
40th Summer 514 Catching Some Lunch Completed Graded
66th Summer 514 Opening Night Abandoned Graded
84th Summer 514 A walk through the streets Completed Graded
90th Summer 514 Edge of the blade Abandoned Awaiting Grade
??th Summer 514(Forgot to put a date) Basic Cookery & possible Stomach ache Completed Graded

Fall 514 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
??nd Fall 514(Zhou forgot to put a date) Opportunity Strikes only Once Abandoned Graded
1st Fall 514 First Meeting And Sword Training Completed Graded
1st Fall 514 A night at the inn Completed Graded
2nd Fall 514 Terror in Strormhold Abandoned Awaiting Grade
4th Fall 514 Slow Work Day Completed Graded
5th Fall 514 Another run in with the Knights Complete Graded
6th Fall 514 Catch Me If You Can! Completed Graded
8th Fall 514 A walk to the Bazaar Completed Graded
10th Fall 514 Avline's first job, Opening the doors to a new adventure. Abandoned Graded
10th Fall 514 A Familiar Animal Completed Graded
14th Fall 514 A Nice Little Jaunt Through The Woods Completed Graded
24th Fall 514 The Harvest Festival (Part 1) Completed Graded
24th Fall 514 The Harvest Festival (Part 2) Completed Graded
25th Fall 514 Hot Blooded First Meeting Abandoned Graded
26th Fall 514 Cha-Ching! (Bazaar) Completed Graded
26th Fall 514 The Dancing Stallion Completed Graded
28th Fall 514 A night in silence Completed Graded
30th Fall 514 The Stable Cleaning Job Abandoned Graded
30th Fall 514 A New Look At The Knights Completed Graded
32nd Fall 514 Two Birds, One Arrow Completed Graded
32nd Fall 514 Like A Closed Book Completed Graded
61st Fall 514 Hand-to-Hands Combat (Fighter's Pit) Completed Graded
72nd Fall 514 Frost Completed Graded
60th Fall 514 The Drove, Part 1 Completed Graded
80th Fall 514 Raining Very Blunt Death Completed Graded
84th Fall 514 Snowball Fight! Completed Graded
90th Fall 514 A Race of Foals and Fists Completed Graded

Winter 514 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
10th Winter 514 Night in the Woods Complete Graded
11th Winter 514 Boxed In Complete Graded
11th Winter 514 Ailing, Tiny and Tireless Complete Graded
12th Winter 514 In Hot Water Complete Graded
12th Winter 514 Jungle Gym Complete Graded
13th Winter 514 Steady As She Goes Complete Graded
17th Winter 514 Catching Wind Complete Graded
18th Winter 514 Fever Complete Graded
19th Winter 514 Training The Horse Rider Complete Graded
20th Winter 514 A Fight In the Snow Abandoned Graded
20th Winter 514 Strange Fighter, Stranger Friend Abandoned Graded
29th Winter 514 A sharp weapon or a dull mind Completed Graded
30th Winter 514 A Fighter of Worth Completed Graded
34th Winter 514 Breakfast of Champions Completed Graded
34th Winter 514 Not So Sharp Completed Graded
34th Winter 514 Squires Amongst the Snow Abandoned Awaiting Grade
40th Winter 514 The Dance of Ideals Abandoned Graded
68th Winter 514 Aim For The Snake Eyes Complete Graded
92nd Winter 514 New Year's Party! Complete Graded
92nd Winter 514 New Year's Party! (Part 2) Complete Graded
1st Spring 515 New Year's Party! (Part 3) Complete Graded

Spring 515 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
7th Spring 515 Getting Back on the Horse Completed Graded
8th Spring 515 Time for Tea Completed Graded
30th Spring 515 Surprises! Completed Graded
32nd Spring 515 Into The Woods Completed Graded
33rd Spring 515 One Day, at Squire Camp... Completed Graded
42nd Spring 515 Assistance Abandoned Graded
54th Spring 515 A day to remember Completed Graded
55th Spring 515 Surprising Sayana Completed Graded
55th Spring 515 Alexander's Amazing Birthday Bash Abandoned Graded
56th Spring 515 Defense for Fortune Completed Awaiting Grade
61st Spring 515 A Storm of Svefra Completed Graded
73rd Spring 515 There Will Be Blood Completed Graded
86th Spring 515 Turning Tables. Completed Graded
86th Spring 515 Jungle Gym without the Trio Ongoing No
89th Spring 515 Does Fortune smile on you? Abandoned Graded

Summer 515 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
26th Summer 515 New Beginnings Completed Graded
24th Summer 515 This is Otterly confusing Abandoned Not Turned in
30th Summer 515 A Price Of A Torn Shirt Abandoned Graded
43rd Summer 515 Summer Outting Completed Graded
50th Summer 515 Wolf and Blade Abandoned Graded
55th Summer 515 Wedding: Joining of Hearts and Souls Completed Graded
55th Summer 515 Celebrations Completed Graded
70th Summer 515 Meeting Old Friends all Over Again. Completed Graded
88th Summer 516 A Sword, and a Bow, Now what? Completed Graded

Fall 515 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
1st Fall 515 Through Swords and Shields Abandoned Awaiting Grade
6th Fall 515 A Reminder of an Old Home Completed Graded
32nd Fall 515 Is This a Hunt, or a Skirmish? Completed Graded
49th Fall 515 A knight to the rescue! Completed Graded
49th Fall 515 A Unison of Hooves and Beads of Sweat Completed Graded
65th Fall 515 Another One Bites The Dust Completed Graded
83rd Fall 515 Training is Fun, Maybe? Completed Graded

Winter 515 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
10th Winter 515 Training with a new friend? Completed Graded
38th Winter 515 Proper Technique Completed Graded
38th Winter 515 Proper Technique pt.2 Completed Graded
38th Winter 515 Proper Technique pt.3 Completed Graded
31st Winter 515 Supply Run Completed Graded
39th Winter 515 First Date Completed Awaiting Grade
47th Winter 515 Three Squires and a... Kitty? On Going No

Spring 516 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
3rd Spring 516 Grit and Steel Abandoned Awaiting Grade
14th Spring 516 Itsy Bitsy Spider Abandoned Awaiting Grade
37th Spring 516 He's a Glamizon Abandoned Awaiting Grade
42nd Spring 516 Muted Sense Of Peace Abandoned Graded
55th Spring 516 Surviving Another Year Abandoned Graded
67th Spring 516 Metal & Dust Abandoned Awaiting Grade
71st Spring 516 Capture Completed Graded
72nd Spring 516 Revenge Completed Graded
73rd Spring 516 The Beginning of the Hunt. Completed Awaiting Grade
74th Spring 516 The Hunt pt.1 Ongoing No
75/76th Spring 516 The Hunt pt.2 Placeholder No

Summer 516 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
1st Summer 516 Practice Makes Perfect Completed Awaiting Grade
2nd Summer 516 Pursiuing Justice Completed Graded
3rd Summer 516 Catching Up Completed Graded
4th Summer 516 Magic Man, Gimmie Magic Hands Completed Awaiting Grade
5th Summer 516 A Step Into The Danger Zone Placeholder No
5th Summer 516 A Step Out Of The Comfort Zone Placeholder No
10th Summer 516 All That You See Abandoned Awaiting Grade
11th Summer 516 Balm for the Soul. Balm for the body. Completed Awaiting Grade
26th Summer 516 Clash of Commanders Completed Graded
30th Summer 516 Getting on Track Completed Awaiting Grade
35th Summer 516 A Candlelit Dinner with Akajia Abandoned Awaiting Grade
42nd Summer 516 Sprains and Stallions Abandoned Awaiting Grade
43rd Summer 516 A Drink With Berserkers Ongoing No
47th Summer 516 The Help Abandoned Awaiting Grade
51st Summer 516 Bows and Brawn Completed Awaiting Grade
63rd Summer 516 Trade with the Clans Ongoing No
80th Summer 516 All Work and No Play... Ongoing No

Fall 516 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
14th Fall 516 Fog and Fear Completed Awaiting Grade
30th Fall 516 The Joy of Company Ongoing No
30th Fall 516 Sweet Dreams Ongoing No
40th Fall 516 Season of Mists Ongoing No
60th Fall 516 Words have Weight. Completed Awaiting Grade

Winter 516 AV

Date Thread Status Graded?
4th Winter 516 What once was is no more. Completed Awaiting Grade
5th Winter 516 Soft Music, And a Heavy Heart. Completed Awaiting Grade
11th Winter 516 A Rose By Any Other Name Onging No
31st Winter 516 Dove In The Drink Completed Awaiting Grade
32nd Winter 516 Dove in the Daylight Ongoing No
43rd Winter 516 A Mage In A Hard Place Ongoing No
60th Winter 516 Grinding The Axe Ongoing No
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Postby Garland on September 27th, 2016, 8:48 am


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp,2exp, 13 Novice
Acting 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 4 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 4 Novice
Anthropology 1exp 1 Novice
Bartering 1exp, 1 Novice
Body Building 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp,1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 11 Novice
Boxing 2exp 2 Novice
Brawling 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 17 Novice
Butchering 1exp 1 Novice
Calligraphy 1exp 1 Novice
Carpentry 15sp 15 Novice
Carving 1exp, 1 Novice
Child Care 2exp, 2exp, 2exp,5exp, 11 Novice
Cleaning 1exp 1 Novice
Cooking 1exp, 3exp 4 Novice
Cosmetology 1exp, 1exp, 2 Novice
Dancing 4exp 4 Novice
Deduction 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3 Novice
Disguise 1exp 1 Novice
Escape Artist 1exp, 1 Novice
Herbalism 1exp 1 Novice
Horsemanship 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 5 Novice
Hunting 1exp 1 Novice
Instrument: Washboard 1exp 1 Novice
Intelligence 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 8 Novice
Interrogation 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 3exp,4exp, 1exp, 1exp, 20 Novice
Intimidation 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 5 Novice
Investigation 2exp, 2exp,1exp, 3exp, 8 Novice
Land Navigation 1exp, 4exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 11 Novice
Logic 2exp, 1exp, 3 Novice
Lying 1exp 1 Novice
Medicine 1exp, 1exp 2 Novice
Musical composition 1exp 1 Novice
Negotiation 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 7 Novice
Organization 1exp, 1exp, 2 Novice
Persuasion 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 3exp, 1exp,1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 20 Novice
Philosophy 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 15 Novice
Politics 1exp, 1exp 2 Novice
Reading 1exp 1 Novice
Reimancy 2exp, 4exp, 6 Novice
Running 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 9 Novice
Singing 1exp, 1exp 2 Novice
Stealth 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 7 Novice
Storytelling 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp,3exp, 19 Novice
Subterfuge 1exp, 1exp, 1exp 3 Novice
Swimming 2exp, 3exp, 2exp, 7 Novice
Tracking 1exp, 1exp 2 Novice
Weapon Skill: Axe 3exp, 3exp, 1exp,3exp, 10 Novice
Weapon Skill: Crossbow 4exp, 1exp, 1exp,1exp, 1exp,4exp,4exp, 16 Novice
Weapon Skill: Dagger 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 5 Novice
Weapon Skill: Shortbow 5exp,2exp, 7 Novice
Weapon Skill: Snowball 2exp 2 Novice
Whistling 1exp 1 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Forest 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 9 Novice
Wrestling 1exp 1 Novice

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Leadership 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 3exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 31 Competant
Planning 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp,2exp, 32 Competant
Riding Horse 2exp, 1exp, 4exp, 3exp, 2exp, 5exp, 4exp, 4exp, 4exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp,3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 41 Competent
Seduction 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp,1exp(Combined with Love making), 3exp, 1exp, 4exp, 4exp, 1exp, 2exp, 3exp, 1exp(last 8 rewards combined from flirting),2exp(combined from Kissing) 32 Competent
Teaching 4exp, 2exp, 4exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 4exp, 3exp,2exp, 26 Competent
Weapon Skill: Shield 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 4exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp,2exp, 44 Competent

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Endurance 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 4exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 4exp, 1exp,1exp,1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 4exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 2exp,1exp,3exp,1exp, 59 Expert
Rhetoric 2exp, 5exp, 3exp, 3exp, 1exp, 5exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp,1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 3exp, 2exp,1exp, 52 Expert
Tactics 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 3exp, 3exp, 4exp, 1exp, 1exp,3exp,2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp,1exp,1exp, 55 Expert
Unarmed Combat 30sp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp,4exp, 2exp,1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 68 Expert
Weapon Skill: Bastard Sword 5sp, 15rp, 2exp, 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 2exp, 2exp, 1exp, 2exp,1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp,1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 3exp,3exp, 66 Expert

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Observation 1exp, 2exp, 2exp, 4exp, 3exp, 2exp, 2exp, 5exp, 5exp, 3exp, 5exp, 2exp, 2exp, 5exp, 5exp, 3exp, 5exp, 3exp, 3exp, 5exp, 1exp, 3exp, 5exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 1exp, 3exp, 1exp, 2exp, 3exp, 1exp, 1exp, 2exp, 1exp, 1exp 100 Master
Socialization 5exp, 5exp, 4exp, 5exp, 5exp, 3exp, 4exp, 2exp, 5exp, 5exp, 2exp, 2exp, 3exp, 2exp, 3exp, 5exp, 5exp, 4exp, 5exp, 3exp, 5exp, 2exp, 1exp, 3exp, 3exp, 4exp, 3exp, 2exp 100 Master
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Postby Garland on January 15th, 2017, 3:11 am


Old Ledger
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Sold Home +500 GM 600 GM
Green peas -2 SM 599 GM 8 SM
Onions -5 SM 599 GM 3SM
Beef:corned -3 GM 597GM 3SM
Carrots -1GM 596GM 3SM
Milk -1GM 595GM 3SM
Green beans -2SM 596GM 1SM
Mushroom -1GM 595GM 1SM
Garlic -4CM 594GM 9SM 6CM
Jacket(leather) -6GM x 2 = -12GM 582GM 9SM 6CM
Living expenses(squire)(Summer 514) -0GM 582GM 9SM 6CM
Tea and coffee -5SM 82GM 4SM 6CM
Ale -2SM 582GM 2SM 6CM
Sweet rolls -4SM 581GM 8SM 6CM
Wine -10GM 571GM 8SM 6CM
Sweets -8SM 571GM 6CM
Living Expenses(Squire)(Fall 514) -0GM 571GM 6CM
Food -2GM, -5SM 569GM 5SM 6CM
Venison Meal(x2) -9SM 568GM 4SM 6CM
Living Expenses(Squire)(Winter 514 -0GM 569GM 5SM 6CM
Sayana's Medical Treatment -5GM 564GM 5SM 6CM
Payment to orphan girl Jess -2SM 564GM 3SM 6CM
Living Expenses(Squire)(Spring 515) -0GM 564GM 3SM 6CM
Living Expenses(Squire)(Summer 515) -0GM 564GM 3SM 6CM
Shorts(undergarmets) -1sm 564GM 2SM 6CM
Brown Jacket, White shirt, Blue pants -2GM 2SM 562GM 1SM 6CM
Living Expenses(Squire)(Fall 515) -0GM 562GM 1SM 6CM
Payment For Job +130GM 692GM 1SM 6CM

Winter 515-Spring 516
Purchase Cost Total
Living Expenses(Squire)(Winter) -0GM 692GM 1SM 6CM
Stuff bought with Elaan -15GM 5 SM 676GM 6SM 6CM
Payment for Job with Ferrin +5GM 681GM 6SM 6CM

Spring 516-Summer 516
Purchase Cost Total
Living Expenses(Squire)(Spring) -0GM 692GM 1SM 6CM

Summer 516-Fall 516
Purchase Cost Total
Living Expenses(Squire)(Summer) -0GM 692GM 1SM 6CM

Fall 516-WInter 516
Purchase Cost Total
Living Expenses(Squire)(Fall) -0GM 692GM 1SM 6CM

Winter 516-Spring 517
Purchase Cost Total

Spring 517-Summer 517
Purchase Cost Total

Summer 517-Fall 517
Purchase Cost Total

Fall 517-Winter 517
Purchase Cost Total
4 Man Tent -10GM 682GM 1SM 6CM
Builder's Kit (Complex) -25GM 657GM 1SM 6CM
Blank Book, Quill, Ink, -4GM, 0SM, 5CM 678GM 1SM 1CM
Splitting Axe -5 SM 677GM 6SM 1CM
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Postby Garland on December 21st, 2017, 2:16 pm


NPC children

Aneka Tristal
Travelling NPC/Family
Race: Half-Sverfa/Half-Human
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years old
Birthday: 10th, Fall, 514AV
Birthplace: Syliras
Parents: Garland, April Windweaver
Appearance: A healthy little girl, adventurous, active, and very very mischievous, the time spent on the deck of her grandfather's ship has given her a slight tan. She has a messy mop of brown hair, and deep blue eyes

Phobos Tristal
Travelling NPC/Family
Race: Half-Sverfa/Half-human
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Birthday: 10th, Fall, 514AV
Birthplace: Syliras
Parents: Garland, April Windweaver
Appearance: A healthy boy, brown hair and deep blue eyes like his twin sister, there's almost nothing differentiating him from her sister in terms of physical appearance, but he's less active, more silent and very shy.

Ilia Stonetide
Travelling NPC/Family
ImageName: Ilia Oarheart
Race: Human
DoB: 91st Fall, 513
PoB: Riverfall
Gender: Female
Age: 4 Years old
Skill Points Level
Music Instrument: Wooden Flute 9 Basic
Drawing 6 Basic
Painting 8 Basic
Dancing 7 Basic
Weapon: Dagger 2 Basic

Parents: Elin, Robin(NPC)
Additional Info:
Elin's daughter from a failed relationship. Ilia was born during Elin's travels across the lands, and most travelling with the two were doubtful that Ilia would make it past infancy with all the travelling.
Through sheer luck, the two survived and now Ilia lives with her mum in a Simple room on Travellers Row, with both sharing a small uncomfortable bed.

After Elin's insanity and disappearance, Garland took Ilia under his care and taught her a few basics of the dagger, Ilia is noticeably more reserved than before but seems to look up to Garland as a father figure.

Ilua Nena Tristal
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 1 season old
Birthday: 50th, Fall, 517AV
Birthplace: Alvadas
Parents: Garland, Elin
Appearance: Small, frail, and rather weak, short brown hair, her left eye a deep blue color, like her father and her right eye a dark brown. Ilu was conceived in a drunken romp between Garland and Elin before they met sober.
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