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Ruka Emilia

Postby Ruka Emilia on February 19th, 2017, 4:03 pm

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Name: Ruka Ann Emilia
Race: Kelvic
Gender: Female
Birthday/Age: 2yrs old, 28th of Fall, 514 A.V

Character Appearance~

Human Description: Ruka is 5'4" and 110 pounds. She has pale skin and a slim and slender body type. She's skinny with a curved figure. Her hair is a bright blonde color that hangs down just above her waist. She has beautiful ice blue eyes that matches her hair. Her face is diamond shape that corresponds with her body. Physically appears to be 20 years old in her human form.

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Wolf Description: Ruka is approximately 5 feet in length and 2 and a half feet tall. She weighs between 140-150 pounds. She has two coats of glistening white-silver fur with a sleek body. She has the same eye color as her human form and slightly short legs. She has small paws, a short muzzle, a bushy tail, and small rounded ears.

Character Concept~

Ruka is usually very calm, can be very shy when she meets new people. She tries to help people whenever she can. She doesn't like it when people take her for granted. She’s friendly, out going and all around a nice person. Ruka is independent, loyal and very smart. She loves causing small amounts of chaos and discord wherever she may pass through. She doesn't like the feeling of being betrayed by anyone. Ruka can't stand being by herself. (She feels abandoned most of the time) She really hates being pushed aside or just being pushed away.

Character History~

Ruka has been on her own since she was a year old. She grew up with parents who loved her and raised her. Unfortunately, she never really had a place called home because her father never wanted to stay in one place.

When Ruka was four months old, her father took her to the woods to teach her how to hunt. She mainly observed her father, during her training, but soon did it on her own. She started out on small rodents such as, mice and squirrels then moved up to bigger animals such as, rabbits and deer by the time she was six months old. As far as Ruka can remember, she always went hunting with her father.

Both her parents loved her dearly and were so lucky to have had her. Not long after Ruka was eight months, her mother and father decided to have a place called home. The three of them went to the closest city, which was Syliras, and found a cheap apartment. Now that they lived in society, Ruka's mother insisted that she should be a well-mannered young lady, while her father looked for a stable job. She showed her daughter how to cook for herself and the family. Then her mother started taking her to the city to have human contact and socialize. The three of them them lived this way for some time.

When Ruka was about a year old, that's when her life started to take a toll. Her mother got very sick and her father had passed away from old age. All Ruka did was took care of her mother the best she could. A week later, he mother died. Ruka then took her mother's body to the mountains and buried her next to her father.

When Ruka hit the one year mark, everything was different. She packed her belongings and left her once happy home. Empty and alone, she traveled lightly looking for a quiet place of solitude. Once again, always moving with no place to call home. Ruka left the city and only in return to stock up on supplies. The young Kelvic is now a lone wolf.


Fluent Language: Common, (canine)


•Lore of Syliran Culture
•Lore of Local Poisonous Flora - Syliras
*Lore of Syliras Knights: No Problems So Far
*Lore of Street Merchants: Making a Living


Skill Experience Status
Hunting 10 RB + 1 SB novice
Wilderness Survival (Forest) 8 SP novice
Stealth 10 SP novice
Tracking 10 SP novice
Endurance 11 SP novice
Running 10 SP novice
Observation 1 XP novice
Socialization 1 XP novice
Logic 1 XP novice

Equipment & Possessions~

1 person Tent, Blanket, Bedroll, Lamp, Insect Repellent, and an empty Backpack.

1 Short bow with Broad Arrows (20), Fishing Arrows (20) and Quiver.
1 Hunters Toolkit:
* Hunting knife, 10ft. Rope, Vials, Camouflage tarp, and a preserving kit.

1 Basic starter package:
1 Set of Clothing
◾ 1 black shirt 1 pair pants, 1 pair of boots, undergarments, and a white coat.
◾ 1 Backpack which contains: ◾ 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
◾Food for a week
◾1 eating knife
◾Flint & Steel

Family Heirloom: A small chain necklace with a blue rhinestone.




Source Debit Credit Total
Starting 100 GM 0 100GM
Cash In 500 GM 0 600 GM
Hunters Toolkit 600 GM 25 GM 575 GM
Short Bow 575 GM 30 GM 545 GM
Broad Arrows (20) 545 GM 15 GM 530 GM
Fishing Arrows (20) 530 GM 4 GM 526 GM
Tent, 1 per. 526 GM 2 GM 524 GM
Backpack Empty 524 GM 2GM 522 GM
Insect Repellent 522 GM 1 GM 521 GM
Blanket 521 GM 5 SM 520 GM, 5 SM
Bedroll 520 GM, 5 SM 1 SM 520 GM, 4 SM
Common Lamp 520 GM, 4 SM 1 SM 520 GM, 3 SM
Winter 516 520 GM, 3SM 45GM 475 GM, 3 SM
Spring 517 475 GM, 3 SM 0 475 GM, 3 SM


516 AV
Date Title Status Graded
4th Day of Winter Loving One's Trade Abandoned Yes
86th Day of Winter Fresh Air Is Always Good In Progress No
517 AV
Date Title Status Graded
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