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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Syka Calendar Of Events Spring 517 A.V.

Postby Gossamer on March 6th, 2017, 2:30 am

✨Spring 517 Calendar✨



Spring in Syka is really no different than any other season other than the fact that storms roll in from the Suvan more often. Year round, Syka enjoys mostly the same temperature from the high 70's to the low 90's. The mild weather turns slightly warmer and everything begins to flower that wasn't already in flower throughout the jungle. Insect activity is on the rise. The sea seems busy with its interaction with the land in the forms of turtles coming ashore to mate and lay eggs as well as crabs and other creatures the settlement doesn't seem to see that often.

The Veronica will find herself making three trips this season. Her turn around is about twenty days so if individuals have orders for needed items they can make them at the mercantile (use a singular post) and collect them on the dates The Veronica returns. On her first turn around, the Veronica brings the completed saw mill and all its parts the founders had ordered from the mainland. All the citizens of Syka must do is set it up and find someone to run it. A supervisor from the company that made the saw mill will also be along to help to set up the final equipment and do a test run of the facility after its built. This man or woman should arrive on the fourth Veronica turn around.

As the ship comes and goes, new visitors will join Syka and some of the original settlers will have vanished or perished. Such is life. Enjoy it in paradise where things can be beautiful and deadly all at once. Mathias brings in a healer, and the bar The Tidepool sees an extensive expansion.

The new healer, an Akalak, immediately begins to put together a medical clinic since that was what Mathias talked him into doing. He recruits the denizens to help him with the building and when he finds out the saw mill Jansen and his brother will assist with that project as well.

Syka is growing, slowly but surely, and as people come in the city gets stronger and more and more of its mysteries slowly are uncovered.

✨Important Dates✨

  • 1st - Spring begins with a small party on the beach. The Founders provides drinks but the food is potluck.
  • 2nd - The Veronica leaves for her first trip east.
  • 5th - A chest washes ashore secured with multiple locks.
  • 6th - Several monkeys becomes violent and attack the city. They appear to be diseased to the point that part of their bodies are rotten.
  • 11th - The river floods after a particularly heavy two days of rain. Interesting things wash down the river revealing more of the cities secrets.
  • 15th - A quake opens up a fissure and a small stream of lava flows to the sea. Reimancers speculate all the recent flooding and rain might have precipitated this event.
  • 18th - A series of thefts occurs from the Mercantile. That which is stolen is a doll, a toy ball, and a carved driftwood statue of a horse the size of one's hand.
  • 20th - The Veronica returns bringing Jansen and new supplies with her.
  • 24th - The sawmill opens. Syka has its first cut lumber for sale via the mill.
  • 30th - The Veronica sets sail again for Riverfall.
  • 35th - A new housing option opens up giving four over the water traveler's ranchos for rent.
  • 37th - A completely empty ship lays anchor off shore of the city. No one seems to be on it and it has no sign of crew. It is an unusual design... something like a Palvinar in size though the design is different.
  • 41st - The Founders hold a firedancing festival on the beach to raise spirits. Firedancing is taught by a guest who came in on the last Veronica run.
  • 42nd - Everyone wakes up with no memory of their past. This event lasts for 24 bells...
  • 45th - Whales purposely swim up onto the sand at Treasure Beach at low tide. They seem to be in distress.
  • 49th - The Veronica returns and a party on the beach is held.
  • 54th - Syka's first healing center - The Panacea - opens.
  • 55th - Jansen holds a part on the beach to celebrate the Panacea opening.
  • 59th - A small herd of five wild elephants roams through the settlement. Damage is caused. They seem to be effected by the same thing the monkeys were effected by. Young injured baby elephants are left behind. They seem unaffected but confused and scared.
  • 60th - Veronica sets sale again for Riverfall.
  • 63rd - A mysterious mirror is brought into the city and set up in The Syka Commons. It was found utterly intact on Treasure Beach. Everyone who looks in it sees a glimpse of their future.
  • 68th - The Tarpits open a new smaller pool that bubbles hot. Gasses around this pit, when the wind isn't blowing, is so thick it occasionally causes wildlife and the curious to loose consciousness.
  • 72nd - The mysterious mist that was enshrouding Solitude Island finally peels back. The island appears to have grown far larger than it was before.
  • 74th - Jansen holds a Hangliding class. He demonstrates how to make a hanglider and teaches the principles of hangliding to anyone who wants to learn. It turns out the stairstep falls is a great place to launch over the harbor.
  • 76th - The Mercantile holds a trade goods bazaar where they invite citizens to come and trade their wares, services, and browse for new goods and supplies.
  • 80th - The Veronica returns bringing a host of surprises.
  • 84th - A funnel cloud over the water is seen. It draws up water much like a land tornado.
  • 85th - A giant Talderian sized turtle is spotted in the bay. It looks nothing like anything anyone has ever seen in the Suvan.
  • 90th - A flock of unusual seabirds invade the Syka Settlement. It turns out the settlement is on their nesting grounds. The birds nest everywhere.
  • 91st - Spring draws to a close and Summer is upon us.

✨New NPC(s)✨

Jansen Alavarth
Name: Jansen and Kalum Alavarth
Race: Akalak
DoB: 386 AV (130)
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Healer
Skills: Medicine 76, Art 68, Lakan 60, Wilderness Survival 55, Hangliding 53, Herbalism 50, Philtering 48, Sewing 35, Animal Husbandry 28, Singing 25, etc
Gnosis: 2 Marks Rak'keli

Jansen and Kalum were recruited to Syka by Mathias to act as a healer for the time being. They needed a vacation and a way out of their life from Riverfall after their Nakivak had committed suicide just before the birth of their child. Tragedy has tended to follow both men, and they are hoping to 'start over' in Syka or at least have a long extended vacation there away from their duties and family in Riverfall. Jansen and Kalum have extensive experience in medicine working at the healing center in Riverfall.

Rainmere Shantu
Name: Rainmere Shantu
Race: Mixed Race
DoB: 499 AV (18)
PoB: At Sea in the Suvan.
Title: Firedancer Seamstress
Skills: Sailing 82, Firedancing 75, Dancing 71, Sewing 65, Drawing 45, Carpentry 35, Wilderness Survival 30, Endurance 22, Body Building 20
Gnosis: 2 Marks Akvin, 1 Mark Ivak

Rainmere was born among the Svefra but didn't stay there long. Born with an Ivak mark and soon garnering the attention of Akvin in her early youth, the girl began to wander the world learning new cultures. Rainmere is fearless, bold, and loves to dance. Since she dances, Rainmere has also learned to work on her own costumes. Thus she's turned out to be a decent seamstress as well. Rainmere will teach folks willingly and often dances just for the joy. Since coming to Syka, Rainmere is usually found at any beachside event Syka holds soliciting tips and dancing her heart out. Often she gets others to join in. Secretly she wants to start a Triad in Syka if she can get other Ivak followers to join her.

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