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Claire attempts to escape. Too bad it never works the way she wants.

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These Clouds In My Head

Postby Claire Lexi'lya on April 16th, 2017, 4:22 am


The wound was not serious, but the Kelvic already knew that much. Using her right hand she cupped the back of his hand in her palm as she used her left to spread his fingers outward. The tiniest cuts always seemed to bleed the most—and that was true for emotions as well.

Her hands felt shaky and she inwardly cursed her own inability to properly focus. Even just touching his hand caused the drive for more contact. Claire wasn't even sure if it was guilt or desire that created the instability of her normally steady hands. As the familiar warm light filled her palm briefly to heal the cut, the girl could not find a shred of comfort in the action. His eyes were on her and the silence couldn't last forever.

Just as she proceeded to pull her hands from his did the questions finally come. Her fingers froze in mid air, hovering like a cradle over his newly healed hand before they dropped like stones to her side. Desire once again faded to an after thought as guilt rose in her throat, closing it off and making it difficult to draw breath.

Had he done something wrong?

Her brow furrowed slightly as she truly examined the question. Since meeting him he had treated her in an array of emotions. Each more irritating than the last before settling on the one thing the two of them could agree on. Ridiculous amounts of physical attraction. The raptor brought out his pheromones, and the Eypharian had no issue of robbing her of thought. But no… she supposed in the long run he had not really caused this particular hurt this time.

“No. It's not something you did.” The Kelvic dared to glance upwards to the handsome face, wincing slightly at the rather blank page of his expression. Her withdrawal had seemed to cause him to pull out of his attraction towards her as well. Or at least that was how it appeared to her. Nerves settled in her stomach as she tried to fish the words out, but still nothing of actual importance came. Nothing that would give the brute details about the very thing pulling him towards her.

“I can't trust you.” It was the truth, though even to her ears it sounded harsh and unnecessary. Claire bit down on her lips in an attempt find some semblance of balance, but instead she found only more guilt. Sighing she held up her hands as if she were giving in, unsure if she should remain so close to the man after her mouth ran off with her.

“It's not just you I can't trust. I don't know how… to trust anyone.” It felt like a huge secret—one that should have never seen the light of day. As much as she claimed not to trust the man, he was the first person she had admitted it to. As if he was supposed to offer her words of comfort, or even perhaps reasons why she could.

The Kelvic did not know much about the Eypharian, but that scenario most certainly did not sound like him.

“It's my fault you feel this way. The pull to me it's… my fault.” Claire felt the words choke her. There was so much more to tell him, so many details and reasons. But instead of laying it out for the brute, tears sprung to her eyes. She wanted one day—just one—to replay this encounter in her head before she spilled everything to him. Rejection was something she had told herself she could handle… that she wasn't her mother. And she was right.

She was weaker than her.

Her mother had at least been bonded when she lost her bondmate. Claire hadn't even reached that point, and she was already terrified of losing someone who quite literally drove her nuts.

It was more than she could handle. The dress around her felt like it might suffocate her and her fingers raised to the ties of her dress, violently ripping at them until she could free herself from the offending garment.

The Kelvic wanted to utter an apology, but her mouth failed to make a sound. Instead there was the briefest flashes of light and the girl was gone. The bird that replaced her sat awkward for a moment, almost as if trying to decide if flying would be wise—but she had already come this far. If she stayed there was no telling what would happen.

Just one day…

The eagle pushed her wings under her, letting her talons gather the dress together at least well enough to fly, before pumping them hard to give herself altitude. It would take only moments to be well out of his reach, and chimes to make it home. She could scream, cry, or relive this day as much as she wanted in solitude. So that eventually she could come to terms with her own inability to trust even what her subconscious wanted for her. She really was a coward.

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These Clouds In My Head

Postby Grim Ravenwood on July 1st, 2017, 9:46 pm

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