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Postby Makah'a on April 15th, 2017, 4:05 am

Hi there!

Name's Africa! I feel so bad that this is the first time I am officially introducing myself even though I have been lingering around since February ^^; Of course if it makes things easier, you can call me Mak after my PC :3

I have a lot of interests, mostly movies and video games and Netflix. If any of you also have Xbox One I am more than happy to share my gamertag with you. :) I also play Runescape, in case anyone else did too hehe.

Other things to know about me, I'm 20 living in Orlando, FL (though originally from Boston). Currently working on a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, so I really love talking about politics and current events (I know its a taboo in most places, but I am totally comfortable talking about it if anyone wants to!). I also started rping when I was 10 back in Neopets, and is actually kind of why I found this place cause their boards are empty and super censored so I started looking outside and found this place!
I also love philosophy, learning different religions, cultures and things like astrology and alchemy. Anything that gets my brain wracking about morality and different perspectives of life really interest me- it helps me a lot with developing and molding my PC's :3 That's really where I get my inspiration from. For example Makah'a is based on the principles of both Taoism and Confucianism, a weird balance yet contradiction of both, and his name is actually a native Hawaiian name (since I created him as a slice of life rp charrie who is of Hawaiian and Japanese heritage before I sort of altered him to fit this world :D)

Oh and for anyone else out there, I am half Mexican and Algerian, so like, we could bond over family culture and stuff, again just trying to be inclusive ^^; Also forgive me, I still can't seem to find a proper avatar for Makah'a which I am still on a long search for :( If you guy's have any sources that would be lovely!

I think that about sums me up. Again thanks for having me and I'm super excited to rp! :D

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