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Postby Makah'a on March 2nd, 2017, 3:07 am

When you sleep in a house your thoughts are as high as the ceiling, when you sleep outside they are as high as the stars.
-bedouin proverb

M A K A H ' A
The crow wanted to mimic the pigeon’s walk and forgot his own.
-Algerian proverb

b a s i c s

name & aliases:
Mixed Blood (Chaktawe + Benshira)
date of birth:
6th Winter, 489 AV
place of birth:

As a Mixed Blood within the Kalanue tribe, Makah’a was always considered an outsider. Born to a Chaktawe father and Benshira mother, Makah’a took on his mother’s bright blue eyes, a rare occurrence for half breed Chaktawe people. Because of this, his eyes were too weak to see during the scorching hours of the day, leaving him unable to hunt and do much else. To remedy this, his mother gave him a thin cloth to tie around his eyes, enough for him to see general shapes, but still virtually blinding him. As a child he was teased a lot, even by some older tribesmen and women for being blind, but also because he was not a full blooded Chaktawe. Nonetheless, Makah’a built his resilience to criticism at such a young age, and with the help of his father, he learned to function quickly without using his eyes. Everything from fighting, to maneuvering, to searching for water, to even crafting; his father taught him.

In the evenings, when Makah’a could uncover his eyes; were the only hours he could see the world. Dark, cold and desolate, with stars glistening in the sky. His father often told him that his blue eyes were a gift from Eywaat, the god of resource, and Makah’a never understood why that is. But as time passed, and his father gradually taught him the skills to hunt and search for water, Makah’a became capable of hunting and searching in the dark. Once he was able to do that, he quickly gained respect from his tribe.

When time came for “The Searching” Makah’a left his tribe into the vast desert on his own in search for his guardian. Days of praying, meditation and wandering led him to receive nothing from the gods just yet, but he was determined. As a week had passed, and he managed to survive quite well on his own; he was intercepted by a group of slave catchers. Makaha’s violent and stubborn attitude aided him to fight them off for a bit, but they outnumbered him, and he was shortly after taken away into the large city of Annahtep as a slave. In one of the most sacred stages in the Chaktawe life -to gain a guardian- Makah’a was robbed, and it had left a deep scar in his mind and heart. To never achieve his search made him feel he was no longer Chaktawe, and it hurt him more than anything.

Minajim became his new identity- etched into the skin of his forearm would be the mark that remained his for the rest of his lifetime. For years he labored as a slave, and because of his determination to survive, and his resilience- the work he had done was satisfactory to his owners. He was fed a bit more, and with time, from his constant taxing work, grew to be an asset. But it did not last long, and after he accompanied his owner per their request on a trading journey north, he escaped. With the skills he learned in his youth he managed to survive, and still roams to this day, seven years later.
Makah’a wanders now in search for his home, and maybe to finally gain the guardian he never had.


517 AV
Spring 517 AV

Summer 517 AV
8th- Arrival at Endrykas
Contents of second tab

The land where the stones know you is worth more than the land where the people know you.
- Bedouin proverb***
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Postby Makah'a on April 17th, 2017, 4:17 am

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c o n c e p t

Makah’a’s name translates to “ferocious” or “savage”. His father saw from his early years how stubborn Makah’a could be, and despite his handicap; would endure the hardship if it meant survival. Because of this, his father gave him that name.

Despite that and how Makah’a appears to others- intimidating to say the least- he is not as cruel and violent as others name him to be. He is an intuitive and just person, and understands emotions despite not being able to express them himself with the exception of occasional smiles and laughter. His methods of achieving justice often form diplomatically in his mind, but when put to the task of choosing a lesser of two evils, Makah’a will respond to his convictions, even if it meant the execution of another.

His traveling has led him to discover a variety of cultures. One could say he could be both a warrior and a diplomat- educated in different philosophies and languages of the places he traveled through, but strong and courageous enough to head into battle. He is creative, and willing to find the best solution to any problem even through unorthodox means.

Makah’a does not speak much about himself, but rather listens to others. It is also hard for him to trust people, which is a result of his adolescent years. But all around he is a very gentle and caring person. Makah’a is capable of loosening up, and if he sees a friendly face he will welcome them without hesitations. He shows genuine care and interest for the ones he loves, and it can easily be seen by his expressive eyes; even though it’s hard for him to verbally express his love for his friends and family.

Regarding his faith, Makah'a believes that gods exist. His reasoning was simple, why send children to their death in search of their guardian, a gift from the spirits above; if they did not exist? Despite that fact, Makah'a is still familiar with the god Eywaat, largely because of his father attributing Makah'a's lack of blackness in his eyes to Eywaat's doings. That said, Makah'a never sought to worship Eywaat as the end all be all. He understood things practically, and believed that gods, for better or for worse, should not meddle with mortals. Guardians were the only exceptions, partly because that is what the Chaktawe people believe, but even then, Guardians did not dictate or ask for worship, only to guide in times of need. With his mother being Benshira, he was vaguely familiar of Yahal, a man with wings and not much else. His mother did not stress her beliefs because it would create conflict to the culture Makah'a was surrounded by- the Chaktawe culture.

As he grew older and saw more of the world, his thoughts seem to gradually solidify; gods do not belong on this world. He would hear stories of their interference leading to destruction, and he could not understand why people would tolerate it. Despite his disdain for gods, he does find the idea of others' forms of worship rather insightful in how to lead one's life. From meditation, to ceremonies, all of that interested him, but more for self cultivation that to appease a higher being. But with all of that in mind, Makah'a has still yet to find a reason to believe in gods coexisting with mortals.


Makah’a dresses with minimal clothing and without much discretion for weather unless the conditions are extreme. Typically, he wears brown leather trousers and a white linen shirt. Around his neck is a red headscarf wrapped loosely. In extreme cold temperatures he will cover his shoulders with a thick animal fur.

His black, wavy hair falls to just past his shoulders with a few strands braided with black beads representing his family bloodline. Makah’a has dark, arched brows, accompanied by expressive, roundish, almond eyes that are a light blue. His nose is broad with a straight bridge, and just below are soft plump lips. His cheekbones are high and rounded, accentuating his defined jawline.

He stands at a tall six feet and five inches with broad and muscular shoulders that are used to working with heavy objects and fighting. In fact Makah’a has relatively defined muscles along his upper torso and his core. His skin is sun kissed and a muted bronze with a reddish undertone. However he is riddled with scars across his back and along his arms. In sunnier regions or on significantly hotter days he paints the more exposed areas with black paint that he makes himself, a skill his father taught him. These areas include across his eyes, his shoulders and forearms. though on occasion he will wear the headscarf to cover his head from the sun.

Along his right forearm is a tattoo with the word Minajim, a result from his slavery days in Ahnnatep. Makah'a, despite not inheriting the solid black eyes for seeing in the desert sun, still inherited the black freckles along his finger tips; a useful trait in sensing movement, especially for finding water.

His legs are also muscular from constant travel and climbing. Generally he does not take on wearing sandals or shoes because of his thick soles, but in cities, and in freezing regions he will wear boots he fashioned himself with leather, string and occasionally lined with fur

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Postby Makah'a on April 17th, 2017, 4:22 am



Languages: Fluent:Tawna Basic:Common Poor:Shiber

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wilderness Survival: Plains +10 RB 10 Novice
Hunting 5 SP 5 Novice
Riding 5 SP 5 Novice
Weapon Skills: Longsword 9 SP 9 Novice
Unarmed Combat 5 SP 5 Novice
Blacksmithing 26 SP 26 Competent


Lore of Blacksmithing: Welding Technique
Lore of Survival: How to Start a Fire

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Postby Makah'a on April 17th, 2017, 4:27 am


l e d g e r

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Inn for 2 weeks small, decent (RF) -2 GM 8 SM 97 GM 2 SM
Meals, poor 2 weeks (RF) -2 GM 8 SM 94 GM 4 SM
Daily Care for Taini (RF) -7 GM 87 GM 4 SM

p o s s e s s i o n s


1 Set of Clothing
White linen Shirt
Brown Pants
Simple Undergarments
Black Cloak
Brown Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack:
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas


During Makah’a’s “Searching”, he tucked one of his mother’s headscarves away on his person. Though he was not suppose to, he felt that her strength was his guidance, and could be carried on through the scarf she used to protect her head. The connection he had with his mother was an unspoken bond. She was an outsider like him, and unlike his siblings, and the rest of the Chaktawe, she was the only other with blue eyes.
As it turned out, it was the only thing he had left of his family as he was taken away. Throughout his years in slavery he kept it hidden, thinking his master would have stolen it from him for themselves. Now that he has escaped and is free, he wears it loosely around his neck or covering his head on long sunnier journeys.
It’s a light cloth, he’s not sure of what, but it’s bright red, fringed with white and black embroidery and tassels at the hems.


Gilding - Female - Taini


Large tarp
100 ft rope
Flint & steel
2 torches
Fishing tackle & hooks,

Full set of tack
Large set of saddlebags

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