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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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Trigol's Tools & Trade

Postby Prophet on April 16th, 2017, 9:50 pm

Trigol's Tools & Trade


Just your everyday storefront in the Merchant’s Ring –aside from the burned our brick face and strangely re-enforced metal front door. The gadget and tool shop also sells random quantities and selections of trade goods. The owner is a stout Isurian who doesn’t care for people unless they understand the mechanical side of life. Gearheads are kin to one another but everyone else is an alien…or a zith.

Trigol Rhyshammer is the owner and a man not to be trifled with over price or work. He will happily service any need that a customer brings to him but his definition of happy is far and away different from what anyone else expects. Quiet, sullen and often-times rude, the man with silver veins and a red arm tends to look down on anyone who can’t understand complex mathematics, engineering or design –even at his rather impressive height of 5’6”.

A more in depth look into Trigol’s inventory reveals a corner of the store set aside for trade goods. He orders items as he sees fit for his various mechanical experiments and whatever surplus is left gets sold. This could be anything from lumber or metal to coffee or nuts. It’s really hard to say what one may find in the wholesale section so be sure to check back often. The rest of the main floor showcases locks, clocks, traps and other devices which maintain simple systems of gadgetry. Trigol can come up with a design for anything but the trick is trusting him enough to try it. His shop doesn’t sport a burned up entrance because the Isur preferred the appearance of charred brick. In the back is a workshop and upstairs are a set of living quarters and additional storage.

***This is a self-modded location but you must PM an ST for current inventory or job requests***

ImageName: Trigol Pholadros Sultros
Alias: Trigol Rhyshammer
Race: Isur
DOB: Autumn 54, 377
POB: Sultros
Skills: Gadgeteering: 68, Drawing: 72, Engineering: 49, Negotiation: 36, Intimidation: 61, Bodybuilding: 44, Mathematics: 54
Indentifiers: Short, super stocky, tattooed (tats on red arm are drawn), big beard
Description: A disgraced man, Trigol failed his clan many years ago when he wasted a ton of resources in a set of experiments that failed. The truth was simply that he lacked the skill to achieve his goals. The Sultros Clan is revered for its leadership and sound judgment. Even though many wished for their kooky cousin to stay, it was his own doing and Trigol accepted his fate. He used his craft to perform simple work which helped him out of the mountain kingdom. Once on the surface, the Isur used the same trade to work his way across Mizahar until he settled in a laketown called Ravok. Other Isurs had started businesses and made a decent living so he had a notion to do the same. He is rarely pleasant to folk unless they can speak nerd. Trigol seeks to improve himself constantly and will not tolerate people who don’t follow the same path. Gadgets, schematics, and math make sense to him but emotions and people don’t. Regardless of how one views him, the man has a passion for what he does and never stops trying new things. He is an inventor at heart and will never stop trying to come up with a better way to –everything.

One must show an aptitude for the engineering side of life. Skills similar to Trigol's are required (though not at the same proficiency) as is a single thread that shows the PC interacting on an intellectual level with the Isur. PM an ST for details.
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