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Silisea Nerine

Postby Silisea Nerine on April 18th, 2017, 5:21 am

Silisea Nerine


Race: Symenestra
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: 34th of Fall, 496.
Birthplace: Kalinor
>Always be truthful
>Always be confident
>Never disrespect
>Listen and be understanding
>Stand up for what you believe in no matter the risks

Appearance: Silisea has deep raven black mid length hair that drops just to the tops her shoulders. Most of the time, if she does not have her cloak on, she will tie her hair up with a beautiful white silk ribbon her mother had given her. She makes sure that when she ties it, the red blood stain shows. Her arms are elongated just like a normal symenstra along with long black naturally glossy sharp nails that are about 1 1/8 inch in length. Silisea's eyes are amethyst colored with her pale dead like skin dressing her muscles and bones. Due to her race, she has a very thin body where bones are quite visible. She is of fair height (5,7) and light weight (101 lbs). Her lips are plump and even though she has a small frame, it seems to look pretty healthy as a whole. Her face is quite pretty and stands out as what is considered cute. She is not the most prettiest girl in the world but pretty enough to stand out in a crowd.

Personality:Her personality consists of stubbornness, courage, and determination. Silisea won't let up until what ever she is trying to do or find is accomplished. She is a girl full of willpower but slightly quiet when it comes to socializing. Due to her lack of friends, she developed a sort of mix between introvert and extrovert. It all really depends on her mood. If she is in a fair to extremely happy state, she is extroverted. If she is confused or frustrated or just wants to be in her own world, she is introverted. Most of the time, though, she has an introvert I've based personality. Silisea also loves to be in front of an audience but just hates crowds. She is quite the understanding Symenstra and has a fairly comtroled temper. However, she can be too pushy at times because of her drive to do things right.

Character Concept

Silisea's motives consists of all but one rule. Nothing is without reason as is nothing is without truth, find the reason and you will find truth in action. Everything she does lives by this rule and drives her in everything she does. More often then not, she repeats this under her breath or in her head. She was infused with this rule by her mother who always spoke this saying when Silisea needed guidance. Her mother is considered a Traitor to Esterian kind but a sort of recovered "normal" Symenestra. Since her mother conceived Silisea through the harvest but still hated the idea of it, she was considered a traitor but none the less still kept her morals. Her mother could never say no to the harvest because of the love for her father and timid nature, she chose her fate. Her father was all for the harvest and even said to her mother that if she were to ever reject the harvest, he would reject her as a wife and love would be considered nothing. So, instead, her mother went with the harvesting and gave into her father's black mail. Her mother promised to herself to bring her child up in ways of bravery and good moral standards. Once Silisea was 21, she told her to leave Kalinor and explore to find the true importance in life and how blood connects to all. She also gave Silisea the blood stain white ribbon from a person from the harvest but won't tell her from who it was. Even so, Silisea already knew the answer. Silisea did what she told and left without another word.

Character History

History always starts with a beginning. That being said, her beginnning began with one particular woman known as Nassari Bloom. Nassari was a very skilled aerial dancer. Every one of her dances uttered delicate tales of stories she had interpretated through her dance performances. As a little girl, she was always mesmerized with how other Sibeas danced and aspired to be like them. Oh, how their elegant poses entangled her in their webs of beauty and finesse.

Nassari knew she just had to be one of them! Little did she know, though, her fate was decided.

An older woman made the choice to teach this 10 year old Symenestra, not only dance, but the truth of harvest and gleanings. The woman was a follower of the Esterian Symenstras; though they are few, they taught the girl of what the Esterians believed in and why it was so crucial to shun the harvest and gleanings. Even though she knew and understood why it was evil, all she really wanted was to learn dance, so, she made a promise that she could never keep in the future. That was...

to give birth only naturally.

The women then told Nassari her name was Silisae Dew and was her teacher from that day on. A decade passed and Nassari learned the skills of acrobatics taken in the form of aerial dancing. She had danced along side the Esterian and found extreme happiness at her young age of 18. However, when the time came to defend their beliefs, she just could never bring herself to say anything. No matter how hard she tried she just could not be bold. It wasn't in her nature. Silisae scolded her for her cowardness and whenever she would, Nassari would climb. She would escape to her little sanctuary in a large concave she found close to her home but far enough where nobody would look in the wall of the cave. Yet, when she went in, she found a boy there that looked about her age. He seemed intelligent but gentle. Instead of interrogating him as to how he found the place, she talked with him. He didn't seem up for the conversation but the handsome boy was forced to, since, he sort of did what was called "breaking an entering" in Nassari's terms. They both conversed for hours and did this for countless days. Soon, it turned into weeks, then into months. As it soon turned out...

they fell for each other.

Yet, the two had very different beliefs. She was Esterian and he was Symenestra. A choice was demanded. One way or another, she talked to him about children and their future and he told her that there is no way he was going to lose her to natural birth; that the pain would kill him. So she either had to lose his love or give into the harvest. She chose love. The result of this, of course, was neither beneficial or of great loss. Nassari gained his hand in marriage but once she spoke of this news to Silisae, she slapped her and revoked her screaming traitor! This hurt her deeply but made her realize that she lost her beliefs because she couldn't defend them.

The result was a beautiful baby girl born from the harvest. During the time of the harvest, she took care of the slave who gave life to Silisea but was saddened for her fate. Yet, the kind hearted woman understood and gave her a white silk ribbon at the time of her death. It was stained with a blood spot but that just made the ribbon of greater importance. As soon as Nassari was allowed to name her child, she named her with the thought of her Esterian teacher in mind. This girl was to be name Silisea Narine. Most importantly, this child was born from her mistake but was the one who would atone for it. Nassari would teach her the Esterian ways but allow choice.

As far Silisea, every child has their own view of their mother. Whether they may be a good or pitiful caretaker depends on their upbringing and just how that mother treated them. This view of their mother tends to waver as they grow older, but, almost every child starts off with a unshakable love for their mother.


For Silisea, it was her mother's morals and her love for dancing that developed her love for her mother. Most of her time was spent watching Nassari from the tops of the cavern watching her mother perform exquisite aerial poses that shifted elegantly to a beat that only her mother knew. Being a small child, she was inspired to be exactly like her mother and trained as much as she could to be just like her. Since her body was so delicate and even more fragile because she was a Symenestra, Nassari would scorn her and say "Do not do such doltish practices! If you do, you will continue to hurt yourself again and again then eventually kill yourself...instead...let me teach you the ways of an aerial dancer and save your life and blood in the name of Viratas." Just like so, her mother taught her all she knew and she developed a skill for performance and dance. Not only that, but, a love for her mothers morals and religion

By the time she was 8, her mother and father instructed her to read the book. No matter how much trouble she had understanding the god's, Viratas, writings, she relentlessly kept it up eventually memorizing some verses that really stood out to her like gold in an old abandoned looted mine. Silisea feared that if she were to disappoint her mother and father, it would be one heck of a lecture. In a matter of time, she learned what they had meant and stuck to that religion like sap. Every moral or virtue she has is somehow related to the teachings of Viratassa.

Despite being a mommy's girl, she had a strong attachment to her father. It just wasn't very prominent until her adolescent years. Around the age of 13, she spoke with her father about the harvesting and gleanings. Not much was said about them, but, she knew he never found the slightest wrong in them. Most of the time, her dad took her out to hunt and about survival. He taught her the basics to hunting and the do's and don't's of the job, passing on his experience of the necessity of the skill. She tied it in with acrobatics, knowing that your reaction and timing can be of great importance.

By the age of 20, she matured into a fine young Symenestra. Her attitude was strong and her decisions were never regretted. Her beliefs, however, were mixed. Confused, she yearned for the meaning of division and wrong in the world. Driven by the saying "Nothing is without reason as is nothing is without truth, find the reason and you will find truth in action", she longed for chance to stop meaningless death and to maybe find purpose for whatever her beliefs might be. When her Nassari learned of her daughter's confusion, she pushed her to leave her homeland and explore to find an answer. Nassari gave her the white ribbon she had received from her harvest and told her the story. Understanding, without another word, Silisea left promising a safe return with answers.

A year later, she roamed around a little bit outside of Kalinor leading her to the city of Alvadas. There, she found herself staying there as a visitor planning her next move. While in debating to move into the city, she happened to have been given a horse who seemed fairly sized while traveling to the entrance. Thinking it was a sort of trick, being that the city was to be the city of allusions, she was wary and left the horse. Yet, it followed her. Silisea tried everything in her power to get rid of the horse but it just would not go away! The horse was also bothersome, since, it ate her serving of food for the day whenever she was about to eat it. It was a trick but she kept the horse and gave it the name Sei Sei. What was even more strange was the fact that the horse gave her housing as well...finding an old beaten tent. Who ever gave her the horse was quite the confusing tamer. Sei Sei followed her everywhere; whether it be the stores or the wineshops she was always by her side. The thing is, when Silisea entered into a shop or a store of some sort, the horse waited for her outside but on occasions went in if the horse was curious enough. If she was in the shop for a long while, it would even bring her useless, cursed, or close to broken things. One time, she tried to tie the horse up and left. When she came back, the horse had brought a dusty lantern that could never be cleaned. They have a fairly bittersweet comic relationship that happens to be the only relationship she has got for now.


Fluent Language: Symenos
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Climbing 100--SP 100 Master
Dancing 15--SP 15 Novice
Acrobatics 15--RB, 20--SP 35 Competent
Hunting 10--SP 10 Novice
Survival 5--SP 5 Novice
Horse riding 5--SP 5 Novice


Lore of Symenestra Culture
Lore of Religion: Viratas


1 Set of Clothing
-Silken Shirt
-Silken Pants
-Silken Undergarments
-Silken Cloak or Coat
-Simple Sandals
1 Waterskin
1 Silken Knapsack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Fruit Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: White blood stained ribbon given to her mother made out of fine silk. It is stained with the blood from her harvest and kept as a reminder of the meaning of the Esterians. Yet, because of the big blood stain, it is now more of a keepsake and contains no value.


Location: Alvadas

House:She lives in a movable old beaten tent outside the city but very close to it. It has a bedroll and dusty lantern that always seems to be dusty.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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Character sheet

Silisea Nerine

Postby Languish on June 4th, 2017, 7:10 pm

Uh oh! Something's not right.

Hello! I'm Languish, DS of Sahova, and I've come to help you sort out your character sheet. Below are a list of things that must be changed in order to receive approval.

- Since Fall 517 has not begun, your character would be 20, not 21.

- Your history is slightly confusing. Saying "She was Esterian and he was Symenestra" makes it sound like Esterian is a race, but races cannot be created by players. It is also confusing that the majority of your character's history is not about her, but her mother.

- Your skills add up to 70. In the starting package up get 50 points, and an additional 10 (not 15) in Acrobatics because of your race.

- "Survival" is too broad of a skill. If it is Wilderness Survival, please pick a biome of specialty, such as mountains, subterranian, etc.

- The starting package comes with cloth or linen clothes. Silk is very expensive, and has a x25 modifier, meaning to get silk clothes you would need to pay the original price times 25. This can be found on the Price List.

- You have not paid for the lantern, and it does not come in the Starting Package. If you intend to keep it, you must pay for it. Additionally, if it or your horse are magical, you must clear it with your local ST.

- Are you sure you don't want a poor language? Languages are difficult to learn once you've started.

Once these things are fixed, please PM me and I will check your CS over one last time before approving it. Thank you.
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