Not for the Faint of Heart (Merevaika)

Claire finds herself tending to a woman brought into Riverfall

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Not for the Faint of Heart (Merevaika)

Postby Claire Lexi'lya on April 27th, 2017, 12:45 am

12th Bell | 40th of Spring

She was being followed. At least Claire was fairly certain of it. It was an old feeling really, something she swore she had felt for as long as she could remember. It had been there in Alvadas, and until recently, the feeling had faded. Claire had assumed it had to do with her move—but in the last few days, the feeling had returned. In fact, it was stronger than before. No matter how many times she looked over her shoulder, there was never anyone there. It was mildly maddening.

There was a sanctuary to be found however in the form of the medical center. If there was any better distraction she had yet to find it. Medicine brought clarity to her life, and the moment the shadow of the large building fell over her, the Kelvic felt the usual relief flood through her. It was a home away from home—not that the little room she was staying in currently felt like 'home' to begin with.

Today would likely be a quiet day. The Kelvic had been informed the day before that she was to watch over some of the women in the Nakivak program and learn how to track the progress of the crucial pregnancies. It reminded her a little too much of the story a certain six armed brute told her some time ago, but she was looking forward to spending the day learning more about the women who chose this lifestyle. Clarissa had gathered many of the training healers together in order to go through the Nakivak floor.

"It takes a full year for the women here to fully come to term with their pregnancies. You will notice none of these women at the moment are human. They carry a high risk of many complications—sometimes even death." Claire cocked her head to the side as her sharp eyes wandered over the women in various stages of childbearing. "Kelvics and Konti women are best suited for childbirth." There was the feeling of eyes on her back, and the raptor didn't have to look to know several of the Akalak males training with her had their eyes on her. Claire had not bothered to try and keep her race a secret...

"Clarissa we need help!" It was a welcome distraction despite the harried sound of the nurse's voice. The woman sidestepped many of the students in order to whisper something into Clarissa's ear. After several ticks, Clarissa fixed a glance to the Kelvic before motioning her forward. Without needing another nudge, she stepped up as requested.

"Follow her. Many of the other healers are occupied at the moment, and they have need of your mark. And your other skills as well." The woman pushed the Kelvic on the back lightly, before motioning to the rest of the students to follow her. The nurse barely spared the girl a glance before she headed off out the door to the hallway.

Claire followed after as the two of them made their way down from the second floor back to the first. Doors seemed to fly by and the Kelvic felt a little lost. The medical center was not a difficult place to traverse, but she never was much good at directions. The poor girl barely had time to come to a halt as the woman stopped in front of her suddenly, turning towards a room with the door firmly closed. Claire could make out sounds coming out from behind it, but she couldn't make out anything distinctive.

"The woman behind this door has a mass of injuries, several of them not capable of being healed by your gnosis at this time. But do what you can. There is a head healer you can ask assistance for as well."

The woman pushed the door open and Claire took a moment—a breath—to steel her nerves before following the woman in as well.

Word Count :

I'll let you kind of set up the scene a bit and Claire will be more than happy to help. Otherwise this post was going to get very long lol

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Not for the Faint of Heart (Merevaika)

Postby Merevaika on May 31st, 2017, 1:24 pm

There were arms around her. Big ones, strong ones, a warmth rushing through them. A distant yelling that echoed through her ears, more noises she could barely recognise. The woman tried to reach out, gasping for breath as if she was under all of Laviku's seas. Then her mind went still, her body stiff, and she let herself be taken.


The Akalak stumbled into the medical centre, Drykas woman strung across his arms and carried as easily as he'd carry a weapon, with the same care he'd give one too. There was blood, clotted all over his clothing, but it was blood that didn't bother him, staining the blood stains already on his boots. His eyes were wide and panicking, searching for a friendly face within the people that were there. "She needs help, and quick," the words flew out of his mouth, landing with intent, "Is there a room free?"

Then nurses were upon them, ushering the man into a small room near the end, medical supplies flying left and right in some attempt to get something done. In the chaos, she was settled onto the bed, the Akalak left to give the healers space, bandages and dressings were placed on tables near her. Some left to get healers, others left to get things to work with. There was blood on the bed now, across the pristine white sheets, blood and mud. Her hair matted across her face, hiding the gash across her head, above the ear. The place stunk of sweat, infiltrating every corner and overpowering the sweet sterilised scent easily.


Suddenly, she was awake, shooting upright in a... Her eyes flashed around quickly, trying to see past the blurriness. Shapes moved around her, indistinct blues and blacks and reds that blurred to form one, monsters that just wanted to hurt her. The woman gave a scream, raising her hand up to shield herself. Where was she? What had happened? All she could taste was blood, the metallic taste of blood; all she could remember was that taste and the thundering of hooves. All she could feel was pain, stinging, slicing, throbbing pain.

Noises escaped her mouth, the intensity of the hurting bursting through. Why did her back feel like it was on fire? The woman could remember the clawing, clawing of rocks against skin, and the fire that burnt there now. Her shoulder throbbed... why couldn't she move her arm? And there was blood every where, just blood.

The pain was forced out again, in sobbing screeches. What were they doing? Why weren't they helping?


"-She had a concussion, but she's back now. Blow to the head caused it - that needs immediate treating. And her back is all torn up. Dislocated shoulder, and there's probably more, we haven't had chance to have a full examination yet." There was a pause, uncertain. "Anything you need?" Rak'keli help this woman in time.
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