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Postby Merevaika on November 8th, 2014, 10:50 pm

Human, drykas
34 Spring 495
Wilderness guide
Pavi, fluent
Common, basic

"There is no trail that they follow,
No path that can be seen,
There they travel, horse and rider,
Upon the endless blowing green. "


Merevaika has been through so much. Her body has been battered and bruised many times; her mind left scarred by events she's been through. She is still the same woman, but isn't all the same. All those years have only made her rougher, not smoother, wilderness ingrained in her from the time she is free in it.

The wild makes her beautiful. Her arms and legs are well defined, muscular but still slender. On her worse days, the muscles give way to skinniness, unavoidable in the environment she lives in. But the woman needs strength to survive, toned from riding and archery that is essential. Pride runs deep in the Drykas, Merevaika holding her head high and standing tall, taller than most. She moves with the fluidity of wild animal, but a careful could notice the limps and the strained arm movements caused by recent injury.

Her hair once bore the weight of the past, but everything is gone now. Cut with deliberate meaning, not for appearance, it is scraggly, windswept, unbrushed. A few waves remain of the long locks, now falling to her shoulders. It is almost always left loose to fly in the wind - to see it tied back suggests that something unusual is at play. Behind the hair are angry features, tightened from a softer past. Her chin is well defined, her cheekbones clear and her cheeks hollower. Scars lightly trace her skin, scrapes too, showing that not everything is perfect.

The most stunning and memorable features are her eyes. Piercing green, they are always watching. Some have said they stare into their soul, others say they seem to see everything. The colour is strong, rippled with all the shades of grass and her home. She seems to never blink, except when she does, never closing her eyes to miss something. Yet the green eyes are nothing compared to the contrast of red sunbursts, glowing red as blood. They spiral out from her irises, unmissable. If one were to ask, however, she would simply stare them down until they decided to forget the question, or learn the hard way.

Her clothes are dark and practical, made for hunting, riding and staying unseen. Dresses are unusual to find in her wardrobe, as are clothes made from fine materials or finely embroidered. During the winter and colder days, she nearly always wears a cloak to cover herself, but in the summer season she is more likely to be found in leather leggings and a sleeveless shirt, showing off her windmarks. Image Tattooed upon her left shoulder is the image of a horse, Eryunt, and her dog, Denviel. This was done on her bonding to Eryunt, her strider. It no longer holds the same pride for her as she is now on the outside, but reminds her of her heritage and her home. To her, it is now less of a mark of the culture but of the strider.

Another marking on her skin is the tattoo hidden from sight, golden antlers on her thigh. They enable the transformation from human to elk. In that form, she looks like an ordinary elk - a copper brown colour with darker fur on her neck. She is slightly larger than the average elk. Her eyes, now more brown, still have the strange red sunbursts. On her thigh, the antlers remained, only faded, a more tarnished gold that is only noticed in sunlight.

Before 89th Winter 515 :
Merevaika is a tall and proud Drykas, always holding her head high with good posture and grace. Her limbs are quite muscular, toned from riding and archery, but still retain a slender feel, her height complementing them. Tanned from long days outdoors, she holds a wild look and her fluid movements add to this, moving as if she was part of nature.

Her hair falls in long brown waves, never cut. It is littered with little braids and silken ribbon, ending in charms and beads. Some might say she had too many wraps for her age, but she has witnessed too much death in her years. There is a bright red bead for her mother, her brother's first tooth carved into a teardrop and the feather from her father's hunting eagle, the three that she misses the most.

Merevaika's eyes are a piercing green, staring out from a soft round face. Some call them curious, but more say that they give her an essence of slyness. She holds an almost wise look, mixed with the wildness. The combination of grace, softness and wild are all clear.


Merevaika feels wild and free, letting her feelings and spur of the moment ideas rule her life. Although often compared as reckless, Merevaika has found herself maturing, the hardships and carefreeness starting to work out badly. She understands the concept of family, realising its worth, but the Drykas still prefers doing her own thing, not wanting responsibility of others. She lives her life without depending on anyone but herself and her animals, but every now and then Merevaika wishes she did have someone to rely on. She has no respect for law and order, so several methods she uses to acquire things aren't too legal, sometimes resulting in bad consequences. Still, this hasn't deterred her.

Merevaika has spent several years living alone, with only the most necessary human contact in order to survive. She is awkward in social situations, seeing them as pointless unless she gets something out, and so Merevaika spends her cunning on thinking up ways to exploit acquaintances. Despite this, Merevaika has recently grown out of her shell, realising the benefit of a friend she doesn't exploit the minute she meets.


Merevaika was the first child of her father's second wife, and one of the oldest. She was often remarked as being the most similar to her father, and he often spoiled her, trying to teach her the way to survive.

The pavillion was doing well, the Ankal having two wives and many children. However, one winter a terrible flu got the pavillion, and there were no skilled enough healers. Help was sent out, but the messengers killed by glassbeaks. Only four remained: Merevaika, her older half sister, her father's first wife and her infant son. The latter two returned to the wife's previous pavillion, but her half sister stayed with Merevaika until she met a man to marry.

Merevaika decided that she would stay in Endrykas, and live her life alone, something she always wanted to do. She then settled into her place as a traveller and thief. At times, she longs for the familiarity of family, but then she remembers how free it is without them. She travels with the city, and occasionally with other traders or travellers, who want her help crossing the Sea of Grass. She can list an ally and an enemy in anywhere in Cyphrus, with a history of pickpocketing and of helping those in need.


Date Description Current status
66th Bruises and aches Will be sore until 70th
67th Broken nose Set, healing
67th Stab wound across midsection Tended to and stitched; riding before 77th will result in stitches undoing, riding before 87th will lead to muscle pain over winter.
67th Bruises and aches Treated, will go completely by the 82nd
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Postby Merevaika on December 22nd, 2014, 10:36 pm


Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Observation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 4EP 2EP 3EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 4EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 3EP 4EP 4EP 4EP 2EP 5EP 2EP 5EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 1EP 3EP 100/100 MAX
Socialisation 1EP2EP2EP 4EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 5EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 4EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 2EP 5EP 5EP 5EP 3EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 5EP 5EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 100/100 MAX

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Riding, Horse 10RB 16SP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 3EP 3EP 4EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 68/100 Expert
Weapon: Short Bow 7 SP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 3EP1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 5EP 2EP 4EP3EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 4EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 51/100 Expert

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Animal Husbandry 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 4EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 47/100 Competent
Endurance 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 3EP 5EP 2EP 3EP 5EP 1EP 38/100 Competent
Horsemanship 6 SP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 27/100 Competent
Hunting 7 SP 1EP 1EP2EP 4EP 2EP2EP 2EP 3EP 4EP 3EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 37/100 Competent
Logic 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 29/100 Competent
Planning 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 5EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 33/100 Competent
Rhetoric 2EP 1EP 5EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 4EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 34/100 Competent
Tracking 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 27/100 Competent
Wilderness Survival: Plains, Underground 7 SP 1EP2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP3EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 31/100 Competent

Skill Experience Total Proficiency
Acrobatics 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 11/100 Novice
Acting 1EP 2EP 4EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 11/100 Novice
Bodybuilding 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 12/100 Novice
Botany 3EP 3/100 Novice
Brawling 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 10/100 Novice
Carving 1EP 1/100 Novice
Climbing 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 7/100 Novice
Cleaning 2EP 2/100 Novice
Construction 5EP 5/100 Novice
Cooking 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 10/100 Novice
Deduction 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 5/100 Novice
Detection 1EP 1EP 2/100 Novice
Disguise 1EP 1/100 Novice
Drawing 1EP 1EP 2/100 Novice
Ecology 1EP 1/100 Novice
Fishing 2EP 2EP 4/100 Novice
Foraging 2EP 3EP 1EP 6/100 Novice
Grooming 3EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 8/100 Novice
Herbalism 1EP 1EP 2EP 4/100 Novice
Hostessing 1EP 1/100 Novice
Intelligence 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 6/100 Novice
Interrogation 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 5/100 Novice
Intimidation 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 19/100 Novice
Investigation 3EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 22/100 Novice
Knot Tying 1EP 1/100 Novice
Land Navigation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 2EP 21/100 Novice
Larceny 7 SP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 16/100 Novice
Leadership 1EP 1EP 1EP 4EP 2EP 9/100 Novice
Mathematics 1EP 1/100 Novice
Medicine 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 11/100 Novice
Negotiation 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 15/100 Novice
Meditation 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 5/100 Novice
Organization 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 11/100 Novice
Pathfinding 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 16/100 Novice
Persuasion 3EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 13/100 Novice
Philosophy 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 8/100 Novice
Philtering 1EP 1/100 Novice
Running 1EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 15/100 Novice
Scavenging 1EP 1EP 2/100 Novice
Singing 1EP1EP 2/100 Novice
Stealth 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 19/100 Novice
Storytelling 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 7/100 Novice
Subterfuge 1EP 1EP 3EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 17/100 Novice
Swimming 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 5/100 Novice
Tactics 1EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 2EP 1EP 2EP 2EP 19/100 Novice
Teaching 1EP 1EP 3EP 1EP 1EP 7/100 Novice
Trapping 3EP 1EP 1EP 5/100 Novice
Unarmed Combat 1EP 2EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 7/100 Novice
Weapon: Knife 1EP 1EP 1EP 2EP 1EP 6/100 Novice
Weapon: Machete 2EP 2/100 Novice
Weapon: Scimitar 4EP 2EP 6/100 Novice
Weapon: Spear 1EP 1/100 Novice
Webbing 3EP 1EP 4/100 Novice
Wrestling 1EP 1EP 1EP 3/100 Novice


    Total: A lot
    so it isn't too much :
    515 Great Race: wild, underhanded and vicious
    A Dark Mystery: The bones at Stardown Crater
    Abandoned wagons are ripe for scavenging
    Acrobatics: The Art of Avoidance
    Acrobatics: Balancing on a Narrow Ledge
    Acrobatics: Dodging a kicking horse
    Acrobatics: Rolling out of the way
    Acrobatics: Work On Dismounts
    Acrobatics: Forward roll
    Acting like a horse
    Acting: all about delivery
    Acting: With the whole of the body
    Acting frightened
    Akaidras: Shahar's Strider
    Alar'ck: Wildmane Ankal
    Alcor: Alvina, Son of Caiyha
    Always judge a man by how he treats his animals
    Amunet: Knows how to read
    Animal Husbandry: Training Denviel to lead the hunt
    Animal Husbandry: Teaching a hunting dog to follow the mark
    Animal Husbandry: Teaching a dog to find exits in tunnels
    Animal Husbandry: Toilet training a puppy
    Animal Husbandry: Maintaining Your Hunting Mount
    Animal Husbandry: Baby Steps
    Animal Husbandry: The "N" Word
    Animal Husbandry: Hand Signs
    Animal Husbandry: Get Them Back BEFORE They Eat The Prey
    Animal Husbandry: Knowing when not to challenge a dog for his catch
    Animal Husbandry: Being firm with Beast
    Animal Husbandry: Cooling a horse
    A picnic with Rufio
    Archery: Proper Stance and Grip
    Archery: Instinctive Shooting
    Archery: Taking The Breeze Into Account
    Archery: Shooting a target in mid-flight
    Archery: Shooting from horseback
    Archery: An arm guard saves the fingers
    Archery: Stringing a shortbow
    Archery: Anchoring an arrow
    Archery: Adjusting aim into the wind
    Archery: Avoid tension, relax, flow
    Archery: Rapid firing arrows in succession
    Archery: Anticipating target trajectory
    Archery: Signs a bow is old & needs replaced
    Archery: Aiming to kill versus aiming to maim
    Aris: Clever Watchman
    Ashka: Has Sister
    Attempting a handstand
    Avanthal: Far away plains of snow
    Ayetah: closemouthed Benshira, lately from Ahnatep
    Ayetah: marked by Yahal
    Ayetah: a friend
    Azmere: The man who kicked Mika
    Azmere's beautiful eyes
    Azmere's scars
    Azmere: Part of the Watch
    Azmere Stormblood: Diamond clan
    Azmere: lost his strider for the Lighthooves Pavilion
    Azmere: Clever, tactical & a good hunter
    Azmere: Begs Merevaika to name him worthy
    Benshira: tent-dwellers and nomads
    Best to choose a horse by instinct
    Botany: Rabbitbrush
    Botany: Buffalo Grass
    Botany: Rhizome
    Botany: Wolfberry
    Brawling: Lashing out from the ground
    Brawling: Throw dust & stones into an opponent’s face
    Butchering: Plucking fowl
    Butchering: Hacking off the head
    Caesi: Faints with fright
    Calming A Horse
    Caiyha: The First Witch
    Chaya: Asha’s sister, good at fishing
    Climbing: be careful of loose rocks
    Climbing: Carefully Test Footholds/Handholds
    Construction: using what's available
    Cooking: roasting meat strips on sticks
    Cooking: Preparing food
    Cooking: For The Dogs, And For You
    Cover magic with another skill
    Culture: Laying the dead to rest
    Culture: Marriage is to be celebrated in Endrykas
    Cyphrus fauna: glassbeaks and their dangers
    Cyphrus location: Stardown Crater
    Deathspark: Steady as a rock
    Denviel: warns of danger, tells of friends
    Denviel: Lost and found
    Dira: Goddess of Death
    Don't judge a man by his appearance
    Door in the Tree: A Path to Memories
    Dravite: The cruel one
    Dreams: Partially Can Be True.
    Drykas: everyone pulls their weight in times of need
    Drykas: Once lived underground
    Drykas Law: Fuzzy on Mentions of Webbing
    Drykas: Almost All Know Sign
    Drykas: Do not trust outsiders
    Dual-wield: Clumsy unless competent with blades first
    Ecology: migrating animals move towards warmer weather
    Emerald Clan
    Endrykas: The Heart Fire
    Endrykas: has irrationally fearful
    Endrykas: Home, Forever
    Endrykas: The War Storm Pavilion
    Endrykas: Rumors are very informative
    Endurance: Focusing in choas
    Eryunt: A special bond
    Eryunt: A reliable mount
    Eryunt: An impatient mount
    Eryunt: Is not a mare
    Eryunt: Saved me from drowning
    Eryunt: a born racehorse
    Ethaefal: Two forms
    Evain: Black eyed slave
    Event: Fall Auction 515 AV
    Event: Caiyha's Tears
    Event: The flooding of the Bluevien
    Event: The Gilded Antlers
    Experience is the best teacher
    Failure to read Eryunt distress, don’t do it again
    Fathers Name
    Felling bamboo: cut around the joints
    Finding What Won't Rot
    First Aid: Cleaning A Snakebite
    Fog Hallucination: Admiration, fame & devotion from all
    Food after Starvation triggers Vomiting
    Foraging: checking for discoloration and strange
    Foraging: white puffballs and purple elderberries
    Foraging: Edible Green Fruit
    Gavaken: Would be a good match for Merevaika
    Glassbeak: Attracted to the scent of blood
    Glassbeak puppet prank goes awry!
    Godwin: Hated by his wife
    Going for the same target
    Green Horse: untrained horse
    Grey belongs to Azmere now
    Grey: well trained to listen
    Grooming: Picking out a horses hoof
    Grooming: Brushing dirt from a horses coat
    Grooming: Washing a horse
    Hansel: Ugly, scarred, crazy walahk
    Hansel: Pridesun Pavilion
    Healed by Amunet
    Helpless bird in the rain, Lucky catch
    Herbalism: stinging nettles and dock leaves
    Herbalism: darin weed to cure scorpion stings
    Herbalism: Vyfox is an antiseptic & coagulant
    Herbalism: Treat open wounds with vyfox water
    Herbalism: Apply Krolar paste to open wounds
    History of Alcor and Son
    Horse Breed: Nightwalker
    Horse Breed: Coloursplash
    Horsemanship: fruit to coax a horse
    Horsemanship: the risks of damaging a horse's
    Horsemanship: giving a rubdown after a long ride
    Horsemanship: Teaching a horse to trust
    Horses follow strong leaders
    Horsemanship: Teaching a filly to lift her feet
    Horsemanship: earning trust with food and care
    Horsemanship: introducing oneself slowly to a strange horse
    Horsemanship: Walking a horse to cool off
    Horsemanship: Snakes spook horses
    Horsemanship: Treating a horse’s wounds
    Horsemanship: Keeping a horse cool in hot weather
    Horsemanship: Keeping control of a spooked horse
    How to effectively fell bamboo
    Hunter: Akalak Who Follows His Name
    Hunting: Staying Downwind
    Hunting: Tiring Your Prey Out
    Hunting: How To PROPERLY Skin A Deer
    Hunting: Oryx
    Hunting: For man-eating wolves
    Hunting: Using logic to hunt
    Hunting: You want the wind in your face
    Hunting: Wild pigs
    Hunting: Masking One's Scent
    Hunting: Pheasant Eggs
    Hunting: cooperating to herd prey
    Hunting: dispatching prey with a chest strike
    Hunting: using size and movement to spook deer
    Hunting: Small prey that flock to maximize the day’s catch
    Hunting: When to let prey go
    Ida Swiftmind: Godwin's wife
    Intelligence: Questioning the populace at large
    Intelligence: Knowing your target
    Intelligence: Putting the pieces together to understand
    Intelligence: Distinguishing hypnotism in one’s thoughts
    Interrogation: Trading information for information
    Intimidation: Using a weapon
    Intimidation: With a glare
    Intimidation: Showing open contempt
    Intimidation: Displaying weapons prominently
    Intimidation: Getting into their space
    Intimidation: Threats as encouragement
    Investigating a kill-site
    Investigation: Seeking Zita who lost a husband
    Investigation: Adopting a child in Endrykas
    It hurts to see the paths
    Ixzo: A warrior
    Jasmine: Full of uncertainty
    Jasmine: Weak, less-skilled & naïve
    Jasmine: Suffered an abusive father
    Jasmine: Respectful of the dead
    Jungle creatures: silver cats
    Juniper Swiftmind: A man in need of a guide
    Juniper's Story
    Juniper: An honest old man
    Juniper: Home safe
    Kam Bluetide: The Fool
    Kam Bluetide: The Traitor
    Kei: Eagle Kelvic
    Kei: Very Observant
    Kei: Temporary Tentmate
    Kelvic: They Take Many Forms
    Khida: Kelvic
    Khida: A sense of knowledge & experience
    Kira Whitehorse: The Healer
    Knife: Advantageous at close range
    Knife: Landing a blow to the gut with the butt of the handle
    Knife: Slitting a foe's throat
    Kyo: The freckled faced Kelvic
    Kyo: Thinks Merevaika is crazy
    Kyo: Scared of horses
    Kyo: A different kind of Kelvic
    Larceny: Plain items are less likely to be missed
    Larceny: appropriating items left unattended
    Larceny: stealing from one's own family
    Larceny: tempting fate by showing off loot
    Larceny: Slicing coin purses amid a crowd
    Larcenry: Stealing food
    Land Navigation: the directions of the sun
    Land Navigation: relative reckoning by landmarks
    Land Navigation: Map reading basics
    Land Navigation: always make land marks
    Land Navigation: Keeping to a river’s course
    Land Navigation: retracing your path
    Leadership: Going without food so that weaker members can eat
    Leadership: never show doubt
    Lian the Interrogator
    Living as an Elk
    Location: Lari River
    Location: Sanctuary Houses Drykas Guides
    Location: Stair Step Falls
    Location: The Panacea
    Logic: People steal to survive
    Logic: A Kelvic hunting animals is wrong
    Logic: Trust your gut
    Logic: Keep moving in dangerous places
    Logic: Safety In Numbers
    Logic: Challenging irrational fears with rational thought
    Logic: Weighing up potential explanations
    Logic: Recognising a contradictory arguement
    Look for the North Star at night
    Looting the Dead Pirates
    Lore of Sea of Grass Geography
    Lore of the Importance of the Strider
    Lore of how to build a coop
    Machete: hitting hard means losing accurancy
    Making yourself small to seem less intimidating
    Meda: Enjoys carrots
    Medicine: Checking old wounds
    Medicine: Resetting a nose
    Medicine: How to keep a wound clean
    Medicine: Tending to a dog's wounded paw
    Medicine: How to wrap a deep cut
    Medicine: Extracting an arrow from a wound
    Medicine: Keeping a Wound Elevated
    Medicine: The Ol' "Shirtsleeve Tourniquet"
    Meditation: the steadiness of even breathing
    Meditation: Counting breaths
    Meditation: Breathing with the wind
    Memories Stored In the Antlers
    Merevaika: Lost in the snow
    Merevaika: A father never forgotten
    Merevaika: A heartfelt goodbye
    Merevaika: Caiyha's domain is to be respected
    Merevaika: Praying to Caiyha
    Merevaika: An offering for the goddess
    Merevaika: Dogs, like humans, should not eat old meat
    Merevaika: Doesn't want a husband
    Merevaika: Looking into a foal's eyes
    Merevaika: The playfulness of a young strider
    Merevaika: A bond with Eryunt
    Merevaika: Stubborn by nature
    Merevaika: stubborn as a mule
    Merevaika: Naked and afraid in the Sea of Grass
    Merevaika: Four legs feel different than two
    Merevaika: One of Caiyha's children
    Merevaika: Hunted
    Merevaika: Blessed by the son of Caiyha
    Merevaika: The difference between an experienced hunter and a novice
    Merevaika: The importance of guarding a web mage's back
    Merevaika: Using a weapon will get a person's attention every time
    Merevaika: Victory is sweet
    Merevaika: Will work for the right price
    Merevaika: Would do anything for her Strider
    Merevaika: Planning murder
    Merevaika: Doesn't care for the law
    Merevaika: Caught in the act of stealing
    Merevaika: Longs to be a part of a family
    Merevaika: Belongs to the Roughblade but not
    Merevaika: Has a soft spot
    Merevaika: Needs her alone time
    Merevaika: Doesn’t give up on a con
    Merevaika: Not a patient teacher
    Merevaika: Noesn't trust anyone
    Merevaika: Excited after a successful hunt
    Merevaika: Con artist
    Merevaika: Kinslayer
    Merevaika: cunning actress
    Merevaika: Feels safer with a weapon
    Merevaika: Patient in her plotting
    Merevaika: Untrusting Thief
    Merevaika was not herself without Eryunt
    Merevaika: protective of family
    Merevaika: never backs down
    Merevaika: An Elk
    Merevaika & Jasmine: Competitive companions
    Merevaika: Pathfinding makes her feel empowered
    Merevaika: Dreads the day she may lose Eryunt
    Merevaika: Will work through the night to heal Zinnia
    Merevaika: Staying down isn’t a choice
    Merevaika: Hungry for the fight
    Merevaika: Neither has nor wants family
    Merevaika: Desires fame & devotion far greater than riches
    Merevaika: Scrappy fighter
    Merevaika: Freer of Slaves
    Merevaika: Doesn’t want to play with smaller children
    Merevaika: Longs to stay in the Web
    Merevaika: No respect for walahks
    Merevaika: Not into wasting time
    Merevaika & Konrad: A fierce, matched fight
    Minimalism lends one to being organized
    Mounted Combat: Using a weapon while riding
    Mystical Item: The Scentless Cloak
    Naiya: A truly protective & caring friend
    Naiya: Perfect drykas wife
    Navigating via the sun
    Navigation: Using Syna’s position
    Negotiation: seizing a desired offer
    Negotiation: Taking a lower price for a quicker sale
    Never leave without your strider
    Night Lions: Nocturnal hunters
    Night Lions leave large paw prints
    Not every day can be a victory
    Nudity captivates men
    Observation: Denviel alerting to a sound
    Observation: The look of a dying man
    Observation: The look of a distressed horse
    Observation: A wild herd of horses
    Observation: Sight, scent, and sound
    Observation: judging wealth in tents and animals
    Only humans understand revenge
    Overgiving: Consequences of overusing djed
    Past attack on Endrykas by Foreigners
    Pathfinding: Initiation by Animal
    Pathfinding: trails visible in darkness
    Pathfinding: Lack of focus causes trails to flicker
    Pathfinding: Seeing in the dark
    Pathfinding: Choosing a trail to follow takes more than magic
    Peppermint and Ginger to Settle a Stomach
    Persuasion: Alluding to a lesser offer to push a good deal
    Persuasion: Convince a doubter & others will follow
    Persuasion: Softer tones for softer folk
    Persuasion: Telling another what they wish to hear
    Pheasant Hunt: Requires Speed and Accuracy
    Philosophy: You Can't Save Everyone
    Philosophy: Medical ethics – will treatment pain be worth it
    Planning: anticipating one's own need for supplies
    Planning: Always looking for a way out
    Prayer to KelWyn of Lost Causes
    Problem solving: if it's too heavy to lift, roll it
    Putting an animal out of its misery
    Race rules: simple in theory, dangerous in practice
    Raen Wildmane: Rufio's grandmother
    Rain isn’t the best time to hunt
    Returning home
    Rhetoric: Attracting a crowd’s attention
    Rhetoric: Trash-talk
    Riding: the use of saddle and stirrups
    Riding bareback
    Riding a horse without tack
    Riding in a snow storm
    Riding, Horse: Taking a fall
    Riding: The difficulties of aiming a bow while riding
    Riding: pacing and guiding a running herd
    Riding: pursuing and blocking evasive actions at speed
    Riding: Regaining control of a spooked horse
    Riverfall: A Gilded, Horse-Hating Cage
    Riverfall Location: The Blood Well
    Riverfall Beach: Respite from the Heat
    Riverfall , Summer 515AV: Strange Events Afoot
    Riverfall: City of Stone, Not Canvas
    Rivers are a hubbub of the life upon which it survives
    Rozacapotl: Colorful cloud of death
    Rufio: A welcomed sight
    Rufio: A childhood friend
    Rufio: An honest woman
    Rufio: humorous
    Rumours spread like wildfire in Endrykas
    Sara: eager but ignorant
    Scavenging: Materials to make a puppet
    Scimitar: Striking wide to open up space
    Scimitar: Be wary of leaving your torso open
    Scimitar: A heavy blade in unskilled hands
    Seeking Answers from The City
    Seirei: Captive
    Seirei: Hopeless with horses
    Seirei: A carver
    Seirei: Know's Merevaika's true nature
    Shahar: Hunts with a javelin
    Shahar: A handsome Drykas man
    Shahar: A noisy hunter
    Shahar: A proud hunter
    Shahar: A Taciturn Partner
    Shahar: A Man Who Knows What To Do
    Shahar Dawnwhisper: a welcome friend
    Shahar Dawnwhisper: lucky buyer of trained horses
    Shahar Dawnwhisper: seemingly linked to his wolf-dog
    Shahar Dawnwhisper: knows Webbing
    Shield your weaknesses
    Shortbow: Made by her father
    Shortbow: A good stance is important
    Shortbow: a close-range shot from horseback
    Signs of an angry horse, ears back
    Silent Mockery
    Skinning: The basics
    Sloane: Attacked by Zith on the way to Riverfall
    Sloane: Slave of the Drykas
    Socialisation: The importance of staying in contact over time
    Socialization: Giving Advice Without Being Pushy
    Socialization: Revealing too much too soon
    Socialization: Bandying insults to deflate a boastful bully
    Socialization: Acknowledging one’s peers
    Sparrow: Watchman
    Stealth: crawling to pass unseen
    Stealth: Clothing can hide you at night
    Stealth: Stalking a target from a distance
    Stealth: the importance of watching one's step
    Stealth: Step lightly, one foot at a time
    Stealth: Made harder by lightning
    Stealth: Quieting weapons
    Stealth: Hold your breath
    Stealth: using trees as cover
    Steering intimidates horses
    Stormchaser: a secret name
    Stormchaser: a pavilion lost to the Drykas
    Strongnight: a small Diamond pavilion (NPC)
    Storytelling: Telling Jasmine of her family, and loss
    Storytelling: More Memories Than One Can Share
    Strider: The strength of a bond
    Striders: Loyal Beyond Reason
    Subterfuge: Just one among a crowd
    Subterfuge: Making promises you don’t intend to keep
    Subterfuge: Let The Akalak Do The Work
    Subterfuge: being just one of the crowd
    Subterfuge: Feign ignorance to avoid suspicion
    Subterfuge: Concealing nefarious deeds under the cover of night
    Subterfuge: Stalling for time
    Subterfuge: Pretending to taste your wares to entice buyers
    Subterfuge: Waiting for the timing to be just right
    Survival: building a fire with flint and steel
    Survival: shielding oneself from a cold wind
    Swimming: Use your whole body
    Swimming: How Not To Drown
    Tachi: As wild as they come
    Taking My Brother's Name as My Own (For now)
    Tactics: shooting to scare
    Tactics and logic go hand in hand
    Tactics: defensive uses of thorned brush
    Tactics: sometimes the best action is to take none
    Tactics: Someone has to stand guard
    Tactics: hide your trail among others
    Tactics: Using the resources you have
    Tactics: Counter-accusation
    Tactics: Switch attacks mid-strike
    Tactics: Look over an opponent’s shoulder to make them look
    Taurina: Changed by Syna and Leth
    Taurina: Worships Leth
    Taverns: It Gets Loud
    Teaching: Start with the basics
    Teaching: Requires a willing pupil
    That Odd Feeling
    The appearance of darin weed
    The flu brings death on the plain
    The loss of a family member
    The Sea of Grass: The smell of home
    The basics of butchering an animal
    The pain of a broken nose
    The difference between good and bad leadership
    The rider must set the pace when training
    The Stained Pelt: A Family Tradition
    The Akalak: Nameless But Skilled
    The Great Race of 515
    The Great Race: think fast, act fast, move fast
    The Great Race: full of dirty tricks
    The only rule of battle: Survive
    The thrill of the fight
    The Memories of Venthris
    The stillness before a battle
    The Mysterious Fog
    Tiberius Proudsun: Trampled to death by The Watch
    Time underground is different
    To'res: Found Dead
    To'res: Thinks Merevaika is a hypocrite
    To'res: Horses are dangerous
    To'res: A man with so many questions
    To'res: quick to give up an argument
    Tracking: deer sign
    Tracking: Following animal droppings
    Tracking: Water sources attract animals
    Tracking: Signs of Grassland Rabbits
    Tracking a wounded animal with a hunting dog
    Tracking: Following a blood trail
    Tracking: The shape and size of Elk prints
    Tracking: Following a trail in the snow
    Tracking: The pros of using a hunting dog
    Tracking: The size and gait of Glassbeak tracks
    Tracking: Using dogs to track a man's scent
    Tracking: Thinking like the person you're trying to find
    Tracking: Glassbeak prints
    Tracking: observing a blood trail from horseback
    Tracking: signs of a large grazing herd
    Tracking: Confirming Pathfinding trails with physical tracks
    Tracking: Follow a trail of blood
    Tracking: Identifying a grass-bear carcass
    Tracking: The closer you look, the more you’ll learn
    Transporting bamboo
    Trapping: Digging a hole, simple and effective
    Trapping: Rope snares can be chewed through
    Trapping: Playing The Numbers
    Trying to not fall asleep
    Unarmed Combat: Finding a weak spot
    Unarmed Combat: Kick out a foot to trip up a foe
    Unbound Striders are difficult to train
    Uncle Orion: Found Dead
    Understanding Elk Sounds and Actions
    Using elk form to crush attacker
    Using a rock and machete to slice bamboo
    Vaikar is dead
    Vani: The language of Avanthal
    Vera Thrushfire: An intimidating woman
    Vera: Good at tracking people down
    Wanah'ite: A suicide mission
    Webbing: Sacred magic protected from outsiders
    Webbing: Sacred & secret magic of the drykas
    Webbing: Always have a lookout to keep your body safe
    Webbing: Entering the web
    Webbing: The web is dangerously hypnotic
    Webbing: Travelling at the speed of thought
    Webbing: The Origin Knot
    Webbing: Creating new lines of web
    Webbing: Finding the web is not so easy for Merevaika
    What Can Change You, Can Turn You Back
    Wilderness Survival: Protecting your hands from heat with moss
    Wilderness Survival: Building a fire in swamplands
    Wilderness Survival: Stay Dry to Stay Warm
    Wilderness Survival: Making A Cooking Fire
    Wilderness Survival: Worry About You, Because No-One Else Will
    Wilderness Survival: Watching The Weather
    Wilderness Survival: Pheasant Roosts
    Wilderness Survival: Building a small dam with rocks & scrub
    WS: Snakes Look Like Vines & Vice Versa
    Winning doesn’t matter when you can steal the prize later
    Winter 515: The death of a young Drykas boy
    Yahal: god of purity and faith, god of the Benshira
    Ywana: Can't be tamed
    Ywana: keeps her promises if you keep yours
    Ywana: A fierce woman to argue with
    Zinnia: Wounded strider mare who lost her bonded Drykas rider
    Zoot: Pycon

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Postby Merevaika on September 3rd, 2015, 10:02 am


    -Cotton undergarments
    -Cloak (dyed amethyst, medium wool, fur-lined, embroidered)
    -Black linen trousers
    -White cotton shirt
    -Mossy green shirt
    -Riding Boots
    -Leather belt
    Copper necklace with polished 2 carat amethyst pendant

Housing and Living
    -Two adolescent wolf pelts
    -Leather Map of Wanah'ite (worth 5gm)
    -Two waterskins with red water, which had the property of turning the drinker the opposite gender
    -One person tent
    -100ft rope
    -Flint and Steel
    -Lantern, hooded
    -2 torches
    -Winter blanket
    -1 backpack

    5oz Bar Soap
    Animal grooming kit

    -Leather dagger scabbard
    -Quiver with 12 arrows

    -Eryunt, bonded Strider
    -1 Yvas

    -Beast, Bozderon Shadow Dog, Pathfinding

    -1 large set of Yvas bags
    -Denviel, Luvanor Grassland Hunter (Heirloom)
    -Mika, Luvanor Grassland Hunter
    -Freya, Luvanor Grassland Hunter
    [de]-Grey, Luvanor Grassland Hunter[/del]
    -3 leashes
    -Animal's grooming kit
    -Strider mare
    -Colour Splash filly
    -17 arrows
    -1 large tent (4 person)
    -1 large tarp
    -100 ft of rope
    -1 lantern
    -2 torches
    -1 bedroll
    -1 blanket
    -3 waterskins
    -Water additive
    -Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
    -1 eating knife
    - Bowl, 5" / 8 oz
    -Gallon cooking pot
    -Flint and Steel
    -Animal snare, small
    -1 set of fishing tackle and hooks
    -5 Candles
    -Thread, spool
    -Sewing needle
    -Hatchetadolescent wolf carcasses
    -Basket, Horse-chesnut, Medium, common
    1 x mangled rabbit [food]
    25 x pounds Oryx Meat [food]
    Young female pig hide
    -Thick cloak
    -Simple green Shirt
    -Simple brown Pants
    -Comb (Bone)
    -Brush (Bone)
    -Coarse wool dress
    -Leather armour
    -Leather boots
    -Two adolescent wolf carcasses


Item Link Price Balance Season
Starting Pack * +100GM 100GM Fall 514
Shortbow * -30GM 70GM Fall 514
20 arrows * -1GM 69GM Fall 514
Sewing needle * -5SM 68GM 5SM Fall 514
Thread * -5CM 68GM 4SM 5CM Fall 514
5 candles * -5CM 68GM 4SM Fall 514
Snare * -5GM 63GM 4SM Fall 514
Poor living expenses Fa 514 * -45GM 18GM 4SM Fall 514
Apple * -1GM 17GM 4SM Winter 514
Rabbit * -5GM 12GM 4SM Winter 514
Wilderness Guide Wages Wi 514 * +450GM 462GM 4SM Winter 514
Common living expenses Wi 514 * -135GM 327GM 4SM Winter 514
Arm Guard * -1GM 326GM 4SM Spring 515
Archer's glove * -1GM 325GM 4SM Spring 515
Quiver * -20GM 305GM 4SM Spring 515
3 Luvanor Grassland Hunters * -66GM 239GM 4SM Summer 515
2 waterskins * -2GM 237GM 4SM Summer 515
Gazelle * +43GM 280GM 4SM Spring 515
3 medium leashes * -3GM 277GM 4SM Summer 515
Black linen trousers * -8SM 276GM 6SM Summer 515
Leather armour * -10GM 266GM 6SM Summer 515
White cotton shirt * -1SM 3 CM 266GM 4SM 7CM Summer 515
Riding Boots * -1GM 265GM 4SM 7CM Summer 515
2 cotton undergarments * -2SM 5CM 265GM 2SM 2CM Summer 515
Leather belt * -7SM 264GM 5SM 2CM Summer 515
Leather dagger scabbard * -2GM 262GM 5SM 2CM Summer 515
Hunter wages Spr 515 * +455GM 717GM 5SM 2CM Spring 515
Common living expenses Spr 515 * -135GM 582GM 5SM 2CM Spring 515
2-gallon bucket * -5SM 582GM 2CM Summer 515
Hatchet * -6SM 581GM 4SM 2CM Summer 515
Basket, Horse-chesnut, Medium, common * -1SM 581GM 3SM 2CM Summer 515
Water additive * -3GM 578GM 3SM 2CM Summer 515
Bowl, 5" / 8 oz * -1CM 578GM 3SM 1CM Summer 515
Gallon cooking pot * -3SM 578GM 1CM Summer 515
Animal grooming kit * -10GM 568GM 1CM Fall 515
Coarse wool dress * -8SM 567GM 3CM Fall 515
Journey: Riverfall - Endrykas * -20GM 547GM 3CM Summer/Fall 515
Strider * -150GM 397GM 3CM Fall 515
Colour Splash * - 80GM 317GM 3CM Fall 515
Hunter wages Sum 515 * +455GM 772GM 3CM Summer 515
Common living expenses Sum 515 * -135GM 637GM 3CM Summer 515
Common Living Expenses Au 515 * -135GM 502GM 3CM Autumn 515
Wages Fa 515 * +455GM 957GM 3CM Autumn 515
Finally a Feast * -62GM 5SM 894GM 5SM 3CM Autumn 515
Sold 70 lbs of pork * +70GM 964GM 5SM 3CM Autumn 515
Common Living Expenses Wi 515 * -135GM 829GM 5SM 3CM Winter 515
My, What Big Teeth You Have * +15GM 844GM 5SM 3CM Winter 515
Left money behind * -744GM 5SM 3CM 100GM Winter 515
Wages Spring 516 * 273GM 373GM Spring 516
20 Waterskins * -20GM 353GM Fall 516
Common Living Expenses Spr 516 * -135GM 218GM Spring 516
Common Living Expenses Fa 516 * -135GM 83GM Fall 516
One person tent * -2GM 81GM Spring 516
100ft rope * -2GM 79GM Spring 516
Flint and Steel * -1GM 78GM Spring 516
Lantern, hooded * -7GM 71GM Spring 516
2 torches * -4CM 70GM 9SM 6CM Spring 516
Bedroll * -1SM 70GM 8SM 6CM Spring 516
Winter blanket * -5SM 70GM 3SM 6CM Spring 516
Comb * -1GM 69GM 3SM 6CM Spring 516
Animal grooming kit * -10GM 59GM 3SM 6CM Spring 516
5oz Bar Soap * -1GM 5SM 57GM 8SM 6CM Spring 516
Mossy Green Shirt * -1SM 57GM 7SM 6CM Winter 516
Breeches * -8SM 56GM 9SM 6CM Winter 516
Waterskin Profit 27GM * 83GM 9SM 6CM Fall 516
One Dead Fowl (competent hunting - half the listed price) 2SM 5CM * 84GM 2SM 1CM Spring 516
Wages (half wages for being animal handler) Fa 516 318GM 5SM * 402GM 7SM 1CM Fall 516
Common living expenses Wi 516 * 135GM 267GM 7SM 1CM Winter 516
Common living expenses Spr 517 * 135GM 132GM 7SM 1CM Spring 517
Poor living expenses Su 517 * 45GM 87GM 7SM 1CM Summer 517
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Postby Merevaika on September 13th, 2015, 9:04 pm


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Spring 517
Thread Date Status Rewards
Casual Challenge 8th Graded 4XP, 8 Lores
A Long Awaited Meeting 12th Ongoing *
The Crossroads of Mercy and Cruel Regrets 18th Ongoing *
Not For the Faint of Heart 40th Ongoing *
On keeping up appearanced 59th Ongoing *

Summer 517
Thread Date Status Reward
Wild Women 1st Ongoing *
What's Hard Work 8-9th Graded 23XP, 8 Lores
Run Chicken Run 10th Ongoing *
Giant of the Sea 25th Ongoing *
Where Dreams Take Us 30th Graded 21XP, 8 Lores
And Where We End Up 30th Ongoing *
Gemstones and Jewels 51st Ongoing *
Meat the Food 68th Ongoing *
Chasing Silver Beasts 70th Graded 17XP, 5 Lores
A Bay so Blue 77th Graded 15 XP, 5 Lores

Autumn 517
Thread Date Status Rewards

Winter 517
Thread Date Status Reward
Completely Helpless 2nd * *
At Long Last 9th * *
Welcome to the Jungle 11th * *
Strange Markings for sure 25th * *
Strange Markings II 25th Pending *
Disposers of the Unwanted 31st Pending *
(Re) Discovery 66th * *


Spring 516
Thread Date Status Reward
To Rebuild 1st Ongoing *
My Way of Shopping 10th Graded 10XP, 12 Lores
Hunting to Prove something 12th Graded 23XP, 21 Lores
I Think We're Alone Now 17th Graded 17XP, 6 Lores
The World That You Know... 58th Graded 21XP, 18 Lores
Mine! All Mine! 60th Graded 9XP, 10 Lores

Summer 516
Thread Date Status Reward

Autumn 516
Thread Date Status Reward
Turning of the Tide 1st Ongoing *
Familiar Faces 24th Ongoing *
That's Not Thunder 33rd Ongoing *
Beautiful Horses 34th Graded 13XP, 16 Lores
Water or Gold 56th Graded 20XP, 15 Lores
Counter Attack! 75th Graded 9XP, 8 Lores

Winter 516
Thread Date Status Reward
Git Along, Little Dogie 5th Graded 13 XP, 12 Lores
Pea Soup 20th Graded 5XP, 7 Lores
By Day One Way, By Night Another 25th Graded 11XP, 5 Lores
Dem Bones 49th Graded 10XP, 17 Lores
Until That Day 50th Graded 15XP, 16 Lores
The Wrong Side of Anywhere 77th Ongoing *
Nearly Impossible Tasks * Ongoing *


Spring 515
Thread Date Status Reward
A Confusion of Arrows {Various} 4th Graded 7XP, 10 Lores
You can't do this on your own {Kei} 11th Completed 16XP, 5 Lores
Slaver Hunters 'R' Us {Various} 12th Graded 14XP, 5 Lores
Hunting in the Sun 15th Completed 19XP, 11 Lores
[The Stained Pelt] Friendly Competition {Amoux} 17th Graded 8XP, 5 Lores
Hunting in the Rain 67th Graded A24XP, 5 Lores

Summer 515
Thread Date Status Reward
A Pair of Gilded Antlers 19th Graded 4XP, 8 Lores
An Evening At Home 10th Graded 11XP, 6 Lores
Drink With Me 28th Graded 3XP, 4 Lores
Use What You Have 30th Graded 18XP, 7 Lores
Benshira Jones and the Crystal Skulls 45th Completed 2XP, 3 Lores
Knives and Fights 71st Graded 4XP, 4 Lores
Hunting with the dogs 78th Graded 15Xp, 7 Lores
Trapped {Zephari} 85th Graded 5XP, 4 Lores
Finding a Guide {Zephari} 86th Graded 4XP, 4 Lores

Fall 515
Thread Date Status Reward
Sneaking Out {Kei} 9th Graded 8XP, 4 Lores
Elk Impostor 34th Graded 14XP, 8 Lores
Return To Endrykas 38th Graded 10XP, 4 Lores
Return To Endrykas 2 38th Graded 10XP, 3 Lores
A Horsey Reunion 39th Graded 31XP, 9 Lores
Teach Me About Horses 40th Graded 4XP, 3 Lores
Some Like It Hot 41st Graded 3XP, 3 Lores
Reforging Alliances 44th Graded 17XP, 16 Lores
What A Nightmare 45th Graded 12XP, 8 Lores
Snakes and Rope Ladders 47th Ongoing *
Wolfberry Soup 51st Graded 19XP, 6 Lores
Fool's Gold 52nd Graded 33XP, 15 Lores
Caiyha's Tears 61st Graded 3XP, 5 Lores
Stubborn as an Ox (or Sheep) 66th Graded 22XP, 7 Lores
Who's The Fool? Part I 67th Graded 8XP, 4 Lores
Who's The Fool? Part II 67th (night) Graded 13XP, 5 Lores
Who's The Fool? Part III 68th -70th Graded 11XP, 5 Lores
Horse Time 76th Graded 11XP 7 Lores
Finally A Feast 85th Ongoing *

Winter 515
Thread Date Status Reward
Animal Ties 2nd Graded 11XP, 3 Lores
A Family Like That 4th Graded 10XP, 6 Lores
My, What Big Teeth You Have 8th Graded 22XP, 8 Lores
My, What Big Teeth You Have II 8th Graded 11XP, 6 Lores
My, What Big Teeth You Have III 8th Graded 14XP, 4 Lores
Something For My Stomach 11th Graded 13XP, 6 Lores
Scamming 101 21st Ongoing *
Fancy Meeting You here 23rd Graded 17XP, 5 Lores
Arrows and Acting 24th Graded 14XP, 7 Lores
Reaching the Sky 27th Graded 2XP, 1 Lore
The Lost Kids 34th Graded 2XP, 3 Lores
A Little Payback, If You Please 62nd Graded 1XP, 2 Lores
A Thundering of Hooves 87th Graded 15XP, 9 Lores
Beasts in the Caves of Semele 89th Graded 19XP, 3 Lores


Thread Date Status Rewards
Fires for Beginners 504 Ongoing *
Hide and Seek 3rd Fall 504 Ongoing *
Watching The Wild Horses 32nd Spring 507 Completed 15XP 10 Lores
Paddle Harder 11th Spring 509 Ongoing *
Prank Wars 32nd Summer 509 Graded 7XP, 7 Lores
"Trust Me" 38th Fall 509 Completed 17XP, 8 Lores
The Death of A Father 23rd Winter 509 Completed 7XP, 7 Lores
The Death of An Uncle and Brother 23rd Winter 509 Completed 15XP 15 Lores

Fall 514
Thread Date Status Reward
Chasing the Wind 21st Completed 8XP, 4 Lores
A Try At Hunting 30th Completed 9XP, 4 Lores
Foraging 73rd Completed 4XP, 3 lores

Winter 514
Thread Date Status Reward
A Little Theft Never Hurt 2nd Completed 4XP, 2 Lores
Antics of the Four-Legged {Khida, Seirei} 7th Completed 9XP, 3 Lores
A Runaway Horse {Ayetah} 9th Completed 6XP, 6 lores
Will you teach me to ride? {Ayetah} 13th Completed 5XP, 4 Lores
Hunt on Horseback {Shahar} 15th Completed 37XP, 14 Lores
A Search for Darin Weed 33rd Completed 8XP, 8 lores
Leading the Strongnight 77th Completed 7XP, 4 Lores
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Postby Merevaika on September 23rd, 2015, 7:05 pm


Name: Eryunt
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 8 years old, 77th Winter 507
Breed: Cyphrus Strider
Eryunt is Merevaika's strider. He means the world to her, and if anything happened to him, Merevaika would never forgive herself. They bonded when they were both young, and have never left each others side since.

Eryunt is a strong, noble horse, who looks out for Merevaika. He acts almost as a fatherly figure, protecting Merevaika, comforting her. Despite this, Eryunt can also be a bit of a troublemaker, sneaking off, stealing food and occasionally refusing to ride. He never, however, does this in anyway but playfully.

Eryunt is very strict on who rides him and to some extent, touches him. If a stranger approaches him in anyway but a gentle one, Eryunt has a habit to kick, after his warning snorts.

Name: Denviel
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 5 years, 12th Fall 510
Breed: Luvanor Grassland Hunter
Other: Image Denviel is the son of Merevaika's father's hunting dog, and was always intended to belong to Merevaika so she would have a dog to hunt with too. Denviel is a hardworking, sensible dog, who knows his place in a hunt and in the camp. He often aids her with her hunting, either chasing down smaller animals, helping to track them, or distracting and guiding them towards Merevaika.

Name: Mika
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 1 season, 50th Spring 515
Breed: Luvanor Grassland Hunter
Other: Mika is the oldest of the three, and has taken the role as the bravest and most adventurous. He can be constantly seen running away and deciding not to follow orders, hiding and exploring. Although he isn't old enough to hunt yet, Merevaika sees potential in him become a good chasers, already catching rats and rabbits that stumble near.

Name: Freya
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth:1 season, 50th Spring 515
Breed: Luvanor Grassland Hunter
Other: Freya is also mischievous, but more deliberately than Mika who just wants to explore. She deliberately chews on anything she finds, as well as burying anything she can get a hold of. Her sense of smell is phenomenal, and she has a bright future as a tracker.

Name: Grey
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth:1 season, 50th Spring 515
Breed: Luvanor Grassland Hunter
Other: Grey is quiet, sensible and extremely unlike his siblings. He works hard and follows every order to the best of his ability. Although he doesn't have a specific talent like his siblings, Grey makes up for it for effort and obedience.

Name: Tachi
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 4 years, unknown 511
Breed: Strider
Other: A young, Strider mare with a wild personality. Scared of ropes, dogs, men, and anything raised above eye level. She is prone to biting and bucking. Purchased at the Auction Fall 515, with a cracked left, front hoof.

Tachi bonded with Kyo during the Winter of 515, and was with him when he disappeared into the Sea of Grass.

Name: Meda
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 2 seasons, unknown Spring 515
Breed: Colour Splash
Other: A sweet, young filly with a great personality. She is energetic, joyful, and loves to run. Will take a lot of training and should grow into a fine driving horse. Not really suited to riding, but could be mastered by an expert. Purchased at the Auction Fall 515

Name: Beast
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 4 years old, 74th Summer 514
Breed: Bozderon Shadow Dog
Other: Competent level pathfinding
Beast was once a wild dog, in a pack that held the magic of pathfinding. They had been initiated into the magic as pups, but the man who did so soon disappeared, found dead years later. Lost in the Sea of Grass, their magic went unnoticed and never discovered. However, on her third summer, a young Drykas hunter found them, eager to domesticate the pack that were once pets and companions to the humans.

She was trained to become a guard dog, but the Drykas never discovered the magic, or if he did, never managed to get Beast to like him enough for her to initiate him. Eventually, the dog was abandoned after her violent ways and managed to get washed up into the Hymnal Caverns. She was pushed to a small section of the caves, trapped there by rocks that followed after her. Only a small channel led to her imprisonment, with which she survived on the strange creatures that swam through, catching the fish as best as she could. She grew thinner and weaker, unable to find a way out. When Merevaika was washed in, the woman helped the dog, gaining her trust. The dog eventually initiated Merevaika and the two made a rough way out, both injured, starved and exhausted.

Beast is a wild dog, with very little trust towards any human. After emerging from the cave, she no longer had the need for Merevaika's help and was less pleasant towards her, warning not to come near. Despite this, the two have formed a connection, loyal to the other, and Merevaika plans to teach Beast to become more obedient.


Race:Human, drykas
Date of Birth: 23rd Fall, 492
Relationship: Friend

Merevaika first met Shahar when out hunting, and the two joined up to bring down an oryx. She views him as an experienced hunter, and respects him for that. She is a little jealous of his skills and the fact that he has a pavilion, but views him as an ally. The two also fought against slavers, where he gained more of her trust when he helped save her life.

Date of Birth: 13 Spring, 510
Relationship: Stranger

Merevaika doesn't know Khida very well. She met her when the kelvic had fallen off her horse, and never really held much regard to the person who was so unconnected with the strider she had been riding. The two also competed archery together, but nothing specifically stood out about her, not to Merevaika.

Race: Human
Date of Birth: 89 Winter 499
Relationship: Stranger
As a captive, Merevaika doesn't respect Seirei as she should, believing herself superior. When she last saw the girl, she was pregnant, and Merevaika wouldn't recognize her without the familiar features of a pregnant woman. She knows little about her, and has no interest to learn more.
After Merevaika tried to steal from the girl, she fears that Seirei knows too much about her nature. She will avoid her whenever possible, fearing that Seirei will get her in trouble with the law if she recognised the one that stole from her

Race: Kelvic
Date of Birth: 4 Spring 514
Kei and Merevaika first meeting was an argument between the two, and neither have exactly warmed up to the other. However, the two still shared a tent during Merevaika's stay in Riverfall, a chaotic time of conflict. Still, Merevaika relies on him occasionally on what he gets for hunts, and even though she wouldn't admit it, she enjoys the company.

Race: Human, Benshira
Date of Birth: 8 Summer 482
Relationship: Friends
When Merevaika thinks of Zephari, the memories of the horse and of the crystal skulls always fills her mind, their meeting rather exceptional. The two later found themselves planning to go to Endrykas, and made the journey together. Merevaika finds that she can trust her, as the woman has similar feelings as she does.

Race: Kelvic
Date of Birth: 3 Spring 509
Relationship: Acquaintance
Another Kelvic that Merevaika has a rocky relationship with. She has met with him once, where she attacked him for his profession, not believing that wild animals should be captured.

Race: Drykas
Date of Birth: 15 Spring 493
Relationship: Enemy
Merevaika does not like Dravite. He was in charge of the group of Watchmen that stopped her entering Endrykas, and forced her to remain camped outside the city for an extra night. He also threw her off her horse and separated the two. The woman finds him uncivil and not worthy to be member of the Watch, and if given the chance, would go out of her way to make things unpleasant for him.

Race: Drykas
Date of Birth: 67 Spring 492
Relationship: Acquaintance
While Lian was part of the group of Watchmen that delayed her entry into Endrykas, she doesn't have too many bad feelings towards him. He acted a lot more apologetic and respectable than Dravite, so she regards him with more respect. As he was just following orders, she doesn't exactly hate him, but doesn't have friendly feelings towards him either.

Race: Drykas
Date of Birth: 32 winter 495
Relationship: Best friend
Rufio and Merevaika are old friends and she is the only person the Drykas opens up to. With the girl, Merevaika appears to be a different person: friendly, joking and truly opened up. She wishes to maintain this relationship, strangely just because she likes Rufio, with no other thoughts in mind.

Race: Drykas
Date of Birth: 19th of Spring, 486
Relationship: Ally
The two started on the wrong foot, but soon joined to hunt a pack of wolves, bringing their relationship closer. Merevaika has somewhat respect for the man, as well as finding him rather attractive. She is curious both about his scars and the starbursts of colour in his eyes but not enough to question it.

Date of Birth:
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Thread Gained: A Pair of Gilded Antlers

Date Gained: 19th Summer 515

Important Details: Allows her to take the form of an elk at will.

Description: Merevaika was faced with a series of events which involved her transformation to an elk and travelling through a door to an alternate world where she was faced with the task of protecting son of Alcor, the son of Caiyha from a horde of hunters. Where the arrow that was meant to to kill the elk hit her formed a tattoo, the mark of the stag. The golden antlers resemble the ones she found at the gates of Riverfall that day, and allow her to assume the form of an elk at will.

Thread Gained: Benshira Jones and the Crystal Skulls

Date Gained: 45th Summer 515

Important Details: The memories of the life of a Strider

Description: Upon touching the crystal skull of a strider, Merevaika gained Venthris' memories. The mare was carefree and silly, until she was taken away from her herd and forced to work as a farm animal. She fought and fought, until she finally ended with a kind Drykas. Merevaika experienced all her emotions and feelings, until all the memories were burned in the back of her mind, to remain there permanently.
spoiler :
"Merevaika is sent into a whirlwind of sensory overload. The colors are bled out, some colors entirely missing. The images twisting around in the drykas' head are not what stand out the most, but instead the sounds, and smells are the most vibrant. The smell of grass becomes the most apparent first, the smell of fresh grass pervades the majority of the scenes. The smell of horses and the feel of their fur against Merevaika's shoulder was another thing that came across very strongly.

As the whirlwind of information slowed down, Merevaika's perspective changed, from viewing the horse from an almost observer type of view, to seeing and feeling each thing as the horse it's self. She could feel the impact on her hooves as she ran across the sea of grass pursuing her herd. She could feel the wind tugging at her mane as she ran around as a foal for the first time. She could feel the adrenaline as she ran from a pack of wolves as a young filly.

This horse was a mare in a herd of about fifteen, that tended to roam around southern around the southern end of the sea of grass, moving from one watering hole to the next for most of her life. She was one of the most carefree and silly of the herd, often being at odds with the older stallions or mares. Then emotions started to bleed into the scenes, like love and embarrassment when it was the horse's mother, or irritation at her father. These were no normal feelings for an animal, this horse was a strider. Her name was Venthris. One of the strangest feelings was that of the connection to the web. It was much deeper than that of Merevaika's connection. It was something at the very heart of Venthris' being that was constantly there, but not something she ever really noticed, it just being something that always was.

At the age of six, her herd was captured by a group of humans, and she was taken from her family, being forced to serve as a work animal for a farmer. The anger and sadness surrounding the first scenes after being take were blinding, causing Merevaika to feel the same pain Venthris did. The emotions were not complicated like those of a human, but they were just as strong, if not stronger than those Merevaika was able to feel.

Even though she had been taken from her herd, she never gave up, always fighting against her owners, which often ended with her receiving a lashing from whoever her current owner was. Because of this she moved from owner to owner until she was almost eight years old. Her final owner was a drykas woman who owned several other horses. She was very nice, never hitting the mare, and only ever fed her long sweet grass or apples. From that point she was starting to grow old, but she was happy with her owner, the seasons began to bleed together, eventually leading into nothing but blur, and then blackness. Merevaika had just witnessed the entire life of a strider name Venthris. And the story of her entire life was now burned into the memory of the drykas woman, as if they were her own memories.

The whirlwind had now calmed to a slow rolling, as each memory slotted its self into place in Merevaika's head, sort of next to her own memories. Her consciousness floated back to reality, her eyes opening to see the horse's skeleton completely gone, her hand raised, floating above where the skull used to be."

Thread Gained: Caiyha's Tears

Date Gained: 61st Fall 515

Important Details: A vision from the goddess Caiyha

Description: "For Merevaika there too came a vision of a lone, black wolf joining a group of her kind with head lowered and tail tucked. The grey wolves stood in a half circle with teeth bared and hackles high. The black wolf rolled submissively and the air, once electric with static that seemed to crack, seemed to calm as the pack jumped in on the loner and together they played and frolicked in the tall grass; a message of unison and acceptance conveyed. "

Thread Gained: Beasts In the Caves of Semele

Date Gained: 89th Winter 515

Important Details: Pathfinding

Description: Merevaika was swept off the cliffs into the Hymnal Caverns, where she met Beast, a pathfinding shadow dog. Realising that Merevaika was her only way out of the caves, the dog initiated Merevaika into pathfinding, letting her see djed trails through the lost magic.

Thread Gained: The World That You Know

Date Gained: 58th Spring 516

Important Details: Cloak that hides scents

Description: A hooded cloak of various bird feathers that are all dyed black and shades of deep grey with splashes of color that show through. It's large enough to cover her entire body and if she wears it as a complete cover it will eliminate her scent. It's not a masking deal where one scent replaces the smell of a human but completely eradicates any smells coming from the woman. This means no animal could smell her approach such as the targets of her hunts or a guard dog.
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