Flashback Troublemaker [Dajiana]

Ilia runs away and Dajiana has to bring her back to Elin

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Troublemaker [Dajiana]

Postby Elin on May 5th, 2017, 4:50 pm

56th Winter, 516
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Elin had found Ilia to be quite a pain the past few days, as the little girl had been complaining of the lack of snow, even crying as she realised she couldn’t build a snowman or throw snowballs.
And whilst Ilia was complaining, Rion was mostly crying for attention, and crying for food.
Over the past few days, Elin had become exhausted and decided that today would be as good a day as any to take Rion and Ilia out somewhere.

She’d heard of a place called the stone gardens where apparently every rounded stone represented a fallen hero.
It sounded calm, and peaceful, exactly what Elin had need, so she’d dressed Rion and placed him into the sling, then helped Ilia with her sandals before the family set off.

”We’re going to a very special place today.” she said with a smile. ”It’s a garden of stones, and every stone has been put their to represent a hero!” she said a bit too enthusiastically, leaving out that the heroes were now dead as she didn’t want to risk upsetting the little girl.
The little girl just shrugged her shoulders as though she didn’t want to go and Elin sighed slightly.

“No snow…” the little girl said morosely and Elin stopped to bend down.
”The winter goddess wanted a rest this year, but I’m sure that if you’re good she’ll make it snow again next year.” Elin said, hoping she could get the little girl to behave with bribery, even if the proposed rewards wasn’t something she could ensure.

They then continued to walk until they were almost at the Stone Gardens.
Rion began to cry, desperate for attention and Elin sighed, hoping that after this he would be fairly quiet.
Briefly she let go of Ilia’s hand to tend to the baby boy, holding him close and whispering a few comforting words, before rubbing his back.
The little boy burped and then his wails calmed to a few simple ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s.
Happy, Elin went to take Ilia’s hand and found that the little girl wasn’t where she had been.
She turned to look and so that she wasn’t anywhere in sight and instantly panic rose from her stomach.

”Ilia?” she called. ”This isn’t funny sweetie. Come out from where you’re hiding?” she called again, expecting the little girl to jump out from an alleyway, but when she didn’t Elin began to panic more as she turned the way she’d came and set off in that direction, her heart in her mouth as she prayed that Ilia would reappear any minute, unharmed and unscathed.
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Troublemaker [Dajiana]

Postby Dajiana on May 22nd, 2017, 3:31 pm

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