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Byronn arrives on the sand of Syka with curiousity over what is there..

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see...

Postby Byronn on May 24th, 2017, 10:14 pm


80th day of Spring, 517

Byronn was like many of his kind, a beast of the world, wandering from place to place looking for an anchor to ground them. To fill the hole inside them and find that one place and person to call home. To explore, roam free, and live till that time came. If it came at all. So when a ship docked in Riverfall with a call for settlers to a new land they claimed Paradise, Byronn signed up. He boarded the death contraption called the Veronica, was given a small hammock to call a bed and a place to set his personal items. Little did they tell him Paradise came with a price in which he learned that first night. The first price tag for this shiny new life that dangled in front of him was space. As in he had none. Now this might have been well for a person of smaller stature, but for a Kelvic who stood in human form to be over six feet, and coming in at a healthy spring weight at 220lbs, it was problematic. Needless to say there was many days and nights of ducking underneath the lower confines of the deck and trying to curl up to sleep on the swinging hammock. Or falling off the same said hammock during high winds and waves, the male practically spent his sleep on the floor under the swaying net wondering how anyone ever stayed on it. Not to mention he would need to go days without stretching his legs as a bear. He was sure if there was no room for his human form, there was absolutely no room for a bear. The second price for this new life, food. This bothered Byronn more than the space issue for the bear Kelvic absolutely cherished food. He didn't understand that the ship would be so 'unstable' or rocky. With each wave and day he lost his constitution, often spilling his guts to the horrible blue thing called the sea. Besides the horrible voyage, the male was actually looking forward to starting fresh somewhere new. As well as the various fruits that he overheard others talk about.

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he sat on the deck the day they dropped anchor, his golden hues looking at the sun in scowl as if it offended him and the air he took in his lungs felt hot with salt. His long blonde locks of his head were already curling with each wave they came closer to the settlement, pulled up on top of his head to provide some way for his skin to breath. His beard a fray of shorts as he started to wonder if living in such temperatures would require a new hair cut. His pants were rolled up at the cuffs as his shirt was moist with what one could assume was perspiration. He wore no shoes, he actually stopped wearing them a few days back as they drew closer and the heat started in. The male feeling restless and a need to not be so confined, even in clothing. As the first settlers boarded a smaller boat to make land, the Kelvic shifted his gaze to his hands draped over his knees. Already the sun was kissing them with a fresh freckles on his skin that normally blended well started to appear in slightly darker coloration. Shaking his head the male flexed his hands before moving them to his sides. Felling how the skin pulled tight and the slight ease of pressure that came with a warmer claimant. With a deep breath he stood slowly, holding the railing as his eyes closed. He waited a moment to be sure he was not going to be sick again before moving with caution. He made quick work of gathering his belongings, most which fit in the backpack he carried, only his boots were left for him to grab in a large hand before he left the passengers quarters. Which he thought was loosely named. Even though the sun was biting and heat a bit more than what he was accustomed too, he was excited to leave the vessel and finally be on land once more.

It was only a short while later that he found himself being shoved on a small row boat with cargo and other travelers. His large person being crammed as he tried not to have the other hot beings touch his skin. He kept his eyes on the sand of the land, the canape of the jungle and shifting to where crude buildings stood. Byronn's mind traveled to the opportunities that lay before him and how good the sand would feel for a nap, possibly in the shade of one of those odd looking trees that towered on the coast line. His brows furrowed further as he leaned forward, tilting his head lightly in confusion as he examined them from afar. The trees themselves seemed to have no branches with leafy green on them, instead they had long skinny trunks that looked scaled. They grew in several lengths from mildly short to towering. On top they had forest fern like fans, large ones that seemed to be its branches and leaf in one. His intense examination of these trees broke as they were told to disembark the small boat, the large male grabbing his pack and shoes as he stood and took a step off the planks onto water covered sand. He stood there for a time, allowing the warm waves to kiss his bare feet and simply watch as how it retreated. Each time his feet sunk a bit lower into the sand. A frown married his face as he picked up a foot from the water, feeling the suction from the sand as he did so. His head once more cantered at a tilt before he set his foot back down and lifted the other. A ghost of a smirk fell on his lips as he took turns, while looking like a child, as he lift one foot than the next out of the water and sand. His toes squishing into the warmth each time as he marveled on how it felt, he could only assume it would only get better once he was a bear.

“Here make yourself useful.” a raspy voice came beside him as he looked to where it came from. A sailor seemed to beholding crates looked at him in an expectation. Slinging the back pack over his shoulder to free a hand, he took the crate from the top of the mans pile without a word, placing the sensation of the warm waters and sand on his bare feet behind him for now. He followed to where the sailor laid down the crate he carried, a supply dump it seemed for the settlement. Byronn stood there a moment before looking back at the small boat that brought him to shore. People were filing off still as others off loaded inventory. He set down the crate he held and gave one last look to the Veronica before he moved away from the beach and towards the settlement. Once more glancing to the trees that had him curious.
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