Samuel's Plotnotes

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Samuel's Plotnotes

Postby Samuel Longwell on May 27th, 2017, 11:57 am

Samuel is heading to Endrykas for Summer 517, where he will be a combat instructor. I have a few goals for him, both short term and further off. The short term goals are all set in stone, but the longer term ones are far more fluid.

Short term:
  • Increase Teaching skill. As he will be doing two teaching threads per season he should be able to hit competent within a couple of seasons.
  • Integrate within Drykas Society. Samuel has some Drykas heritage and speaks Pavi to an understandable level. He needs to show that he is a valuable addition to the community, even if he is not one of them.
  • Work on Wilderness Survival (Plains)

Possible ideas for the future:
  • Bond with a Strider. This will be an important factor on whether Samuel stays in the Sea of Grass permanently. It would be interesting to write about the turmoil of where his duty lies/his home is etc if this takes place.
  • Following on from that, a place in the watch may be a possibility if Samuel does bond to a strider.
  • Yahal Gnosis: Yahal is an important part of Samuel's life, a long term idea would be to have his faith tested in a moderated thread and to end up with a gnosis mark. I am currently quite firm on Samuel never learning magic as a skill (except possibly webbing ins some circumstances) but I think that Ennervism would complement his concept.
  • Get Pavi to fluent.
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