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Compliments of the chef [Job Thread]

Postby Miralyn on May 28th, 2017, 5:26 pm

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5th day of Spring 517AV

The kitchen was an absolute pigsty from the last cook who had done their shift here at lunch time, so the Konti's day hadn't started off great. She had just finished washing the last stacking pile of dishes all by herself because none of the staff below her liked to get in early or finish late to do their job well. And there were piles upon piles of plates, pots and utensils to get clean before she could even begin on todays master plan.It was in the Konti's nature to try her absolute best to perfect whatever it was that she found herself doing and today she had decided that the only way she was going to feel better if she actually TRIED to do something... extraordinary with her cooking. Something above and beyond the usual mass produced pub food but nothing TOO fancy that people would be off put or take too much notice. After all, she was well aware that most people came here to fight or drink and not to test their pallet out. The meat on offer today was wild pig, and the meat of that particular animal was very difficult to cook well due to the toughness. which is precisely why Miralyn was in so late at night so that she could have it done by morning.

She set to scrubbing the BIGGEST pot they had. It was a huge caldron, and it was absolutely COATED in last nights creation. Miralyn had given up on keeping herself clean because to clean this particular item she basically had her entire head and shoulders stuck inside. Her hair was pulled back very tightly with a band and held in place my many clips, but her blouse, shoulders and hands were covered in slop. She had to scrub hard both with a cloth and a metal brush in order to get the junk that had solidified into clumps off the surface of the pot. The work was backbreaking but finally Everything in the kitchen including that gigantic pot was shining. Unfortunately, Miralyn herself looked as though she had just been for a romp in the pigs pen!

Her next step was FLAVOUR. That was a very important one, it had been something she had been obsessing over in the recent past. In the past few days she'd been to every market stall, every food place, every shop in town until she expected that she had probably walked all over the city of Riverfall. It had taken her approximately 48 hours over but EVENTUALLY she had found what she wanted. Crushed seeds of the Codgol plant created an incredible flavouring to meat. She intended to use the herb as a dry rub for the bour meat so that the taste sunk though all it's layers. This kind of effort was unheard of at small pubs, so she hadn't bothered to mention her plans to anyone.

She crushed the delicate seads and ground them up in the mortar bowl as well as some peppers and more common flavours that she thought suited the taste. She'd made a LOT of this herb mix, still it proabably wouldn't cover her entire haul. She simply couldn't justify too much in the company's expenses, Kevlar would have her head. After the herbs were mixed she rubbed copies amounts of flavour into the meat. The smells from her spice mix filled the room, and the Konti found herself smiling.

Once the meat was covered she started a fire under the pot. She piled coals onto the bottom and then covered those coals with wood for burning. Once she had a fire roaring she was done for the time being. She wanted to wait until most of the wood had burnt into ashes and hot, HOT coals before trapping in the heat and leaving the pot alone to slowly cook the meat inside. She wanted the Smokey taste to come through that beautiful hardwood and mix into the flavours already there.

8 hours later that meat should be very tender, it should be falling apart. Miralyn was please with herself as she watched the flames flicker and breathed In the scent of her cooking.

- + - +

The next day, the Konti had returned to find the coals stikll glowing, she had really spent hours building up that heat the night before. She pulled the pot off the heat and, with a skewer, she pulled apart a small bite of pork and placed it into her mouth. The flavours had cooked through, they all cooperated with one another well, however a lot of it had cooked out so next time she made a note to add more than she thought she needed to make up for the loss. The meat wasn't tough and pulled apart easily, so she had gotten texture correct as well. The Konti grinned to herself as she began to slice up the meat ready for the day. Before she preserved it in brine, Miralyn cut off a slab for herself and enjoyed a, in her opinion, very good meal.

Once she was done indulging, she could hear the waitresses and barmaids begin to enter the premises, as well as her second in command, whom she immediately put to work making the brine as she mushed, some peas and some pumpkin. She then cut up some white onion in order to mix it in with the potrato as this was something she'd found was a favourite amoung those who actually at the food here. over the vegetables she used the juices that hade come of the meat to drizzle all over the mash. A good hearty house meal, she thought to herself proudly. But now she had to know if it was good to other people.

Her dishwasher was a nervous young man with orange hair and a freakled face. He was about sixteen years old and inarten in birth. His name was Novelis. "Nova." She said, and he jumped and dropped the cutlery he was holding, probably blunting the dang knife on the stone floor. "Oops sorry!" He scrambled to pick up what he had dropped and then turned to face her again with an embarrassed expression on his gawky teenage face. "Nova, I want you to taste my cooking." She told him. He looked confused by this "Isn't that wasteful?" She shook her head as she buzzed around the kitchen to put together a plate full of meat n mash and shouving it in his big hands "No, you have to, I've been trying something new." He smiled a little and then slowly nodded "Okay. I'll try it." He told her then said "Thanks!"

She watched the boy's face very carefully as he ate. Probably her scrutiny was making him nervous and uncomfortable but she was eager to know. He took a long time to eat and he did not pause to talk. He finished the meal with gusto barely slowing or stopping! That must be a good sign, she thought to herself.

Finally he finished scraping the last morsel of taste into his mouth, and he put his plate in the wash tub and looked at her "That's the best anyone had ever cooked here in all my time!" The Konti's hear sung with pride. to be fair, the boy had only been hear a year, but at the same time she did not care. The relief, gratitude and happiness showed very planely on her face "They're gonna love it!" He added patting his stomach and grinning.

- + - +

As the day went on, Miralyn poped her face out a lot to see the crowd's reaction. Everyone who ate looked pleased and there were NO leftovers whatsoever. This was almost unheard of, it was the best feeling to watch. Miralyn missed having this kind of passion for healing, but ultimately that day, when she turned to go home, left her feeling both motivated and proud. Motivated - she was never going to give up on anything she attempted if success felt this good all the time. proud - the reaction she had gotten all around had made her heart sour. She had a knack for flavour and as she built on her skillset, she would only ever get better. She couldn't do this every day, or even most days, they were not making money off their food, but days like this made all the different for her. They kept her sane in her dead-end boring job and they gave her something to be damn proud about. She found herself wishing Maria had stepped in that day to try the food out.

When she arrived home she was almost disappointed at the dinner she had prepaired for herself that night. It was funny to her, this morning that warm can of chicken and onion soup she'd bought herself specially for tonight had sounded absolutely amazing. That thought alone let her smile as she ate that night, content with the day behind her. Today had been one of the best days she'd faced in quite some time, she would be sure to do it again. Hopefully next time someone she knew and liked would join her.

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