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Postby Aella Druva on June 20th, 2017, 1:12 am

◄►◄►◄►◄ Aella ►◄►◄►◄►

Titles: None
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: Spring 60th, 493 AV

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 pounds
Hair Color: Bright red; darker near the roots and lighter at the tips.
Eye Color: Dark blue
Skin Color: Naturally fair skinned, but tan through the warmer parts of the year.

Birthplace: Sunberth
Location: Endrykas
Lifestyle: Common


Aella grew up well-fed and frequently on the move. She developed rather quickly compared to her peers, but tapered off to be around average size. The woman had an athletic physic from a young age, and looked boyish for years until puberty and her feminine figure caught up. She is still particularly muscular for a woman, though not alarmingly so. Her legs and arms are strong like braided cord, fingers calloused, and knuckles scarred, but her appearance is softened by a woman's curves.

She has a round, youthful face and strong jaw, with attentive dark eyes and a brush of small freckles over her nose, cheeks, and forehead. Her bright red hair whips around her face and shoulders like wildfire, blazing with various hues of copper before fading into a a shade of strawberry blonde. Aello keeps it loose, but sections off a few pieces with braids around her ears and down the back of her crown to help it stay out of her face.

She likes layers, so her clothing is a hodgepodge of styles. Hides, leathers, and common furs over rough linens, with colorful beads, feathers, and charms. Aella keeps small items of color on her no matter the occasion, and though the rest of her clothing stays rather neutral, she likes to wear a variety of textures. The only makeup she wears is simple black kohl liner on her top lids, but it usually ends up smudged before the end of the day. Aella isn't an extravagant woman, and she doesn't flaunt. She expresses herself in what she believes to be a tasteful manner while still being able to blend in to the background.

Character Concept

Positives: Hardworking, ingenuitive, brave, and honest.
Negatives: Detatched, reckless, nosy, and blunt.
Faith: Aello predominately worships Caiyha and Zulrav, but has found herself influenced by many.
Likes: The outdoors, animals, storms, music, riding, and archery.
Dislikes: Winter, Zith, and spicy things.

Character History

Aella's father never really spoke of the past, and eventually she stopped asking, but she never stopped wondering. He said that she was born in Sunberth, and didn't speak fondly of those times. They left when she was young and never returned. What he told her about the lawless city with its gangs and street violence was enough to keep her from pressing. Much of her childhood was spent moving from one city to another. She and her father never spent more than a few years in any one place, though they traveled on a rotation, eventually returning to cities that were good to them.

Syliras and Zeltiva were favorities, and her father's relatives, although he never fell in to the role of knighthood that they were known for, treated them well. Ravok, Nyka, and Kenash were not ideal, but usually a necessary stop. Most of their time involved hunting and gathering fresh foods for the caravans that they traveled with, meeting traders and immigrants from all over the world, and seeing the wilderness at its best and worst.

One of their last moves was back to Syliras, where Aella met a young woodcutter named Brandon at the Mithryn Outpost. He fell for her independence, fire, and charms, though she was more stubborn and reluctant with her feelings after so many years of never settling down. His persistence paid off though, and the two of them married when Aella was twenty. The three years of their marriage were full of love, and they were planning on starting their own sawmill near Mithryn.

But Brandon fell ill one winter, and he never got better. She buried him the following spring with his favorite axe, surrounded by the sickening pity and sympathy of older widows and wives. Her father had been on the road for a year, unable to shake the habits of their old lifestyle. Aella tried to wait for him to return, but grief haunted her day and night, and she found herself growing restless.

So she packed her things and bade her late-husband's relatives to tell her father, if he indeed returned, that she had gone to Cyphrus. She needed a change of scenery and something new, hoping to shake off the lingering cold of that terrible winter.


Fluent: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Shortbow 15 RB 15/100 Novice
Riding: Horse 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Plains 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Horsemanship 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Animal Husbandry 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Foraging 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Hunting 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Tracking 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Butchery 5 SP 5/100 Novice


Wilderness Survival: Firecraft Techniques
Hunting: Behavioral Patterns of Deer


Everyday Clothing
Simple Shirt Fitted short sleeve linen base layer, dyed brown. SP
Hide Shirt Short sleeve crop-top made of animal hide. Worn over top of her linen shirt. Charged
Wool Scarf Made of llama's wool, dyed a bright and exotic shade of blue. It is a single seamless loop with very little purpose other than to be decorative. Charged
Simple Pants Fitted linen base layer, dyed brown. SP
Hide Skirt Knee-length skirt made of animal hide. Worn over top of her linen pants, tucked under her belt. Charged
Leather Belt Holds her skirt in place and is the attachment point for pouches, quiver, and knife. Made of several different pieces of braided leather. Charged
Wool Sash Made of llama's wool, dyed red. Worn between her belt and skirt for additional comfort and a pop of color. Charged
4 Belt Pouches Simple pouches of increasing size, made of leather and dyed brown. They hold stuff. Charged
Simple Undergarments The "none of your business" kind. SP
Simple Boots Ankle high moccasins made of rough leather, dyed brown with bright blue stitching over the toes. SP

Brush & Comb Made of wood, etched with a design of leaves. SP
1/2 lb. Soap Bar Small, rectangular, smells like honey. SP
2 oz. Kohl Simple black makeup to line the eyes. Charged
Razor Mainly used to trim hair, but doubles as a weapon in a pinch. SP

Miscellaneous Attire
Simple Coat Knee-length overcoat made of thick animal hide. Rarely used. SP

Shortbow Made of yew, sinew, and animal horn. ~45 lb. draw weight. Heirloom
Hip Quiver Made of a single piece of leather and hangs from her belt. Holds ~20 arrows. Charged
20 Broadhead Arrows Used for hunting large animals, fletched in green. Charged
20 Game Arrows Used for hunting small animals, fletched in green. Charged
20 Fishing Arrows Used for bowfishing, fletched in blue. Charged
20 Target Arrows Used solely on targets, but can be deadly in a pinch. Fletched in white. Charged

Knife & Sheath A sharp steel knife affixed to a plain, polished wood handle. The sheath is made of a single piece of leather. Mostly used for field dressing and batoning small pieces of wood. Charged

2 Waterskins They carry water. SP & Charged
Backpack Made of waxed canvas and leather. Various pockets, loops, and ties to attach items to the outside. SP
Compass Don't get lost without the sun! SP
100 ft. Rope It gets tangled easily. SP
2 Torches Portable sources of light. Casts a ring of light ~15 feet in all directions. SP
Flint & Steel Creates the necessary spark for starting a fire. SP
Fishing Kit A kit of tackle, fishing cord, and bait. This is ideal for anyone in the wild as it provides the necessary tools to fish without the hassle of crafting a net or fishing pole. SP

Dry Rations 1 week worth of preserved meat and fruits. SP
Cutlery Set A portable knife, fork, and spoon. She's not a heathen. SP & Charged

Horse Tack
Full Set of Tack A saddle, saddlepad, bit and bridle, breastcollar, large saddlebags, and girth for a horse. SP
Pack Saddle Almost all of Aella's camp and belongings can be packed inside the panniers. Her donkey carries this. Charged
2 Halters and Leads One pair for her horse, another for her donkey. Charged

Animal Groomer's Toolkit This toolkit contains a set of brushes, combs, scissors, a couple rolls of string, and specialized soaps for grooming domesticated animals. Charged

Aella lives in a spacious four-person tent, sealed with wax and oils to be water repellent. She occupies space on the outskirts of the Emerald Clan in Endrykas, though her general location varies.

Large Tarp Made of the same water repellent material as her tent, this tarp is usually used as a footprint to construct on to keep her off the ground, but can be used as additional shade or shelter when needed. SP
Bedroll Sleep on it. SP
Wool Blanket Sleep under it. SP

Animal Companions

Name: Dahlia
Species: Horse
Breed: Eyktolian Desertbred
Age: 10 years
Sex: Mare
Color: Sorrel
Height: 15.3 hands
Skills: Riding, packing

Little Man
Name: Little Man
Species: Donkey
Breed: Standard
Age: 15 years
Sex: Gelding
Color: Gray-dun
Height: 13.3 hands
Skills: Riding, driving, packing


517 AV :
Purchase Amount Total
### ### 15 GM 98 CM

Starting :
Purchase Amount Total
Starting Funds +100 GM 100 GM
Hip Quiver -20 GM 80 GM
20 Broadhead Arrows -15 GM 65 GM
20 Game Arrows -4 GM 61 GM
20 Fishing Arrows -4 GM 57 GM
20 Target Arrows -1 GM 53 GM
Donkey -8 GM 45 GM
Pack Saddle -5 GM 40 GM
2 Halters & Leads -1 GM 39 GM
Waterskin -1 GM 38 GM
Knife & Sheath -4 GM 34 GM
ShirtLeather x2 -2 SM 33 GM 8 SM
SkirtLeather x2 -8 SM 33 GM
BeltLeather x2 -8 SM 32 GM 2 SM
SashLlama Wool x10 -1 GM 31 GM 2 SM
ScarfLlama Wool x10 -1 GM 30 GM 2 SM
4 Belt Pouches -4 GM 26 GM 2 SM
Spoon & Fork -2 CM 25 GM 2 SM 98 CM
Animal Groomer's Toolkit -10 GM 15 GM 2 SM 98 CM
2 oz. Kohl -2 SM 15 GM 98 CM

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