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Valour Skyglow

Postby Valour Skyglow on June 23rd, 2017, 2:06 pm

Valour Skyglow


Race: Vantha
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen years of age
Birthday: Season of Winter, day 91, 501
Birthplace: Born and raised in Avanthal


Face of - Alisha Newton (The image is not completely accurate)
Valour has a bit of a slim structure, though stands at 5'6, a reasonable height. The color of her eyes are usually a faded purple, though being an expressive Vantha, they change quite a bit. She has thick, wavy dark brown hair that is cropped short to just beneath her shoulders. While her hair is a deep brown, it reflects glimmering, azure highlights spread out in a random array. Valour's hair is usually styled in a side French braid, though covered with her hoodie most of the time. Depending on her mood, she may let it down, though whenever carrying out any tasks she will most probably have it tied up. She has a round face, and a constant warm tint to her cheeks. Her body is fairly toned due to the hectic conditions she's learned to live in, this being due to her venture away from home. Her hands are fairly small, though they're littered with faint scratches most of the time due to her constant need to create-
though creations come with hefty prices.

Valour's past is nothing too special, it was merely an average Vantha life. However, it was the significant explosion of events that occurred which divert her past from an average Vantha's.
Growing up in the Skyglow hold, Valour was raised to cherish and value the visual arts. Her parents were wonderful, charismatic people who introduced her to paint at the age of three. Valour took a natural liking to it, and over time began following her parent's footsteps.
But of course, she began nearing the age of marriage- and like any cliche teenage sob story, she didn't feel ready to take the leap. This hefty step wasn't something her parent's wanted to force onto her, they never took advantage of their superiority to her and so listened to her perspective. But of course, they were still Vantha, and did believe that she would have to get married at the maximum age of twenty.
Valour did not mind this, however her grandparent's believed it be suitable to marry before the maximum age, in order refrain from last-minute complexities. Being that the elders were respected, her parents heeded the advice, and an agreement for Valour to be married at sixteen was made.
Still, there was controversy between the family, but Valour loved her parents dearly and did not wish to disappoint them as well as crush their expectations of her.
However, this was not the only issue, Valour - while loved her home -, wanted to see the world, explore and adventure; she feared that getting married would keep her from being able to experience life outside of Avanthal. This clashed with the problems that had been dying down, and so she consulted with her parents.
Valour admitted her dreams to both her parents, she told them how she wanted to see the world, how marriage would probably prevent that due to her obligations.
The reaction was nothing less than what Valour expected, they hugged her and told her it was completely fine to have dreams. The day after that had gone by smoothly- no one had spoken bout her confessions the day before.
A few days after speaking with her parents, they approached her and told her she was free to leave. Sadness was evident in their eyes - considering the sadness was represented by deep shades of blue -, but they knew it was what their daughter wanted.
Valour was due to leave in a weeks time, and the family had small gatherings every night, in her favour. They weren't 'rich' but they were able to hold minor feasts, of course this wasn't a luxury they commonly invited. Finally, the day had come and Valour set off with nothing but her mother's paint set and as much gold miza her family could spare to get her to Riverfell.
She set off with a caravan, - at fifteen- and took multiple ones to get to Riverfall, it was dangerous, she verged on the brink of death a few times and regretted not being more prepared. The overall experience was traumatising and she had barely managed the trip.

Personality and More

Valour has quite a creative imagination due to the years she'd been learning from the best; her parents. She's no where near a high level with the arts, though she plans on perfecting it someday.
Valour is a bit of an introvert- she will not openly speak her mind with someone she is not familiar with, and will be cautious of the relations she makes.
She may come across as cold, though it is merely a false exterior. Yes, she does not rely on others, however she would never be able to sit back if a person is clearly victimised or being harassed- the probability of intervention on her part is beyond unequivocal.
While Valour isn't too fond of needless bloodshed, she will not hesitate to defend herself or a comrade if a threat poses itself. She's no coward, but rather bold and will take risks - granted, stupid ones occasionally - in order to remain safe.
Despite her protective mentality, verbal communication with her - if the subject is unknown - would be quite a challenge. While she does attempt to reciprocate attention, her past journey has left a mark of doubt in her mind. However, she is more likely to speak to a resident than one who is 'visiting'.
Upon familiarising herself with another, she grows rather attached. This is a habit developed from how she used to live; in an area with all her relatives close by. She is a loyal companion, and will stand by anyone who gives her the time to bond.
Valour and anger are like polar opposites- it is almost impossible to infuriate her.
If done, however, then it is considered a phenomenon. She grew up in a home that never introduced arguments, violence or overall hate. The emotion is rather foreign to her, and while she can become irritated at times, it is something she adopted through her adventures. While things can tick her off, the only ability to assume that she is bothered is by the unintentional change in her eye color.
The one time Val would openly speak to people in a loud and attention seeking manner would be while telling stories. She loves story-telling, though she's pretty terrible at it for the moment. However, over time, she plans to enhance her abilities.
With Valour's eye color, they're usually a faded purple. However they change depending on mood - obviously -. The intensity of the color deepens depending on the magnitude of her emotions. So if she over-joyed, they'll become a shimmering golden.
When angered, which is quite rare, they turn a light red.
Astonished they'll fade into random colors until they settle on one based on the predicament.
When disgusted, they turn a faded green.
When her interest is peaked, they turn a light blue.
When having any romantic/liking feelings, they turn a light pink.
When afraid or worried, they become a bit of a faded yellow.
When bored, they'll become a bit of a light orange.
When she's happy, they'll either be a shimmering golden, or a deep, violet purple. This depends on the reason for her happiness- if she's happy by something done alone, they'll turn a purple. If she's happy amongst people who have participated in this in some form or manner, they turn a glistening golden. (easier to explain through actual roleplay ^^'')
And of course, if upset, they will turn a vibrant blue.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani
Poor Language:Nothing as of now

Language Explanation
To put it simply, Valour's mother was raised outside of Avanthal and never really spoke Vani. She returned home having learned common as her main language, and married Valour's father who spoke fluent Vani. When Valour was born, they spoke to her in both language. Common, in order for her to be able to communicate with anyone who she may encounter in any possible travels, and Vani for the sake of remaining loyal to her homeland.
When Valour reached her teen years, she showed clear signs of wanting to leave someday and search for her adventure elsewhere. This was when she started speaking common almost perfectly and much more frequently than Vani.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Storytelling RB 10 Novice
Hunting SP 10 Novice
Riding SP 10 Novice
Intelligence SP 5 Novice
Painting SP 10 Novice
Cooking SP 10 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow SP 5 Novice

Horseback riding
Valour's father, while was a carver, used to hunt for Avanthal. He owned a steed which he would occasionally allow Valour to ride. This wasn't for fun, it was simply to get her used to the idea of riding a horse, and understand the basics. It was not only this that helped her with this skill, but the long ride with caravans. Throughout her travels, she would be placed on a horse for hours on end- another reason for her minor abilities.
This skill was something that she seemed to adopt by chance. While on caravans, she - on multiple occasions - would be presented with raw meat or raw fish. She had learned to cook, take out bones, and marinate with the caravan's cook. She took an interest in this skill, and so was always willing to help out. She became oddly attached to cooking, and helped out on a regular bases.
Hunting and Shortbow
Hunting was another skill that she seemed to carry by chance. Considering the lengthy travel she was made to endure, it consisted of a portion where she quite nearly had to hunt for survival. She had obtained a cheap shortbow over a short period of time which she used to hunt. She hadn't been too successful due to her inability to properly use the shortbow, though she did manage to catch a few critters.
This skill was something Valour accidentally picked up. Being that she's an adventurous person, her thirst for new experiences was relentless. Living in Avanthal most of her life, she sought out to make her life more entertaining instead of remaining cooped up inside her family house. This resulted in her always wandering around, picking up different rumours, noticing the difference in people and overall enhancing her intelligence. The constant need to explore and learn helped boost the skill despite it's minor ability.


Helpful Lores -
Lore of Riverfall Layout
Lore of History of Avanthal


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt - dark grey -
-Simple Pants - white -
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak - black -
-Simple Boots - dark brown -
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Valour carries a paint set consisting of three colors. The colors being primary: red, blue and yellow.


Location: Riverfall

House: Kuahala Estates


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cashed in housing +500 GM 600 GM
Medium Brush -8 CM 599 GM, 10 SM, 2 CM
Detail brush -5 SM 599 GM, 5 SM, 2 CM
Kuahala Estates -500 GM 99 GM, 5 SM, 2 CM
Palette(wooden) -2 SM 99 GM, 3 SM, 2 CM
Shortbow -30 GM 69 GM, 3 SM, 2 CM
Shortbow Arrows(20) -1 GM 68 GM, 3 SM, 2 CM
Canvas -1 SM 68 GM, 2 SM, 2 CM
Quiver -20 GM 48 GM, 1 SM, 2 CM

Thread List

Season Day Thread Name
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Summer 58 Ongoing Sisterhood of the Travelling Vantha
Summer 65 Ongoing Sakel City Event, Zhonjie Warrens; Double Act
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Summer 70 Ongoing Laviku's Secret; Fine Dining on Fickle Seas
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