Picking Up (Alija, please)

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An undead citadel created before the cataclysm, Sahova is devoted to all kinds of magical research. The living may visit the island, if they are willing to obey its rules. [Lore]

Picking Up (Alija, please)

Postby Thomas Cosa on June 28th, 2017, 5:39 am


2nd of Summer

Stranger scuttled over the ancient shelves. The golem clicked and clacked as it paced, pausing only to examine the odd book. The metal creature was obviously searching for something. It's four gems gleamed: red, purple, green, and blue. Crawling up, it reached the top, standing over a valley of meticulously organized books.

Thomas followed him. He walked quickly, his boots settling silently against the marble floor. They were hundreds of miles old, but he was careful; they didn't squeak. His golem had grown smarter with the red gem -- he'd discovered how to find books in the Great Library, without the librarian types. They were silly things, petty creations made to spite pulsers. Or him, at any rate. They never had listened to him.

Stranger flashed, his gems catching the magecrafted light. He'd found it.

Thomas collected the book his golem had found: Voiding, An Introduction. This was the magic that plagued him for an entire season, a magic he'd been scared to cast. The portals were more controllable now, less dangerous, but still difficult to produce. Perhaps after some research, it would be easier.

He settled down on a table, Stranger curled around his left hand and wrist, hiding his god-mark. His right hand opened the book, his silver wizard ring curled around his index finger.

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