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A day for knowlege (Orin)

Postby Casanova DeGhetto on July 17th, 2017, 4:42 am

The librarian left the two men to their work as they sat in a slight moment of silence. Rin, the name Cas had deemed upon Orin without his permission or knowledge at the current time, denied his offer to bandage him up, but was still willing to work with him. "You're correct, I do not know the feeling of shame, I do not lie about who I am or what I do or say,
so therefore I have nothing to be ashamed of."
Or at least that's how he saw it. He never really understood why some people lied. Well, if it were a life and death situation, maybe. But still, Cas didn't think he would care to tell a lie. He was actually ready to face death. He was so curious as to what lay on the other side of life. "Hey Rin" He began, not hesitating to use the new name he had for the man. "What do you think happens when you die?" The randomness of the question bounced back into his ears. He wouldn't want Orin to get offended, or fearful. Not that he didn't care, but in the name of knowledge, right?

"I.. I mean as in when any person dies. Hrm, What do you think it would feel like for a person to know they are taking their last breath? I was just wondering, some random thought that skipped in my head. Forget it."

He knew it would be too rude and sketchy for him to follow up with suggesting they travel to their next location, so he just sat with the book in his hand. Either Orin would have the sense to suggest it, or they were going to be in the library for a while. He undid the buckle of the satchel sitting under his chair. He removed a charcoal stick and a stack of papers, all have scribbles, lines, and curves across them. Sorting through the messy stack, he pulled out one that had just began to get it's first crinkle. Gently trying to smooth the blemish out, he created a neat stack with the paper he wanted on top.

He'd been working on this one in particular for a while. He rubbed his arm in remembrance of his first failed attempts, and he'd hadn't even created a first finished project yet. The wood was too rotten, or the metal he tried to work got too hot, or didn't get hot at all if he couldn't get the proper fire started. So now he was back to the drawing board. Maybe it was due to his design. Hm, maybe the wood could be a little less thicker? That would require him to shave it down more. Smaller axles maybe? He gave a grunt. He couldn't really go off his drawings, they were shyke.

Mildly annoyed by his own fault, he crumpled up the paper before stuffing it into his satchel to be properly disposed of later. Taking a new sheet out, he began to create poorly drawn lines on the blank sheet. He practiced rectangles first, since those were some of the easier shapes to create. Two lines horizontal, two lines vertical, a crooked box marked the paper. He'd learned to do everything in steps. It helped him keep track of what he was doing. Beside his first official box, he drew another. This one slightly skewed and at an angle, but still badly drawn. Re-positioning his paper straight, he looked at it. Giving a few extra line marks to try and even out it's crookedness. Above the two boxes he wrote "Wood (make thinner) " with two arrows pointing down at the boxes.

He wanted to look at the axles again, but had realized that Orin was still at the table with him. "Sorry about that, were you ready to lead?" He asked politely this time, knowing that the tension between the two had reached higher levels. Honestly, he didn't have a problem with Orin. He was kind and polite, persistent as shyke though. Cas began to wonder if that had anything to do with his temper. Maybe bullied? Deciding to save the thought for another egotistical battle, he began to organize the books as he awaited for Orin to take them to their destination.
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A day for knowlege (Orin)

Postby Orin Fenix on July 17th, 2017, 12:13 pm

Well I got that one right on the mark. At least Casanova had the decency to admit that shame was a foreign feeling. It didn't really make it better but at least the other man hadn't lied to Orin. Orin briefly considered trying to explain why shame could be a useful emotion – so that one didn't make the same mistake twice or that it could drive someone to improve – but decided that it wasn't actually worth trying to drive through Casanova’s thick skull. After all, if shame simply didn't affect Nov, then Orin doubted that anything the chef could say would change that.

Casanova was increasingly baffling Orin. The other man felt no shame, was clearly terrible with other people, and flitted from topic to topic without actually finishing any of the discussions off. Apparently all of Orin’s questions about Akalaks were to be ignored now that Zandar had proven Casanova’s point. Again, Orin thought about trying to get Casanova to shift attention back to the earlier topic, but figured that it wasn't worth the time and effort. Now that Orin knew about the two souls, he could discreetly investigate on his own. After all, Orin knew quite a few Akalaks with whom he was on friendly terms, Dolmar chief among them. While Orin assumed this was a topic the Akalaks deliberately kept quiet about, the chef couldn't imagine that his friends wouldn't give him more information if he broached the subject carefully and promised not to share any of it without their permission.

Satisfied with that course of action, Orin turned his thoughts to Casanova’s new line of inquiry. The chef heard the nickname, which was odd, but he'd let it slide for now. Orin really didn't like to focus on death, for a variety of fairly obvious reasons. Still, if it kept him and Casanova from trading barbs, Orin would do his best to answer. Unfortunately, his best in this case was not very good. “I'm not sure. I think you'd have to ask a priest,” Orin replied doubtfully. The chef preferred his own conversations with religious leaders to focus on life, but they should know at least something about death. Orin had a vague memory of a conversation touching on this all the way back in his Syliras days, in The Temple of All Gods with Miriam Devan. It had been part of a larger conversation and Orin hadn't really been paying attention so the details eluded him. “Don't our souls go to the place they come from where they're born, so they can be reincarnated again?” Orin ventures hesitantly. That was all the chef really remembered but maybe it would be enough to help Casanova. This wasn't a topic that Orin cared about so his mind didn't light up with any brilliant insights. “I imagine most people, unless they die of old age, are terrified though.”

Casanova must not have cared all that much for this topic as the other man took out a sheet of paper, looked at it, then crumpled it up, horrifying Orin. The chef still thought of paper as sacred, even, or maybe especially, after being exposed to this library. Surely whatever was on the sheet Casanova had just thrown into the depths of the bag couldn't have been so useless as to be trash. However, not knowing what was happening and not wanting to set Casanova off, Orin stayed silent. The other man had selected a new piece of paper and was drawing shapes on it for reasons completely unknown to Orin. Still, based on the intensity of the other man’s focus, Orin got the impression that whatever this was it was especially important to Nov. The other man drew for a while, before setting the new sheet aside, apparently more satisfied with this new creation.

Orin was about to ask what that was all about, but Casanova beat him to it. The other man was apparently getting antsy to leave, which was surprising to Orin, seeing as the two of them had really just gotten to the library. Still, Orin didn't want to damage the tentative overtures the two of them were making towards each other, so the chef nodded. “Sure. You wanted to go to the market and then I was going to take you to rhe kitchen where I work, correct?” Orin glanced out a nearby window, pleased to see that at this time of day, by the time the two men got to the kitchen, Dolmar and Korana would probably be out since it would be in between the afternoon and the evening crowds. While Orin was more than welcome to bring people to work, since he wasn't supposed to be there at all and they wouldn't necessarily be cooking, Orin was happier not to deal with them at all. “On the way you'll explain to me what you were working on just now.” With that, Orin set off. If Casanova wanted to get out, then Orin wouldn't waste another chime here. Hopefully Nov would follow.
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A day for knowlege (Orin)

Postby Salara Kel'Halavath on December 18th, 2017, 1:30 pm

Your Thread Award!

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Notes: Please update your character sheet with living expenses for Spring 517 and Summer 517. Once this has been updated I would be happy to complete the grade for this thread.

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