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Character Sheet: Salara Kel'Halavath

Postby Salara Kel'Halavath on December 20th, 2016, 1:19 am

Salara Kel’Halavath Image

Race: Kelvic – Catamount
Gender: Female
Age: Day 42 Winter: 509 currently 7yo. (physically 30ish)
Birthplace: Sunberth
Location: Zeltiva, Sylira

One will find Salara a slender, battle-hardened creature colored cream with highlights of red. Tresses are often worn long and free or in a ragged tail down her back. Her length measures 6 feet - head to toe/tip to tail, stone weight 150 in either form. In her youth, she was branded a Kelvic slave by a black tattoo of a catamount’s face. These marks were usually made upon a slave's hand; but Salara fought back; so instead, the slave trader inked the mark upon the back of her neck so she could not easily receive the status offered to a slave in that region. It was her first battle which she considered a 'win.'

Webs of silvery scars map her body but the only one visible in both her forms is a star-shaped pucker evident through her left shoulder. Those accustomed to wounds would recognize an arrow piercing from back to front. Treachery? Cowardice? Betrayal? Pain lingers in the depths of her amber feline eyes yet she will not comment upon the situation that resulted in her being shot in the back; but for baring pointed teeth in a hiss and sharp nails digging deep crescents into her large palms. One wouldn’t know that the shoulder piercing mark matches a scar on her heart; however, a perceptive individual might catch a distance in her gaze or an inexplicable one of empty longing when in the presence of Zith.

Salara generally prefers being cloaked and draped in loose clothes for easy disrobing. Moving with an animalistic grace she appreciates the feel of fine cloth shifting fluidly against her skin, at least in times when her income can support it. She experiences acute eyesight, excellent hearing, and agility; yet also shares a poor sense of smell with her feline perspective.


‘Curiosity Killed the Cat,’ cliché yet true to form Salara shows a bold inquisitiveness that often finds her taking risks greater than reward’s worth. First impressions are of a quiet, reserved nature finding more comfort in solitude or small groups than a crowd. However, when her emotions drive her actions she can be quick to over-react and difficult to calm. She shows a warm heart to children and has been known to pass out small trinkets of worth to tiny hands.

She is aligned Chaotic Good so rest assured, just when you count on her acting one way she will act another. Salara, of course, has no issue with thievery. After all, if one can afford to share… she is more than willing to help them do so. Ever inquisitive, her fingers seem to have a mind of their own. They reach for what she wants even if she doesn't realize or intend to act upon the want.

A close combat fighter and the nature of a catamount she prefers waiting to pounce from the shadows silent and deadly. Approaching her enemies from behind before they even know what has happened has helped her survive insurmountable odds, often of her own making.

Having a merchant’s eye towards assessment and her natural abilities have supported a proficient career as a burglar finding preference with “beauties” found in the affluent homes she visits. Mizas are all well and good; but finer things such as gems, incense, spices, and the occasional unique perfume bottle may be found in her loot.

‘Ware the timid as she tends to pursue things that run from her and will certainly investigate and may attack if her quarry plays dead. While she is a sneaker herself one should avoid sneaking up on her to avoid unfortunate circumstance. She has been known to be a trickster.

She is a good swimmer; however she hates being wet and will gladly choose otherwise if an alternative presents itself.
She can ride horseback but recognizes a hoofed creature’s natural inclination to shy at predators so will often travel upon fours to scout about.
Her feline form can bound up to 40’ running, leap 20’ up a tree, climb a 12’ fence, travel for miles at 10 mph, and reach sprint speed of 50 mph.

Salara has an intense dislike for bullies and has been known to jump to the defense of the weak as long as they do not fall under her list of 'Prey.'
Understandably she is disinclined to trust those of canine persuasion so such relationships may start out rocky at best. Her nemesis - the barking dog.

Unable to remember her birthparents and as uncertain of her day of birth Salara’s memories begin as a kit in her first Kelvic year in Ravok. Salara’s ‘father,’ Cerilius Krenshaw, obtained her to assist in his mercantile trade where she learned the value of a Miza and treachery of the dishonest. No love lost, a deal gone bad left her alone in the world with her ‘father’ dead in an alley at the hands of a cutthroat who scored a mere pittance of miza for the effort. Finding survival in thievery and security in burglary still she lead an unsuccessful life. In her second year she was taken from the streets where she had the opportunity and found the desire to adventure for her fortune.

In her third year, through adventures, she met her bondmate, Kaldath Kel’Halavath. A pairing of quick attraction and deep mutual caring their partnership completed them both. In her 6th year, she lost him and was left with only an heirloom necklace – his bond gift to her– to remember him by. Now alone and recovered from deep depression she has come to Syliras where her mercantile knowledge, skills and proclivity for adventure should get her settled in quickly.

516 AV - Winter
Finding herself at loose ends with no prospects for work, Salara proactively approached the mercurial Fallon Skylark of Scarred Wolf Investigations for a patron reference. She completed rather tedious research to prove her worth. She was offered the singular opportunity to travel and train with Fallon, a master investigator, as an apprentice so she could develop her skills of larceny and subterfuge more quickly and for the good of others more than herself.

A conversation with the Konti, Liriope, awoke her desire to find out more about her origins and parents in Sunberth in an attempt to be 'more complete.'

517 AV - Spring
Salara is rescued from a pack of wolves by the Jamoura Kesh, and a shipwright, Karyk. Their battles to overcome the wolves brought the trio closer. So much so that Salara all but loses her heart to Karyk as Zetiva's downturn forces them to migrate together in a caravan with new companions, Oleander and Tollivant. Adventuring with her friends opened her eyes to the pleasure of roaming wild and free.

A bond began to grow between Karyk and Salara but her concern for his life and her aging as a Kelvic brought a wedge between them regardless of their magical moments together. Torn by indecision, eventually her prior obligations to Fallon and Karyk's choice to tread a separate path rather than follow her to Riverfall resulted in an emotionally painful, abrupt end to their fledgling bond. It was the best times and one of the worst of her life.

This time period begins showing a divide between Salara the woman (business side - emotionally controlled) and Salara the cougar (fun side - freely emotional). Will she need to choose or can she become a blend of both?

517 AV - Summer
Karyk and Salara say farewell as he moves on to Ravok and she boards a ship to Riverfall with Fallon. She will mourn, grieve, and second-guess her decisions for what could have been. Secretly in her heart she thinks, 'perhaps someday...'

Fluent Language: Common

Acting 1/100 N
Botany 1/100 N
Cooking 1/100 N
Disguise 2/100 N
Flirting 1/100 N
Foraging 1/100 N
Hunting 1/100 N
Intelligence 5/100 N
Investigation 4/100 N
Larceny 17/100 N
Leadership 1/100 N
Logic 2/100 N
Negotiation 2/100 N
Observation 14/100 N
Philosophy 3/100 N
Rhetoric 3/100 N
Seduction 2/100 N
Socialization 10/100 N
Stealth 2/100 N
Subterfuge 19/100 N
Swimming 2/100 N
Tactics 2/100 N
Teaching 2/100 N
Tracking 1/100 N
Unarmed Combat 10/100 N
Weapon: Dagger 6/100 N
Weapon: Whip 5/100 N
Wilderness Survival 3/100 N
Writing 2/100 N

1@SP Hearth SOLD 41st Spring 517 AV - - 3.0.00
1@SP Chest SOLD 41st Spring 517 AV - - 2.0.00
1@SP Chair SOLD 41st Spring 517 AV - - 3.0.00
1@SP Small table SOLD 41st Spring 517 AV - - 7.0.00
1@SP Waterskin - - 1.0.00
1@SP Backpack - - 2.0.00
1@SP Comb - - 1.0.00
1@SP Brush - - 3.0.00
1@SP Razor - - ?
1@SP Eating knife - - 0.0.03
1@SP Flint and steel - - 1.0.00
1@SP Heirloom - necklace - - 50.0.00
1@SP Soap (2oz) - - 0.3.00
1@SP Food for a week - - ?
1@SP Common undergarments - - 0.1.00
1@SP Common sandals - - 0.2.00
1@SP Common cloak - - 0.5.00
1@9th Winter 516 AV T - University embroidered cloak - - TBD
1@25th Spring 517 AV T - poor trousers - - TBD
1@25th Spring 517 AV T - poor linen shirt - - TBD
@63rd Summer 517 AV Dinner Wear ($ to Fallon Skylark)
Skirt 4sm x1.25 Cotton - - 0.5.00
Blouse 8sm x25 Silk, x5 Brocade - - 24.0.00
Gloves 5sm x5 Embroidered, x2 Leather - - 3.5.00
Belt 2sm x10 Simple Buckle, x2 Leather - - 2.4.00
Toilette Kit - - 25.0.00
- 100.0.00
- 600.0.00
Winter 516 AV (1gm/day) Old Quarter Housing Rent (common) - 91.0.00 509.0.00
Winter 516 AV (1.5gm/day) Living expense (common) - 136.5.00 372.5.00
1@SP purchase Bull whip - 1.0.00 311.5.00
1@SP purchase Punching Dagger - 2.0.00 365.5.00
1@SP purchase Knife – Spider throwing - 10.0.00 359.5.00
1@SP purchase Thieves tools - 30.0.00 329.5.00
@Day 1, Worlds End Grotto (1) cheese,(2) bread - 0.1.40 329.3.60
@Day 1, Worlds End Grotto tip/bribe - 0.0.60 329.3.00
@Day 7, Worlds End Grotto (1) meat - 0.3.00 329.0.00
@Day 7, Clothier (1) Damasked Wool Gown - 5.6.00 323.4.00
@Day 7, Clothier (1) Lace Coif/hat - 0.8.00 322.6.00
@Day 7, Clothier (1) Slippers/Shoes - 0.1.00 322.5.00
@Day 7, Clothier (1) Stockings - 0.4.00 322.1.00
@Day 7, Mercantile (1) ink/bottle - 1.0.00 321.1.00
@Day 7, Mercantile (1) Pen/(1) Parchment - TBD $
@Day 9, Quills Rest (2) Kelp Tea / Tip 4c - 0.4.04 320.6.06
Spring 517 AV (1gm/day) Old Quarter Housing Rent (common) - 41.0.00 279.6.06
Spring 517 AV (1.5gm/day) Living expense (common) - 61.5.00 218.1.06
Spring 517 AV (.5 gm/day) Living expense migration (poor) - 25.0.00 193.1.06
@Day 25, Merchants SELL Poor quality Wolf carcass/pelt TBD - TBD
@Day 41, Mercantile Rucksack - 1.0.00 192.1.06
@Day 41, Mercantile Fishing Kit - 10.0.00 182.1.06
@Day 41, Mercantile Tent 1 person - 2.0.00 180.1.06
@Day 41, Mercantile Breeches - 0.8.00 179.3.06
@Day 41, Mercantile Blouse - 0.8.00 178.5.06
@Day 41, Mercantile High Boots - 0.5.00 178.0.06
@Day 41, Mercantile SELL Hearth 3.0.00 - 181.0.06
@Day 41, Mercantile SELL Chest 2.0.00 - 183.0.06
@Day 41, Mercantile SELL Chair 3.0.00 - 186.0.06
@Day 41, Mercantile SELL Small Table 7.0.00 - 193.0.06
@ Day 91, INCOME Guard duty from Zeltiva to Syliras TBD - TBD
Summer 517 AV (Apprentice to Fallon) Living expense migration (poor) - 0.0.00 TBD
Summer 517 AV (Apprentice to Fallon Living expense RiverFall (common) - 0.0.00 TBD
@Day 1, Mercantile SELL Tent 2.0.00 - 195.0.06
@Day 1, Mercantile (2) Common Dress - 1.6.00 193.4.06
@Day 41, Captain of Destiny's Lass Postage to Ravock - 100.0.00 93.4.06

1st, Winter 516AV World's End Grotto: In Theory, Winter Comes Liriope et. al.
5th, Winter 516AV A Lay of The Land, Part 1 Leliana
7th, Winter 516 AV Learning to Work or Working to Learn? Fallon
9th, Winter 516 AV Rainy Days and Acquaintances Liriope
10th, (morning) Winter 516 AV Learning to Work: Research Part 1
10th, (afternoon) Winter 516 AV Learning to Work: Research Part 2
1st, Spring 517AV Learning to Work: Research Conclusion
5th, Spring 517 AV Tying Up the Ends Fallon
10th, Spring 517 AV [University] A Lesson in Investigation Fallon & Ignard
25th, Spring 517 AV How Much Wood? Karyk, Kesh
41st, Spring 517 AV Good Bye Sweet Port Karyk, Oleander, Tollivant
43-44, Spring 517 AV Missing Memories and Crying Statues Karyk, Oleander, Kesh, Tollivant active
50th, Spring 517 AV Bandits of the Wilds Oleander, Karyk, Kesh, Tollivant Discontinued
70th, Spring 517 AV [Priskill's Pond] Help Wanted: Pitching a Tent Karyk
80th, Spring 517 AV Sylrias or Bust aka Caravan Under Siege Karyk, Oleander active
1st, Summer 517 AV morning Sylira, Symbol of Hope various NA arrival transition
1st, Summer 517 AV mid-day Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Karyk active
1st, Summer 517 AV evening All Aboard! Fallon active
5th, Summer 517 AV Getting Whipped Into Shape active
46th, Summer 517 AV Riverfall: The Land and Sea Gates misc. NA Season Registry
50th, Summer 517 AV [Kniran Gardens] Cats got Her Tounge Kavala, Fallon, Sensha Chamra active
53rd, Summer 517 AV [Sakel Event #2] A Sky Unseen Syllyssandevanna active
55th, Summer 517 AV Greeting Caravans: Meeting old friends and new Bailan Martel, Valour Skyglow active
63rd, Summer 517 AV [Almond Blossom] Ingredients of an Investigation Orin Fenix active
65th, Summer 517 AV [Sakel City Event] [Zhongjie Warren] Double Act Fallon, Valour Skyglow active
77th Fall, 517 AV PLACEHOLDER: Please Mister Postman Karyk active: pending
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