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Ambrosia enjoys a night with some of her favorite people

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.


Postby Ambrosia Alar on July 10th, 2017, 4:17 am


The 89th of Summer, 517 AV

Stumbling through the door of the Stallion’s Rear in her hurry, Ambrosia flashed an apologetic smile to Cade, the man behind the bar. Normally, Ionu and the city’s illusions were kind to her and led her straight to where she wanted to be in the shifting streets of Alvadas. All she had to do was hold an image of her destination in her mind, and the illusions would lead her there. Today, though, she had followed illusions that ought to have led her to work but instead had her on a meandering trail to nowhere. In a confusing game the illusions seemed to want to play with her, she found herself heading in one direction for a while, only to be headed in the opposite direction one street over a chime later. Eventually, the city or Ionu or whoever was in charge of the illusions grew tired of her unwavering faith and led her in the right direction.

“Evening, Ambrosia. The streets petching with ya?” Cade asked.

“Yes. Sorry to be late,” she apologized as she took a quick glance at the evening crowd. It was easy to see there was no need for her apology. The true evening crowd hadn’t arrived yet. There were only about half a dozen patrons present so far, most of them regulars.

One of them, Eli, was at a table with a few of his friends, all fellow workers from the Port. It was a rare night that he didn’t bring friends and rarer night still that he didn’t come at all. They were a good bunch, those from the docks, always looking to have a fun time and drink away the weariness that stacked on their shoulders from the physical exertion of the day. They were all big men, a necessity in their line of work. The only thing more prolific than their muscles was their livers. Each of them could put away ten times what Ambrosia could, but that was only half of what made them suck good customers. These men lived to drink, because they lived to have a good time. More than they liked to drink, they liked to laugh. Eli himself was a boisterous soul but not in a way that annoyed people. Most found him a good-natured storyteller who was always good for a laugh. He and his friends preferred the lager as it made for an easy drink to imbibe a lot of in a short time, but Ambrosia wouldn’t have to worry about them for a while. Each had two pints in front of them at the moment.

Cordon was there as well, sitting by himself at a table against the wall and glowering at everyone and everything, but that was nothing new. He was always glaring, even if he was happy. It made him a hard man to read which made Ambrosia’s job more difficult. Depending on his mood, he preferred different drinks. If his mood was a foul one like his face always seemed to say it was, then he went with the ale. If he was in a more jovial mood though, he took the lager. There was nothing on the table in front of him, so she’d have to see to him first.

There was only one other customer present, and she was someone Ambrosia had never seen before. She was young, mid-twenties at the most, and quite the beauty. Auburn hair fell to her shoulders and spilled over in exquisite, tumbling curls. Her eyes were a sharp, crystalline blue that seemed only brighter from a distance. It was difficult to tell with her sitting behind the table, but she seemed to have a slender build from what Ambrosia could see. In front of her was a glass of wine that was nearing empty. After Ambrosia dealt with Cordon, she’d see if the woman needed a top off. That’d give her a good excuse to find out some more about the young woman.

Sliding up to Cade, Ambrosia gave him a playful nudge with her elbow as she picked up a bar towel to dry a mug he’d just washed. “It looks like you’ve been falling behind without me here.”

“What do ya mean?”

“Cordon doesn’t have a drink.”

“Well, you should have been the one filling it for him,” Cade retorted. “You’re the one slacking here.”

“Not my fault.” Ambrosia inspected the mug and, satisfied it was dry, placed it with the other clean ones. “What sort of a mood is he in today?”

The bartender smirked. “You look at him and tell me.”

Ambrosia raised her eyebrows. “That’s impossible. When you learn that magic, tell me.” Sliding two mugs toward herself, she began to fill one with ale. “I’ll get him served.”

“How do you know what he wants?”

“I don’t.” She finished filling the ale and started filling the other mug with lager. Ambrosia flashed Cade a smile. “But I can’t be wrong if I go with both.”

“What about the one he doesn’t take? It better not go to waste.”

With another bright smile, she held up both mugs. “Don’t worry. It won’t.”
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Postby Ambrosia Alar on August 6th, 2017, 6:34 pm

Two mugs of beer in hand, Ambrosia crossed the bar to Cordon’s table. Ever the optimist, she held out the lager to him. Though she meant to be confident, she was certain her hesitance was obvious. “Hello, Cordon. I’m glad to see you made it in tonight. I brought you a beer.”

Cordon glared at her. “What is it?”

She beamed her best smile. “The lager.”

Rolling his eyes, Cordon gave the wall opposite him his best glare. “Petch off.”

Ambrosia’s face fell a little at this, but she had planned for such a response. Pulling the lager back toward herself, she held out the ale to him. “I thought you might say that. This is the ale.”

Cordon paused and considered the drink in front of him. Finally, he nodded.

Ambrosia’s smile brightened, and she set the drink in front of the man. “You’re welcome.”

Cordon glared at his ale as she walked away. “Ambrosia.” His voice stopped her, and she turned back to him. “You’re a good kid.”

“I know.”

She turned back toward Eli’s table and caught the tail end of a joke the dockworker was telling. It was bad, so bad the rest of the workers groaned. Ambrosia couldn’t help but smile but only because the joke was that terrible and she enjoyed smiling so much. However, she did hear a chuckle, and when she turned to identify where it had come from, Ambrosia caught the woman in the corner hiding a smile behind her hand. The young woman seemed to be the only one who found the joke amusing. Eli’s friends began to heckle him mercilessly.

Eli tried to defend himself. “Oh, come on. That was a good one.”

One of his best mates, Peter, looked incredulous. “Good one? Mate, my five-year old niece comes up with shit cleverer than that.”

When Ambrosia swept into their midst, she saved Eli from any further embarrassment. “Peter! How is your niece? Anita, was it?”

“Yeah, it’s Anita. She’s turning out to be whip smart.”

Ambrosia dug an elbow into his side playfully. “Nothing like her uncle then.”

Peter laughed. “No. Thank the Gods for that. She might even grow up to be as smart and pretty as you, Ambrosia.”

“Smarter and prettier, I’m sure.” Ambrosia knew how to lay on the charm.

Peter held up his mug. “I’ll drink to that.”

Taking a quick gulp of the beer in her hand, Ambrosia swallowed and handed the mug to Eli. “Here’s another lager, Eli. On the house.”

Throwing an arm around her waist, Eli gave her a friendly squeeze. “Aren’t I the lucky one? Wait. Are you trying to get me drunk?” His hand slipped across her lower back, then a little lower.

Ambrosia put on a mock face of shock and gasped before punching his shoulder. “You’re not that lucky.”

Not moving his hand, he gave her a questioning look. “Then why are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Because when you’re drunk, you buy more alcohol.”

His hand left her backside, and he grabbed his beer as his face fell. “That’s a cheap trick.”

Placing a kiss on his cheek and winking at him when he looked her way, Ambrosia gave him her best smile. “You know you love it.”

A smile broke across his face. “Yeah, I do. I just wish a girl would actually show some interest in me.”

“One has.” Ambrosia flicked her head subtly in the direction of the young woman in the corner.

Eli took a quick look and shook his head. “Her? I’d be lucky if she was interested in me, but she hasn’t spoken to me since she arrived.”

“Because she’s shy. Grow a pair. Try making the first move. Besides, she laughed at that sad excuse for a joke.”

With that, the heckling began again in earnest. Ambrosia left them to pick him clean like crows on carrion. Slipping quickly back over to the bar, Ambrosia found an unopened bottle of wine and made her way over to the newcomer in the corner.
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Postby Ambrosia Alar on September 26th, 2017, 12:49 am

Ambrosia held up the bottle as she stood across the table from the woman. “Can I convince you to take another glass of wine?”

The other woman smiled. “I probably shouldn’t.”

Ambrosia returned the smile with her own, genuine one. “Why not? What could be holding you back?”

The woman leaned in and whispered as if the two were conspirators in some great, unknown collaboration. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Sitting down and leaning in to shorten the distance between them, Ambrosia imitated her customer’s expression. In her excitement, Ambrosia could barely contain her voice to a whisper. Her smile brightened. “I love secrets.”

“I’m a lightweight.”

Ambrosia laughed. “That’s not too much of a secret, love. Your cheeks are red after only one drink. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means you can get drunk faster than anyone else here.” An idea burst into her head. “Besides, why complain about drinking something that’s free?”

“Free?” The woman’s eyes brightened at that.

Ambrosia gave a subtle flick of her head in Eli’s direction. “See that gentleman over there? The taller one? Ambrosia set the entire bottle down on the table. “He said this bottle was on him.”

The woman looked. “Eli?”

“Do you know him?”

“No.” The woman’s quickly deepening blush said otherwise. “I’ve just heard of him. He really bought me a whole bottle? That’s pricy.”

Ambrosia nodded. “I imagine he’d like to share with you, not so much for alcohol as for sharing your company.”

A few rowdy customers wandered in, not any one that Ambrosia recognized. They had obviously been enjoying drinks elsewhere. Several were having difficulties with simple tasks, tasks like standing. “I’ll be right with you, gentlemen.”

One of them waved her off politely. “Take your time, miss. We should probably take it easy on the drinking for now.”

“Fair enough, love. I’ll be by to check on you in a bit.” Ambrosia smiled at the other young woman. “I’ll go grab a glass for Eli… unless you’d rather drink that all to yourself.”

The woman laughed. “No, no. Please bring another glass.”

Excusing herself with a smile, Ambrosia made her way to the bar to fetch a clean wine glass. She stepped quickly back over to the dock workers’ table and stood so she was positioned between Eli and the woman he had supposedly bought a drink for. Setting the glass down, she slid it toward him. “This is yours.”

“What good is an empty glass gonna do me?”

With a subtle flick of her head, Ambrosia indicated the woman in the corner. “It’s for sharing that bottle of wine with the young lady. I told her you bought it for her. She was impressed.”

“Thanks, Ambrosia. You didn’t have to do that.”

“Well, I did. Mostly because I was certain you’d follow through.”

Eli looked stunned, then pissed. “Do you have any idea how expensive a bottle of wine is?”

“I do.” Ambrosia kept her voice steady and light to keep him as calm as possible. It was easier to convince someone of something if they weren’t angry or frustrated. “She does too. She was very impressed.”

Glaring at her, Eli pulled the coins out and put them on the table in front of her. “Some days, I hate you.”

Keeping herself between Eli and his potential date so the young woman wouldn’t see the money exchange, Ambrosia beamed a smile at Eli. “That’s how I know that most days you love me. Now go enjoy your date.”

Eli flashed her a somewhat grateful smile, took his wineglass, and put on his most charming face as he walked over to the woman’s table. Once the two were engrossed in conversation, Ambrosia took the coins and put them in a pocket before heading over to the newcomers to see if they needed anything. One of them had been enjoying his drink far more than the others and was now passed out with his head on the table in a slowly growing puddle of his own saliva.

“I know he doesn’t need another drink, but can I get anyone else here something?”

Most declined, but the man who had spoken up for them earlier requested a lager. Returning to the bar, Ambrosia filled a mug with the desired beer and put several bar towels over her arm. Once the man had his beer, Ambrosia requested his help lifting his unconscious friend’s arms up on to the table. As the man lifted his passed out friend, Ambrosia wiped up the man’s puddle of drool quickly then folded his arms on the table in front of him, laying a towel over the top one to absorb any further drool. The conscious man laid his friend’s head down and thanked Ambrosia for her kindness and attention to detail.

When Ambrosia made it back to the bar, she grabbed a bottle of degtine and two shot glasses and flagged Cade down. “I’’m gonna go check on Cordon. Something’s got him in an off mood.”
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Postby Ambrosia Alar on November 15th, 2017, 4:43 am

When Ambrosia slid up to his table, Cordon looked up and gave her his customary glare. Ambrosia didn’t return one of her regular smiles. Sometimes, smiling didn’t make things better. Instead, she just held up the bottle of degtine. “Something a little stronger?”

Cordon’s glare softened, and he nodded his head. “Yes. But only if you’re joining me.”

This time, Ambrosia did let a small, triumphant smile sneak across her lips as she held up the two shot glasses. “I wouldn’t let you drink this alone.”

Cordon slid a chair out for her with his foot, then reached into his pocket, and slid four golden mizas across the table to her. Ambrosia had no idea what Cordon did for work (he had always remained enigmatic about most everything about himself besides what he did in the tavern), but it must have paid well as he was never hesitant to pay for his drinks no matter how pricy they might be. Ambrosia poured a full shot for him and, hiding her shot glass by wrapping her hand around it, only poured herself a partial shot.

“Woah, woah, woah.” Cordon’s glare hardened again. “None of this half-shot shit. If you’re drinking with me, you do full shots or nothing at all.”

Her guilty smile confirmed his suspicions. “So you’ve seen that trick before?”

Cordon nodded. “And I’m fine with you using it on all the drunks in here. Just don’t use it on me.”

“You do realize I have to stay sober enough to keep serving drinks, right?”

“Not my problem.”

Exasperated but yielding, Ambrosia topped off her shot and held it up. “Here’s to hoping your problems never become mine.”

Cordon held up his shot. “I’ll drink to that.”

Both threw back their shots, and Ambrosia winced at the familiar burn of alcohol as it filled her mouth, hit the back of her throat, and seemed to spread throughout her entire body from there. No matter how often she drank it, she never really got used to that sensation. When Cordon set his shot glass down, Ambrosia immediately filled both up and threw hers back. It was easier to take another shot after she had already taken one. That way, she knew the burn she should expect.

There was a questioning look in Cordon’s glare. “Wait. What are we drinking to?”

“Who said we needed anything to drink to?” She tapped the rim of his shot glass. “You’re falling behind.”

Cordon just nodded, lifted up his shot glass to her, and dropped it back. Ambrosia filled their glasses back up and held hers up. “So what’s this one to?”

Cordon smirked but somehow managed to keep his glare the whole time. “I thought you said we didn’t need anything to drink to?”

“We don’t.” Ambrosia shrugged. “But I wanna drink to something.”

“Fine.” Cordon glared at his shot glass, deep in thought. Ambrosia could tell he was having difficulty finding something good. His mind was occupied by something else. Finally, he came up with something he thought would do. “To you.”

Shaking her head, Ambrosia smiled. “That’s a weak toast, Cordon. It might work for drunk people, but it doesn’t work for me.”

Cordon shrugged and glared at the table top. “You’re about the only good thing I can think of right now.”

“Then you disguise that and work it into a compliment. Like so.” She held up her shot glass. “To the beautiful and bright things in this world. To the sun and stars. To you and I.”

With a wink, Ambrosia threw back her shot and waited for Cordon to do the same. Filling both back up, she slid Cordon his and held up hers. “You try now.”

Cordon held up his shot glass. “To the stable things: the unmovable earth, the night and the day, the seasons. To you.”

Ambrosia smiled at the compliment to her. She was glad she could serve as a point of stability in people’s lives, even if it was only to serve them their drinks. “To me.”

When both were done, Ambrosia filled up the shot glasses a final time. “To honesty.”

Cordon’s glare became laden with suspicion. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Ambrosia set her shot glass down and let her eyes meet his, really meet them, in a way that said he needed to listen. “Look, Cordon. Something’s bothering you, and I wanna know what it is. It may not be any of my business, but I consider you a friend and not just the kind you smile at in passing. I care about you. So what is it?”

Hoping there was something elsewhere in the bar to draw their attention, Cordon looked past her, so he didn’t have to meet her eyes. Obviously, he found something, because the look in his eyes changed to relief. “Look at that. Bethany just wandered in.”

Spinning in her chair, Ambrosia saw her older sister looking around the bar for her. When Ambrosia caught Bethany’s eye with a wave, Bethany waved back and then pointed to the bar. Ambrosia nodded. Bethany went to take a seat, and Ambrosia turned back to Cordon. “She can wait. Now come on. What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing more than usual.”

Ambrosia glared. “There’s plenty more than usual.”

“Says who?”

“I can count on one finger the number of times you’ve told me to petch off. Tonight.” Ambrosia lifted her shot. “To honesty.” When she put it down, she fixed him with a glare that rivaled his. “Don’t take that shot unless you mean it.”

Cordon considered the shot for a moment, then took it. His expression softened again. “Do you promise what I tell you doesn’t leave this table?” At Ambrosia’s nod, he went on. “It’s a family matter, Ambrosia. Most people don’t know, but I’m the middle child of seven, all the rest girls. For some reason, I became the anchor of the family, the one everyone turned to to make things right when things went wrong. It seems to be, though, that my sister, the one born just after me, always manages to find something to go wrong. And everybody in my family expects me to fix her problems whenever they arise. Which is always. She can’t ever seem to get anything right.”

Ambrosia placed a gentle hand on his arm and gave a squeeze. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

“That’s just the thing. I don’t want to be the one who has to fix everything. I’m tired of that.” Ambrosia wondered if that was how Bethany felt about all the times she had to look after her two younger sisters. She imagined that was why Bethany was in the Rear, to talk to Ambrosia about their little sister Tessa. “But no one else will help her, and I can’t do nothing. She’s my little sister. I’ve been looking after her my whole life. I won’t give up on her.”

“What kind of trouble has she gotten herself into this time around?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.” By the look in his eyes, Ambrosia knew he meant that. “I appreciate your concern, but this is family matter, a private matter.”

Ambrosia nodded, not satisfied with the limited answer that had only spawned more questions but knowing she had already been given more than he had wanted to share. “You’ll figure it out this time, too. I believe that. And, eventually, she’ll get things figured out on her own, and she’ll be the one looking after you before you know it.”

“I’d drink to that.”

Filling up both shot glasses, Ambrosia raised hers to him. “To her.”

“To Cynthia.”

After the shots, Ambrosia held up his empty mug. “Another?”

Cordon nodded. “Take your time with it though. See to your sister first.”

She turned to the bar with a quick promise to return when she could.

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Postby Ambrosia Alar on November 23rd, 2017, 5:18 pm

When Ambrosia stood across the bar from her sister, Bethany gave her a tight smile. It seemed the more worried Bethany got, the more beautiful she became, and tonight, she was gorgeous. It wasn’t that she did anything different with her honey-colored hair or that she dressed any differently. But the more that worry filled her face, the more certain lines hardened and others softened until she was an absolute vision of beauty.

Ambrosia beamed a smile she reserved for only the most important people in her life. It was gentler but with so much more emotion. “Hello, Bethany.”

Bethany’s worried smile could have melted any man present into doing anything for her. “Hello, sis.”

Filling a mug with ale, Ambrosia set it in front of her sister.

Exasperation flashed across Bethany’s face, and briefly, her beauty diminished but only slightly. “I’m not here to drink.”

Smiling, Ambrosia pushed the mug even closer in an attempt to tempt her sister with the beer. “I know, but you’re gonna drink anyhow.”

Once again, frustration lessened Bethany’s worry and, in turn, her beauty. “I’m being serious. I’m here to start asking people about Tessa.”

Neither had seen their sister in nearly three weeks. That was why Bethany was so worried. If Ambrosia was being honest with herself, she was starting to get worried as well, but worry was no stranger to Ambrosia, at least not in other people. She had seen plenty of others come into the Rear to drink to forget their worries. She’d have to see if she could get her older sister drunk enough to give her some respite from her constant worrying.

To put Bethany at ease, she adopted a serious tone. “I know. I was just about to get started and get some of our regulars to get the word out to search for her. But in the meantime, you’re gonna do the Rear a favor and have this drink.”

“I don’t have the money for it.”

“It’s on the house.”

Bethany gave Ambrosia a suspicious stare. “How is me drinking a free drink doing a favor for the Rear?”

Smiling and winking, Ambrosia pushed the mug forward once more as enticingly as she could. “Because nothing gets men buying drinks faster than a beautiful woman sitting alone at the bar with an empty drink in front of her.”

It was a trick Cade had showed her early on in her time at the Rear. Initially, Ambrosia had been skeptical that the idea had any merit, but that night, Cade had sat her down at the bar, gave her a quarter-full mug of beer, and had her polish it off and wait. All night long, there was never less than four drinks in front of Ambrosia, and what men had bought for her and to drink with her had accounted for a quarter of what they had brought in that night.

Something buzzed in Ambrosia’s pocket. Reaching in quickly, Ambrosia pulled the little, illusory bee out of her pocket and set him in front of Bethany. “Sorry, little guy. I promised you a drink, didn’t I?” Dipping her fingers into an abandoned glass of wine, Ambrosia dabbed a few droplets of alcohol in front of the bee. She looked back to Bethany. “Keep an eye on him, would you? Make sure no one squishes him, please.”

“I hate bees, sis.”

“I know, but he probably won’t even crawl on you. If he runs out of wine, just give him a few drops of your drink, and I’m sure he’ll be content.”

“Ambrosia.” The tone of Bethany’s voice and the look on her face both said she wasn’t pleased, but she was already starting to get noticed by several men in the tavern. One pulled up a stool next to her and began idle conversation. Bethany played her part well. To every man that took a seat next to her, she gave a warm smile, and every one of them felt certain he had a chance with her. Ambrosia knew none of them were good enough for Bethany, but they would all figure that out by the end of the night. The drinks began to flow quickly, and Ambrosia watched for a few more chimes before stepping away to go talk to Eli.

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Postby Ambrosia Alar on November 23rd, 2017, 10:02 pm

Eli and his new date were laughing at something one of them had said when Ambrosia sidled up. She smiled when she saw that the bottle was almost finished.

“Having a good night?” Ambrosia hoped she wasn’t interrupting too much.

Eli’s date laughed. “A wonderful time, Ambrosia. Thank you. Eli told me what you did, with the wine and such.”

Ambrosia punched Eli’s shoulder. “You were supposed to keep that part secret.”

He shrugged. “I know, but once I started talking with her, she seemed like someone who would enjoy the truth. And someone who deserved the truth.”

His date smiled. “I just found it comical.” She held up the nearly empty bottle. “Half a bottle later, I think it’s even more hilarious.”

“Well, I’m glad it’s working out for both of you.”

Ambrosia was racking her brain for a way to bring up Tessa in the conversation when Eli’s date’s eyes lit up in recognition of someone walking through the door. “My friends are here, Eli. I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t be too long,” Eli called after her.

“She seems nice.” Ambrosia watched as the other young woman greeted her friends and pulled them over to the bar to try to get free drinks out of Cade. “Who is she?”

“Her name’s Coressiana.”

“Crazy Anna?”

“Coressiana,” Eli repeated, emphasizing each syllable. “As in caress.”

As a sly smile spread slowly across her lips, Ambrosia raised her eyebrows at him. “Somebody’s thinking ahead to tonight.”

Eli shook his head. “I don’t think that’s gonna happen. She doesn’t seem like that kind of girl. I’ll have to play the part of the gentleman on this one. It seems to me, from our brief conversing, that she intends to make our relationship a long-lasting one, a lifelong one.”

Nudging an elbow into his side, she continued to hassle him. “Come on. That ain’t so bad, is it?” Ambrosia knew that for Eli it was. He wasn’t the settling down type.

Eli glared at her. “Would you?”

Ambrosia shrugged. “Have you seen her? I have, and I can tell you, if she asked me to spend the rest of my life with her, I would.”

Eli’s eyes widened. “Is that your secret?”

“Stop fantasizing.” Ambrosia smiled but shook her head. “I just like pretty things.” Ambrosia had been watching the other people in the bar, but she could see Eli’s shoulder slump dejectedly out of the corner of her eye. Leaning her head against his shoulder, she consoled him. “Don’t worry. You’re plenty pretty.”

“Then why doesn’t it ever work on you?”

“Because you never try when I’m in the mood for your particular brand of pretty.”

Throwing an arm around her shoulders, Eli gave her a light squeeze. “You let me know when that mood strikes you next.”

“What’d be the fun in that?”

“I can think of plenty.” Eli’s hand started to slip down her back again.

“I don’t think so.” Ambrosia slipped out from under his arm and slipped in another wink. “I’m gonna keep you guessing.”

Eli accepted as much but wasn’t pleased about it. “Nothing in this town is easy.”

“Easy ain’t fun.”

“Oh, yes, it is.”

Ambrosia could see she was getting no closer to broaching the subject of her sister, so she came straight out with it. “I need to ask a favor of you, Eli.”

That got the man’s attention quickly and not the kind he had been trying to give her before. There was a spot of worry in his eyes when he considered her for a moment, before he looked to Bethany. When his eyes returned to Ambrosia, the worry in them had grown, but worry didn’t have the same effect on him as it did on Bethany. “What’s going on? Are you sisters in trouble?”

Ambrosia shook her head, thought about it, nodded, then shook her head again. “Tessa’s missing.”

A calm immediately flooded over Eli. “Well, she’s done that before. She always pops back up, usually with a good story or two under her belt.”

“It’s been three weeks.” Truth be told it was less than three weeks, but that made it sound less urgent. “It could be nothing. It could be one of her regular outings. Just keep an eye and an ear out for any word on her. Alright? There’s a piece of gold for whoever brings word on her and one for you if you bring them to me. We’re worried.”

Eli nodded. “The moment I hear anything, I’ll come straight to you. I’ll ask about with everyone I know, tell them to keep their ears open, too.”

“Thank you.” She left him with a quick kiss on his cheek and went around to several other of her regulars, giving them the same story. With one glance at Cordon, Ambrosia could see tonight was not the night to bring this up to him. He’d hear it from someone else, or she’d let him know later in the week.

The night turned in to a profitable one with Bethany there. By the time everyone began to clear out, Bethany was several drinks past her limit. As Ambrosia took a wet towel to a mug in the basin behind the bar, she looked over her shoulder at her big sister. “You look like you’ve had quite the night.”

With her head in her hands, Bethany didn’t ever bother looking up from the bar top. “Ugh. You owe me so much.”

Scrubbing at a particularly stubborn spot on one of the mugs, Ambrosia talked over her shoulder. “I know. I’ll walk you home just as soon as I’m done with clean up.”

Bethany just groaned, crossed her arms, and rested her head on them.

Alcohol tended to leave a sticky mess whenever it was left to sit too long, and this mug had been left sitting all night long. Filling it with soapy water from the basin, she set it aside and went to work scrubbing another mug, one that wasn’t so bad off. Time after time, she wiped first the inside, then the rim, and finally the outside of each vessel, handing them to Cade when she was done with each. With their little, long-practiced system, the work was done quickly, and together, Cade and Ambrosia walked Bethany home, Ambrosia relaying the tale of her missing sister to her employer as they went.

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Postby Asterope on January 1st, 2018, 7:30 pm

The Sun Has Risen

And so have your grades!

Ambrosia Alar
✧Socialization +5
✧Observation +4
✧Cleaning +2
✧Planning +3
✧Seduction +2
✧Persuasion +3
✧Tactics +1
✧Drinking +1
✧Investigation +1
✧Rhetoric +1
✧Alvadas: Keeping your destination in mind usually works
✧Location: The Stallion's Rear
✧Coressiana: Mysterious beauty at the Stallion’s Rear
✧Cordon: Drinks differently depending on his mood
✧Planning ahead: When in doubt, offer both options
✧Eli: Tells bad jokes
✧Stallion’s Rear patron: Peter
✧Eli: Flirts shamelessly with Ambrosia
✧Drunk people buy more alcohol
✧Lore of setting up a date
✧Cordon: The middle-child and only boy
✧Cordon: Always cleaning up his sister’s messes
✧A beautiful woman without company gets drinks fast
✧Bethany: Hates bees
✧Eli: Not the type to settle down
✧Tessa: Youngest sister gone missing
There was actually a lot of substance in this considering it was a work thread. I actually forget that's what it was while I was reading it; so good job on taking something that can be tedious and making it enjoyable! A super good read, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's happened to Tessa.

Edit: I originally gave you XP in Flirting but it slipped my mind that as per a founder announcement flirting and all related skills now simply fall under Seduction; I have edited your grades accordingly, and you may want to adjust your CS to reflect this change as well. :nod:

Thank you for your patience! As always, please edit or delete your request in the grading queue; and if you have any questions or concerns about your grades, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

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