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Postby Anibesa on August 1st, 2017, 2:29 pm


NPC Relations

Name Status Relationship Skills Notable Points
Lia Jarci Died in the Djed Storm of 512 Lia of the pod Aza joined Swimming, Medicine, Sailing
Tiamon Died - Summer 8th, 505 AV Pod Member Sailing, Wilderness Survival, Philtering
Jiacek Died in the Djed Storm of 512 Pod Member Storytelling, Construction, Carpentry
As Ani is an Ethaefal, during the day she is in her Svefra form who has red hair and blue eyes
At night her hair and horns change depending on the colour, but as it's summer, her hair is pale gold, her horns are yellow, and her eyes are cobalt
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Svefra by Day, Letheafal by Night
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