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how Sara came to be on Syka

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Postby Sara on August 9th, 2017, 11:37 am

10th Summer 517 AV

Sara look out over the water to the horizon where the sky was awash with the warm pastels of a sunset. As the soft light reflected over the waves of the Suvan Sea she grinned feeling the evening breeze against her face. She had moved over to one of the Palivar classed ships just to see the view up close with no rigging or people in the way.

Sitting down out of the way she placed her bag beside her. As she slipped her hand into the bag she could feel numerous set of eyes upon her. It was because of her bag or more specifically what she chose to keep in her bag a treasure-trove of knick knacks from the various ports she had visited. Most Svefra didn’t collected things letting objects flow in and out of their hand. Thus Sara was viewed with a variety of attitudes ranging from simple acknowledgement to hostility

Sara hand came out of the bag holding a well-worn Music book People recognised it by the cover quickly because one of the few thing that Sara would share from her collection here songs from this book so many gathered around to listen. Clearing her throat Sara open to a page she been working and began to sing:

“Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho

Gather up all of the crew
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew
Sea-wind blows
To where? Who knows?
The waves will be our guide.

O’er across the ocean’s tide,
Rays of sunshine far and wide.
Birds they sing
Of cheerful things
In circles passing by.

Bid farewell to weaver’s town,
Say so long to port renowned,
Sing a song,
It won’t be long,
Before we’re casting off

Cross the gold and silver seas,
A salty spray puts us at ease,
Day and night,
To our delight,
The voyage never ends.

Gather up all of the crew,
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew,
Pirates we,
Are challenging the sea.

With the waves to rest our heads,
Ship beneath us as our beds,
Hoisted high,
Upon the mast,
Our Jolly Roger flies.

Somewhere in the endless sky
Stormy winds are blowing wide,
Waves are dancing,
Evening comes,
It’s time to sound the drums.

But steady men, and never fear,
Tomorrow’s skies are always clear,
So pound your feet,
And clap your hands,
Till sunny days return.

Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho

Gather up all of the crew,
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew,
Wave good-bye,
But don’t you cry,
Our memories remain.

Our days are but a passing dream,
Everlasting though they seem,
Beneath the moon,
We’ll meet again,
The wind’s our lullaby.

Gather up all of the crew,
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew,
Sing a song,
And play along,
For all the ocean’s wide.

After all is said and done,
You’ll end up a skeleton,
So spread your tale,
From dawn till dusk,
Upon these foamy seas.

Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Yo-hohoho Yo-ho-ho-ho
Binki Sake from on Piece :

The refrain died away slowly. The song had been a good that came first was a good vocal exercise as it allowed her to not only warm up her voice but to loosen her Jaw, lips and tongue which allowed her to sing clearly as the pitch shifted up and down. Smiling ear to ear her back straight her back her concentration still on breathing from her diaphragm which increased the volume of her singing.

As she looked around there was applause from across the pavlar deck and from several of the nearby Casinors but as it died away she saw a group of young Svefra coming toward her. They were led by a boy known as Thane. Unchecked emotions flicker over Sara face she had no idea while Thane had left his smaller pod for the shared poverty of the Blackpool’s. He had been a pain in her neck since he had arrived. Now she instinctively she held her bag tighter as if to draw comfort from it as she nervously watched him approach. Standing her face stopped flickering between emotions leaving a distrusting glint in her eye.

“What do you want fancy pants.” She ask trying to sound nonchalant.

As Thane came to a halt at Sara side he pulled a comb out of his pocket and ran it through his hair. In the short time in the pod it had become obvious that Thane had an ego. His hair was the light shade of blonde he had come across. His skin was smooth with little body hair. He was muscular and Lean. He thought he was Laviku gift to women

“You” he said with a sly smile as the crowd that followed All Friendly faces seemed to have drifted off as Thane friend formed a circle around the two of them. Sara who was used to being on the side lines alone the attention was putting her on the edge of your comfort zone as she was faced with hostile teenagers. Then thane continued speaking raising his voice he add “just leave your clothes outside.”

There were wolf whistle and cheering at Thane comment. Again emotion flicker around Sara face she was both embarrassed and angry for the comment Thane had made and all she wanted was to wipe the smug smile of his face. Sara hand disappeared into her bag and rummaged around for something she could defend herself with only for her hand to come up empty.

“My mother raised me better than the sluts you call friends …” Whatever she was going to say next was block cries of shrill voices hurling insults back The boys joining in shouting “She just a hoarder” The girls Turn to the men or thane saying almost in unison “Are you going to let her talk about us like that!”

The women started moving to the back of the crowd. The Men coming over trying to intimidate her with their height and muscles. Thane looked coldly at her his eyes coming to rest on her Backpack

“That wasn’t a nice thing to say to my girls how about you give us that bag and we say no more about it” there were a chorus of “Yeah’s” along with that right” But all Sara did was shake her head despite knowing she was surrounded. Her backpack held so many memories for her that she unable to part with it

The men all looked around at one another not wanting to be the one to throw the first punch but thane solved that but grabbing the bag trying to wrestle it free of Sara head butting her to throw her off balance. Shaking her head waiting for her vision to stop swimming she pulled her bag free using it as a club she swung it at Thanes midsection and then using then bags momentum she pushed her way through the crowd and made it to the mast knowing that the crowd would hesitate harming the boat. Then she called for help

“Lia. Lia”

It took a while for the mob to reorganise and her cries for the Pods Matriarch had dampened the enthusiasm of most and then it was just Thane standing there the he was running toward Sara. The man shoulder launched into her chest knocking the wind out of her. Taken advantage of the momentum he kicks her legs out from under her and Grab her backpack.
As Thane hand wraps around the backpacks strap the Lia emerges.
“Drop Sara’s backpack Thane and come up here.”

The crowd disperses leaving Sara on the deck her bag tucked firmly in her hands
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Postby Sara on August 15th, 2017, 7:45 am

11th summer 517 AV
Sara awoke to the sensation of being pulled roughly through sand. As her slowly came mind slow became aware of her surroundings she realised that the sand was actually her mother pulling her out of her hammock. Well she had somehow managed to get to The small pod her family shared she thought before she realized she was no longer in the hammock as this fact hit her she landed the deck with a thud. The jolt sent pain running the through her body as the bruise from last night fight made themselves known. Slowly wiping the sleep from her eyes she sat up.

Opening her eyes she wished that she had kept them closed as her mother was looming over her meaningfully. Sara and her mother looked very similar and had in fact been mistake for sisters. Same Brown hair framing angular faces with deep blue eyes, her mother though had no tattoo’s and hand 3 mark of Laviku. This morning her mother had platted her hair together with string of glass bead and the tied it up in a bun. On top of this she was wearing the clothes she kept aside for visit ashore. By this simple changes to her mother bearing Sara new something important was happening within the pod.

While Sara had been staring at her mother and her attire, her mother had been busy making breakfast. As a plate was handed to her Sara tried to thank her mother for the meal but her mother turned he back on Sara. Sara was hurt no matter what she done to date her mother had always been someone she could talk to about anything. Sara had been about to ask her what her net in a tangle when she heard her mother crying.

After breakfast she taken the small row boat over to the Palivar. Upon her arrival Sara felt the tension in the air. As she walked around she noticed that it was not just her mum that was dressed up but that most of the adults were. Usually when she wanted to get away from her family she easily found work among as the pod took turns to at fishing, sailing or watching the children but today it was made clear that Sara help was not wanted.

As she moved over and sat down by the mast and just sat watching people coming and going and then she noticed a pattern. The Lia was slowly talking one by one to the members of the pod and before they had been spoken to on their way in people were happy to talk with her but when everyone just like her mum turned their backs on here.

Certain this was about her she got up and waited by the Lia’s door till the current visitor was sent out and then slipped in. As she waited for her eyes to adjust to the gloom. There was only the one window in the cabin and the Lia was standing in front of it casting a shadow across the room before her. The Lia looked at Sara like a bit of dirt one has to sweep away.

“Sara I did not send for you yet. What can I do for you child?” The voice was calm and collected but held none of the warmth or kindness that Sara usually associated with the voice. It made her feel unwanted and parts of her just wanted to leave but she didn’t want to go back outside because she didn’t belong there either. Understanding she was stuck between a rock and a hard space Sara asked

“I wish to know why my own Mother would not speak to me today.” The Lia sighed and moved away from the window over to her desk where she sat down. She rested her hands upon the deck looking at Sara sombrely

“For two reason; one the fight you got into last night and two what I have decided to in response. Now you know that fighting is something I frown upon, we Blackpool are a family and family support you. I spoke to Thane about this last night and I myself saw him tackle you but it takes two for a fight Sara and unlike Thane this isn’t your first one. So you understand that there need to be a punishment”
Sara hung her head fighting was deeply frowned But knew from experience it was worse to argue and point the finger of blame at the other person.
“Yes Lia I understand”

This answer made the Lia sit up straighter and smile slightly she had been expecting more resistance

“”Good. You are being put ashore for the foreseeable future” The Lia raised he hand in order to stop the objection “Last night you could have ended the fight peaceful by sharing your collection instead you used the bag as a club. Sara you have been in several fight and they have all been due to your collection. This I will not tolerate if you are going to act as a land dweller then you can go live among them. You can go now”

Sara silently left the cabin tears running down her face.
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