Location Nya's Refuge

This is the location of Nya's five claimed acres in Syka.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Nya's Refuge

Postby Nya Winters on September 4th, 2017, 6:17 pm


Nya Winters has claimed five acres in the settlement of Syka just north of Treasure Point from the beach stretching back into the jungle.

While her land does have a good chunk of nice white sand, there is also an overlook that is perfect for this Stormwarden to greet any and all incoming storms or to simply watch the ocean to the east or the settlement to the northwest that has started to glitter at night as the population has began to grow. A small path from the beach leads up to the overlook. At the base of that path, where several big trees are growing, Nya is carefully constructing a home.

Nya's first main camp component is a fourteen man Drykas-style pavilion that she liberated from a raid on The Black Sun just north of Syliras in the Cobalt Mountains. This white canvas pavilion has been scaled back to two large rooms inside with the awning serving as a seating and guest area outside. The two 'rooms' comprise of a seating area and a workshop area where Nya practices her chosen Syka trade - leathercrafting. The sleeping area consists of a hand-made platform piled high with a bedroll and a lot of locally made oversized pillows. There is a large chest that serves as a backrest holds her clothing and some of her other gear.

The work area has a desk, chair, and several more chests along with assorted scattered barrels that Nya has dragged with her from previous other adventures. There are a scattering a books and journals laying around as well. Some of them are hand written by Nya herself and some have been purchased copies from Riverfall or brought in via one of The Founders.

This pavilion is set up facing away from the prevailing winds, in the sand at the margins of the jungle, with a view of the beach and the ongoing construction happening in her living area. The outside is hung with lanterns to illuminate the area at night. Three wooden chairs are scattered around under the awning. There are also a few decorative nick-knacks and salvaged relics adding a bit of color and interest to the place. The cat in Nya prefers big shiny balls that can be batted around in boredom and those are the sorts of things Nya tends to keep. Nya's refuge has a welcoming atmosphere to those that approach calmly. The floor throw rugs were exported along with most of the furniture from Riverfall via The Veronica.

Beach Pavilion :

Nya is currently working on two other areas. One will be a raised tree lookout that will eventually hold her sleeping quarters and living quarters. A second area will be a raised seating platform for visitors consisting of a few overstuffed chairs and a couch or lounge off the jungle floor and safe from the sea winds. Eventually Nya would like to put in a bathing area so she doesn't have to go all the way back to town in order to bathe. Before she can do that, however she needs to find an artifact or barrel big enough to serve as a tub for her to use. She's been on the lookout for one since she got here and established her territory. So far she's had no luck finding one and Jonathan has refused to import her one saying the weight and cost was prohibitive to other supplies they need more.

And finally, one of the biggest reasons Nya chose the area was due to the large freshwater stream flowing out of the jungle on the far edge of her land. Not only is it a good boundary marker for her denoting the northern edge (while the ridge that overlooks Treasure Point denotes the southern edge) it also provides fresh water AND a game trail that travels along its southern shore. The stream itself is not named yet. Nya has been tempted to name it for Abashai's son, but has not yet brought herself to do so. But its waters run clear and there are deep pools for catching freshwater fish and snakes.

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