Flashback Learning to Fish: First Steps

Wherein Ko learns the basics of fishing. Southern Suvan Sea.

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Learning to Fish: First Steps

Postby Ko'Lara on September 9th, 2017, 1:50 am

2nd of Summer, 516 AV

"Ko...what are you doing?" Jem, many braids tinkling with bits of metal, sat down the bucket he was carrying.

"Actually, I should be asking you that. You promised me some fishing lessons, and it's time to pay up." Ko kicked her pale feet which dangled over the edge of the Pod's smaller Palivar. The railing on this one had spots where the railing swung out on hinges, in all honesty this one wasn't truly a Palivar. It was some sort of smallish merchant vessel the pod had commandeered a few years ago. It was Ko's favorite though, since it sat lower in the water and had these spots where she could sit on the deck and dangle her feet over the water.

"Is that...bits of rotting meat?" He looked into a dish sitting next to Ko. "And is that my fishing pole?"

"Well I imagined you'd need it." Ko replied, neatly dodging the question. "So are you going to teach me or am I going to figure it out by trial and error?"

"Ko, I've seen you catch fish with your hands. Why the sudden urge to use a pole?" Jem sat down and mimicked Ko's position with feet dangling.

"Well...I wanted to learn it this way. All knowledge is good knowledge right?" Ko frowned at the knots she was making in the fishing line, she thought she'd at least be able to get this far without assistance...apparently knot, haha.

"Ah, I see what this is about. Coral make an off-hand remark again? You shouldn't listen to her. Just because she's a jack of all trades doesn't mean you need to be. I mean look at Sylver, he just cooks, does stuff with spices, and mends nets. And you heal, that's your thing. Especially since M'lara left." Jem reached over and rescued his fishing rob from Ko's hands. "You've made a spectacular mess of this." He sighed and cut the line, setting it aside to untangle and coil later.

Ko sighed as well, she always made a mess of things, at least that's how it felt. She couldn't even dance well, not that anyone cared, dancing was fun. She watched Jem's hands as he fixed the line on the fishing rod, putting it through a few eyelets. The spool of line was affixed to the base of the rod, and a small handle on the side helped the fisher reel in. The handle could be locked down to the rod.

"See here, the spool works better when turned this way. First I'm going to show you how to weight and bait the line. Hold this." Jem handed Ko the rod, "Hold the line here, so it doesn't come out of the eyelets."

They continued to chat as Jem showed Ko how to properly string the rod and spool so that the finely braided line wouldn't snag or tangle while casting or reeling. It took longer for her to get the hang of it than she would of liked, but she didn't mind if it meant spending more time with Jem.

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