Boundaries, And Other Silly Things

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Boundaries, And Other Silly Things

Postby Orion on January 27th, 2011, 11:16 pm


It could not be helped;
Today i found myself where yesterday can't reach,
Where tomorrow can't see.
All around laid,
The broken parts of me.

The broken parts of you,
So vividly strong,
How sad it would be?
If they knew their time,
Wasn't long.

Whatever i did,
I can't even remember,
I can't even regret.
Whatever you did,
I could not forsee,
The broken you,
The broken me.

Shatter me,
So i can be reforged.
And i will shatter you,
So that you forget,
That you pick up the pace,
That you never regret.

Destroy me,
It's time, and i let you;
This time around,
I will not forget you.
This time around,
I will not regret you.

Let me go,
Our time is past.

Your new body,
It may break down.
Your new brain,
It may wind up blind.

You may be one of us,
Beaten, bruised, battered and blind;
Yet, you remain special,
The only one of your kind.

And this is why i find my own poetry to be mostly a waste of time xD. Anyway, this is mine new scrapbook, and as such it will be filled with all sorts of nonsense. I expect nothing of those reading it, and offer pretty much nothing in return, but i still needed something to keep my mind off certain things. While i may be lousy at writing poetry in this language, it keeps my mind plenty occupied in order for all my worries to go away. My mind works in mysterious ways, as not even i will make much sense of the above written monstruosity.

My name is Dragan,
Current age: 16
Current mood: irritated

Well not the best introduction to a scrapbook, but i am still glad i now have one.
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