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Penny CS

Postby Penny Noor on November 4th, 2017, 3:42 pm

Penny Noor
Name: Penelope "Penny" Aida Noor
Nickname: Penny
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: 1st of Spring 494AV
Birthplace: Alvadas

Penny appears to be shorter than she actually is. Perhaps it's due to the slight slouch of her shoulders or the delicate slenderness of her limbs but even though she stands at a good 5ft 7, most underestimate her height. Her features are very much doll-like. An upturned, button nose that turns a bright pink in cold weather, large amber eyes lined with long lashes and prominent collar bones. Her thin dark hair is cropped short, just above her shoulders. Her fingers and indeed her toes are very long and needly with grooved nails, often bitten down as far as possible.

Likes: cats, warm tea, flowers, pretty clothing, gossip
Dislikes: swimming of any form, not even being on a ship!

Penny is the kind of girl to put a good face on a bad game - always. She's charming, always smiling and pleasant even if sometimes a little silly. Resilient - she'll do any job as long as it means she gets paid enough to eat and have a roof over her head. It's not that thing don't get to her; she simply just seldom lets it show.

There are two sides to her. One that loves to get her hands dirty, get rained on and dance with the chilling winter winds. The other loves all things girly, sparkly and feminine. Perhaps its coss she hadn't the pleasure of indulging in childhood, or perhaps she's just the human embodiment of a magpie. Penny has such a keen eye for the finest silks, the best dyed fabrics and she can tell real gold from fake by smelling it - metaphorically speaking of course. If there was one word to sum up Penny's character, that would be 'greedy'.

History Born in Alvadas Penny's history could be very much considered unremarkable. She never left the city. Lived a life of no particular wealth, nor was she starving poor. Born to a sailor tradesman and a maid, Penny had no siblings. This, however, is only the case if life in Alvadas itself could be considered unremarkable. Being born of Alvadas blood means she learned how to navigate the city and how to give into its many illusions quite well indeed. Inspired by the culture of tricks and treats she took up drawing very young. She's an avid worshiper of Ionu as the city, which many seem to fear, is the city she loves.

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Penny Noor
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Penny CS

Postby Penny Noor on November 4th, 2017, 3:46 pm

Starting Package + 100gm
Fall 517AV spending - 217gm 8sm
Fall 517AV income + 546gm
Winter 517AV spending -135gm
Total 293gm 2sm

Fall 517AV
Ledger: Starting +100gm
-2sm house cat
-19mg 2sm velvet dress with lace trim
-3sm apron
-4gm toothbrush and 4oz toothpaste
-4sm lip pomade, khol, face powder and rouge (1oz each)
-10gm animal grooming kit
-10gm average bed
-5gm good wardrobe
-25 artists toolkit
-7gm 5sm satin corset
-5sm cotton stockings
-1gm leather high boots
+546gm seasonal wages
-135gm seasonal expenses
Total: 428gm 2sm

Winter 517AV
-135gm seasonal expenses
Total: 293gm 2sm

Sunday best
Dark green, floor length velvet dress with lace trim around the hem and cuffs of the long sleeves
Dark tan leather boots that lace right up to the knee

Daily attire
Simple grey, floor length peasant dress with long sleeves
White apron
Simple grey shoes
Black wool cloak

White linen bra and bloomers
Ivory silk corset
White cotton stockings

Hair brush
Toothpaste (4oz)

Burgundy lip pomade (1oz)
Rouge (1oz)
Face powder (1oz)

Artists toolkit
Animal grooming kit
Backpack which contains:
eating knife
Flint & Steel

A short sword engraved with her family's insignia, so old and battered that some of the feature's of the handle have worn away. It's now wrapped in coarse cloth to protect what's left of the pretty yet crudely made pattern. The blade has a few scratches, obviously re-sharpened more than once. Penny had been given this sword by her father, to protect the family when he was away on business (which he always was) but as far as she knows it's history stretches far longer than him. Nowadays it mostly lays underneath her bed.

Housing: Small 400 sq feet single room flat with a hearth at the heart of it and a slanted roof. There's a single window with a large, stone windowsill and a table in the corner to the left of it, with a chair that's never quite tucked under. By the door there's a wooden wardrobe and a bed pushed right up against it with a dark chest. Throughout most of the day the flat is rather dark apart from when the sun sets beyond the harbour and the warm hues dance across the grey walls like fiery ghosts, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

-house key

Lopi the cat
Penny has a cat. Penny also has a lot of cat hair. His name is Lopi and he's a speckled grey, long-haired cat with an incredibly bushy tail. She bought him in 512AV to help get rid of rats from her flat but instead all he's really been getting rid of is bad moods. Lopi is very much an indoor cat. In fact he'd never see the sun if Penny didn't insist on airing out his cuddly paws once in a while. He's a little overweight and a little useless but still intensely cute.
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Penny Noor
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Penny CS

Postby Penny Noor on November 4th, 2017, 3:48 pm

Animal husbandry +1 1 novice
Cooking +3+3 6 novice
Cosmetology: 1 1 novice
Drawing 25sp+4+2+2+2 35 competent
Endurance +2 +1+1+1 5 novice
Foraging 1 1 novice
Land Navigation 1 1 novice
Leardership 1 1 novice
Observation +2+2+2+3+1+3+5+2+2+4 25 novice
Organization +2+1+2+1 6 novice
Painting +4+1+1 6 novice
Persuasion 1 1 novice
Planning +1+2+2+1+1+1+1 9 novice
Running +1+1+1+1 4 novice
Socialisation +1+5 +1+2+5+4 18 novice
Stealth 15sp +1+1 17 novice
Subterfuge +1+1 2 novice
Teaching: 1+3 4 novice
Unarmed Combat +1 1 novice
Weapon (short sword) 15rb +10sp 25 novice
Weapon (tiger hook sword) +1 1 novice

-Alvadas culture
-Grooming Lopi the cat
-Navigating Alvadas by giving into the madness
-Lore of painting with diffusion
-Endurance: ignoring hunger
-Painting: the creative process
Planning: Making a checklist
Penny: Hates cooking
Cooking: Sweet bread recipe
Cooking: Using a scale
Cooking: Activating yeast
Cooking: Separating egg
Cooking: Coat the table with flour before kneading
Cooking: Kneading dough
Cooking: Raising bread
Penny: Greater dreams than motherhood
What matters is what the world can see, not what it can't
Miles: A friend of Penny's father
Miles: A retiring sailor
Hariel: Penny's father's younger brother
Miles: Dock Worker & Family Friend
• Jager: Dock Worker & Family Friend
• Mother: Seldom Cries
• Denial at a Loved One's Death
• The Pain of Losing Father
• Anger Can Spring from Grief
• Father: No One Will Forget Him
• Stories of Father's Adventures
Alvadas Location: Verlyna's Emerald Pool
Stealth: Using foliage to camouflage yourself
Subterfuge: Pretending to be an illusion
Loken: A Pon who pretends to be a scale
Loken: Training to be a champion at the Colosseum
Weapon: Tiger Hook Sword
Gnora: Goddess of Logic and Order
Lokan: An Ano Cultist
Loken: Marked by Gnora
Lore of line work
Lore of figure sketching
Cosmetology: correcting eye circles with teabags
Drawing: texture in line art
Planning: Venturing into the Garden of No Return prepared
Drawing: Not looking at the page
The Garden of No Return: Contains a fountain
Stealth: Trying to muffle breath
The Garden of No Return: Hiding the dead wife of the councilman
Olivia: The ghostly wife of Roger
The feeling of being possessed
Madeira Craven: A spiritist
Land Navigation: Using plants to find the way through the Garden of No Return
Foraging: Peaches from the Garden of No Return are tasty
Lore of hosting a Galley
Phobia: unconquerable fear
Lore of a breakdown
Teaching: the rules of fashion
Location: the Tattered Thread
Madeira: terrible taste in clothing
Socialization: introducing yourself
Emma: Madeira’s ghost
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Penny Noor
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Penny CS

Postby Penny Noor on November 4th, 2017, 3:49 pm


Spring 30th 507AV "Weight and measure"
Spring 31st 507AV "Study and Logic

Summer 1st 509AV "Family business' (solo)
Summer 42nd 509AV "Blackened waves" (solo)

Fall 10th 517AV "A learning experience"
Fall 12th 517AV "Cat things' (solo)
Fall 13th 517AV "As if nobody's watching"
Fall 17th 517AV "As luck would have it"
Fall 34th 517AV "Utter Allsense"
Fall 61st 517AV "Stumbling with sickness"
Fall 74th 517AV "Girl Talk"
Fall 75th 517AV "Morbid love" (solo)
Fall 90th 517AV "Getting the ball rolling" (solo)

Winter 2nd 517AV "Frost Bites"
Winter 5th 517AV "Labour of Love" (solo)
Winter 15th 517AV "Roses for Eyes"
Winter 28th 517AV "A winter's fair" (event)


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Penny Noor
Posts: 113
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Joined roleplay: November 4th, 2017, 1:14 pm
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