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[The Pig's Foot Tavern] Lethal Concoctions (Avinasai)

Postby Enna Malark on January 3rd, 2018, 10:34 pm

Enna’s lips coiled into a sly smile. Her eyes flashed. The vision of the meek wash girl seemed to melt away. There was steel behind the amber eyes that happened been visible before. Had it always been there? The golden orbs turned to cast her gaze around the crowd. It was becoming tightly packed. Perfect for some swindling. Rubbing shoulders like this was always a good situation. So many ways they could partake in this game, they just had to pick the right players.

“Sounds like a plan,” Enna eyes darted between faces, hands, belts and that tell-tale sparkle of mizas. She began to select her targets. She preferred the ones that were already winning. They had more, and their guard was always down. But there were always those showing indifference. That was where the money truly was. Only someone secure in the knowledge that they weren’t going to lose something they couldn’t afford were that calm. They were the truly juicy targets. Like giant elk, one knew that it was dangerous to try but the payoff was always worth it.

“How d’you want to do this?” Enna looked over her shoulder at Thorn. Her red hair flicked about her face as she did so. “Everyone loves a pretty face after all.” Enna had always preferred the distraction tactic to help her lift pouches from belts and pockets. But there were a million ways to play that game. And the options increased tenfold when there were two of you.

She thought of Riardon and everything he had taught her. They had formed some truly elaborate schemes. Her favourite had been when they pocketed several trinkets from an out of town trader, his attention divided between both of them as they came at him like waves hitting the shore. They made a lot that day. The prospect of having a new partner in crime sent shivers of excitement up her spine. Maybe this season would be a good one after all?

There was no hiding the sheer elation in her voice. “I’ll follow your lead and we can see where the night takes us.”

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[The Pig's Foot Tavern] Lethal Concoctions (Avinasai)

Postby Avinasai on January 9th, 2018, 3:53 am

Day, Season, Year.

Enna asked how should they go about this situation. The possibility of earning the coin was not solvable. Avinasai couldn't really determine how to go out about this, but with her good looks and her beautiful hair. She was sure to get the men distracted, at least. That was one way that this situation could play out. There were many ways to go about this, a bar fight, but that could end up getting herself and... Enna to get hurt or worse... dead. People are more prepared when it comes to fights in Sunberth, and it wouldn't be wise to begin a bar fight when everyone was playing a game of bluffs anyhow.

"There's an open spot at the table. Perhaps I can take a seat and play? All the guys would look at me instead of their dice, and you can sneak in and take the coins when they're not looking. Speaking of..." Thorne noticed some coins on a nearby table that one of the spectators had left behind. Avinasai checked for anyone who was looking for them, and found no one who was looking for the stray coins. She grabbed them, there were at least two Golden Mizas and Three Silver Mizas. It would have been nice if there were more, but with a small starting hand like this. What could go wrong? Avinasai returned to confront Enna again. "Got enough for a beginner's hand right? Hopefully luck is on our side tonight, and if not... there's always next time, eh?" Said Avinasai with a cruel smile.

"Well... you think that we can do this, Enna?" She paused as she nodded towards the red head and then ambled towards the open chair. There was a man that was about to take her seat, but she stepped in quickly and gave him a smile. She leaned forward towards the man, and he seemed I to her, but not as much as the game.

"This seat is mine lady." Said the man with black greasy hair, and a cowboy hat.

"Well... Cowboy..." She began slowly, and hoped he was enchanting him with her looks. Most of the time, looks aren't everything, but this time... looks can be everything. Avinasai wasn't so good with flirting other men, because each man is different. "You're a little eager with this game, love." Avinasai said with a warm smile as she laced her fingers down his chest to grab his attention. She was slowly moving her way towards the chair, but she was pulled inwards by the man suddenly, and he kissed her on the lips. His mouth tasted like heavy ale, and Avinasai slapped the man across the face. "Now now, that's not how you treat a lady!" Avinasai cursed under her breath, and the man mumbled and walked away. He wanted more, but Avinasai wouldn't give a man what he wants...not especially after her brother had left her when she was young. After that moment, Avinasai found it hard to trust boys, and she wasn't looking to get in a relationship just yet. She might never either...

The men at the table seemed to be appealed by the confrontation. One of the men especially turned to look up at Avinasai. Avinasai nodded and placed the gold and silver on the table in front of her. A couple of men chuckled, but Avinasai was hoping for the big game, and prayed that Enna would make her move. Avinasai didn't trust these men, but if she were to get something, it better not be for nothing.

"Loan me some dice.... men." Avinasai said, and a mug with ale came her way with five six sided dice. Avinasai drank the mug clean, and waited for the next round.

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