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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Sorvoiving the Jonkle

Postby Ocsi Gottschalk on December 25th, 2017, 2:17 am

3rd of Winter, 517

breakToday was the first day of the rest of his life.

breakÖcsi woke up to the warmth of the climate and the breeze of the seas. It wasn't like Riverfall's cold breeze; instead, it was as soft as the lips of the finest woman. His hammock swayed left and right with such gentleness it felt as if he was still dreaming. It had been many years since he had woken up as rested as he felt, and so energic to get started on building his new life. This was to be done with the help of his precious book. After having breakfast, which was composed of exclusively fruits, Öcsi undid the hammock and returned it to the bar of the Commons. The Founders had arranged for him to sleep there as his plot of land was quite far away and the night had befallen quicker than expected. This would not be the case anymore, for he would build his house today. Or so he thought. After some lazy stretching, Öcsi got back down to the beach before opening the book that would teach him everything.

breakThe book began with an introduction, which, judgding by the font, was written by either a madman or a warrior with arms the size of steel beams. It had almost pierced through the paper, as if a sword was used rather than a feather. The ink was fresh despite the book smelling quite obnoxiously – it reminded him of rotting fish guts. It was also important to note the book was written entirely in upper case letters. If allowed to, he would've named the font 'Impact', mostly because it felt like a stab to the eye. Öcsi began reading.

break“You deyhan tink you stronk? You no stronk. You kno not strengt couse you know no Myri, Godess of War, stronker you ever be. You tink you smart? You no smart, you domb. You no smart couse you know no Myrian and know no jonkle. No problem, I tech you be stronk and be smart. I am Goddisha of the Shorn Skulls, and I tech you to be not rat but be tiger, to be smart and not domb, to be stronk and not weak. Fist step: dorp pants and cut penis if you haf. You no can read book if you man. If you read and you be man, I come and kill you and eat yoe face and longs and arms and legs and feed penis to ra--”

breakIt was painful to read. Did he really pay 50 golden mizas for a Myrian to threaten him through a book? In truth, the book was right about something; Öcsi is not smart. He wasn't smart enough to take a look into the book before buying it. It would be impossible to find someone dumb enough in Syka to sell this 'work of art' for 50 golden mizas. Hells, it would be impossible to find someone dumb enough in Cyphrus to sell this book for 50 golden mizas. No wild animal would be dumb enough to tear it apart. Not even fire would be dumb enough to consume it. With a sigh, and grave disappointment, Öcsi continued the read.

break“---ts before I kill whoel famili okay??

breakOkay you deyhan woman. Before you go jonkle you remember: all in jonkle wants you dead. Plant wants you dead. Animals wants you dead. Myrian wants you dead. You be nothing. You be food. You must be smart. I teach all. You read and praise Myri and you learn and maybe you survive.”

breakThat was the end of the introduction. Following the introduction was a sort of signature or something on the likes. It was just a lot of blood smeared onto what remained of the page, now having a crust and a smell it was better left undescribed. Öcsi would need a lot of endurance to read through this, that was certain.

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