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Berthed For Winter

Postby Meriann on January 7th, 2018, 10:21 pm

1st Winter 517 AV

On the coast near to Sunberth

It was morning, as it often was. The wan light of that overcast day alighted on the grey waves that foamed at the base of the gravelly beach that Meriann and her family stood upon, and made the white sails of her casinor look more dirty than they should. She frowned, and made a note to clean them once they arrived at Sunberth. They were close now, they all knew it. The beach that they had spent the night on showed signs of previous fires in the sunken firepit some way from the high tide mark. Meriann had recognised it after a while, having not been there for some years, but once they'd lit the fire and eaten their meal well into the darkness of the previous night, she'd remembered when they'd last been there and knew Sunberth could only be some bells away.

She poked the fire, and got a hiss and a crackle in return. Breakfast was due to be served, not a moment too soon, a sentiment that her stomach agreed with. A hard day of sailing yesterday had worn the woman out, and the tantalising scent of fresh fish never failed to wake her tastebuds up. Meriann winked at Mirillia*her niece, whose eyes were wide and eager. They were quiet that day, as the fire spat into their silence, quiet but glad of each other's company like always. Mirillia scooted closer, and rested her head against Meri's arm as the older woman leaned forwards to turn the skewered fish. It was blistering in the heat of the flames, its scales puckering and looking delicious. The oil dripped and sizzled on the hot stones that surrounded the fire, and she kept a careful watch as she ruffled Miri's hair.

Cooking was a role they shared equally, but Meriann loved it especially. It wasn't so great when she burnt the food, or when it tasted foul, but she loved making good food. It was satisfying, she thought, and these fish looked just right.
"Right, I think we's done. Breakfast's up!" With that, she grabbed a skewer and blew on the silvery fish to cool it, before burning her lips as she devoured the small meal. Gods but she would be glad of some bread when they got to the city. There wasn't much that was great about cities, but she had to admit there were some comforts there that were difficult to get ahold of on a ship, delicious, fresh bread being one of them.

It wasn't long before the pod had finished their meal, and it took less time for them to spring into action. Everyone was keen to get moving, and they moved like a well-oiled machine. The Lia was the first to board their small rowing boat back to the palivar, where it was anchored further out in the deeper water of the shallow bay. Meriann's casinor was further to shore, but still anchored out in the water, so she strode into the waves and swam the short distant to her beloved ship with simple front strokes, her skin bristling in the delicious coldness of the water.

She pulled herself out, and climbed up the side of the ship, using a rope she'd left to help her haul herself out of the water. It would ordinarily be a bad idea to be sopping wet in Winter, but Meriann and the small Oceanroar pod had a wind to fight that day, and a city to arrive at. She wouldn't have time to rest, and the work would soon evaporate the last of the Suvan from her body. They weren't going to spend another uncomfortable night on a beach.
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