Let me just brush off all this dust...

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Let me just brush off all this dust...

Postby Rook on January 14th, 2018, 8:43 pm

Why hello there! I am a full time barista, part time wannabe novelist from Houston Texas. It's been a very very very very very long time since I've done any sort of rping, outside of a few one on one things with friends, so I'm super excited to dive into something as detailed as Mizahar! I'm hoping for an opportunity to fine-tune my writing skills. Roleplaying is a different sort of art than just writing on your lonesome, so I'm looking forward to a chance to flex old and unused muscles. I'm also looking forward to the change to socialize with other writerly people. I've been missing out on that in my life!

To be entirely honest I just put "Fantasy roleplay" into google and Mizahar was the first link to pop up. I clicked it, browsed for about three hours (so much content!), then started pestering people on the discord.

So here I am. Greatly looking forward to the change to do some detailed roleplaying!
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Let me just brush off all this dust...

Postby Gossamer on January 14th, 2018, 10:18 pm

Welcome to Miz! These kind of intros make me just grin from ear to ear. With sites like Mizahar, its more about keeping people interested than getting people here. I'm so happy you were intrigued enough to stay and read for three hours before leaving.... that increases your chance of joining and us getting to roleplay with you.

I know you've been hanging in chat and we've been enjoying your presence. I hope that continues and you have a lot of fun in the future telling stories in Ravok.

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