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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Blackforge Estate

Postby Aladon on January 28th, 2018, 5:19 am

Blackforge Estate


Aladon Blackforge Sultros claimed 5 acre parcel is a stretch of land just south of the commons facing Solitude Island. The Isur choose this parcel because of the point that stuck out into the bay. North of the point is a nice pristine white sandy beach while the south of the point is a lush mangrove forest with a mouth of a creek draining into the Suvan Sea. The Isur hasn't explored into the interior of the parcel much because from what he could tell from small incrustations into the edge of the maw. It was a thick jungle with trees and vines everywhere. He hasn't gotten far into it because he isn't quite comfortable going into the jungle alone yet. South of the jut of land, is a lush mangrove forest with a small creek in the middle of it. He hasn't gone much exploring into the mangrove, but from what he could tell, a person can bring a canoe up stream into the slow moving creek into the mangroves. The water outside the dense mangrove is dotted with mangrove trees into the shallows of the Suvan Sea since the water was quite shallow around the mangrove trees in the Suvan Sea at the month of the creek only about two feet during low tide.

At the moment, Aladon's current temporary is a four person tent that sits between two large palm trees for shade. A make shift fire pit was built in the sand and was surrounded by rocks away from his tent. He keeps his belonging in his tent because he is rather trusting of the other settlers in the settlement, so he hasn't lock anything up. He doesn't have much furniture because he doesn't want to waste the loan on furniture till he his permanent home is built. The Isur set up his hammock between two palms trees, so he can lounge in the shade after a long day at work. In the future, Aladon wants to build large home for himself and a possible family. He has plans to create a garden to grow food, and he going to plant fruit trees unless he finds some growing naturally in the jungle. This estate he is hoping to pass on to his future children, so he plans on dig his own well for a drinking water, so he doesn't have to head to Syka for drinking water. He would use the creek near him, but he doesn't want to risk his life to get water with the snakes and crocodiles living by the creek and the mangrove trees.

Aladon has a feeling that there is more to the Mangrove Creek, but he will need a canoe to explore deeper into the slow moving creek. However, from what he gathered from the beach that it is teeming with life. He noticed colorful birds, crocodiles, fish, snakes, crabs, and other shell fish make their home in the mangrove habitat. Not to mention the strange trees and shrubbery growing on the shores of the creek. The plant life gets stranger father inland from the creek because he can literally see the tree roots sticking out of the ground during low tide. During high tide, the whole tidal swamp is flooded till the waters reside at low tide. He is quite satisfied with his parcel, and he hopes to develop and explore it more in the future. For now, he is quite satisfied with his camp on the beach.
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