Fishhooks and Knives (Ixtli)

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Fishhooks and Knives (Ixtli)

Postby Ashka on June 3rd, 2018, 7:02 pm

Ashka's eyes widened eagerly when Ixtli said she might be able to preserve a big catch. "If you could, that would be great," she said, a shy smile curling her mouth. The smile dropped away when the ocelot ran off with her fish. Was even the wildlife pranking her now? She saw Ixtli take off after the little cat, and a lump hit her throat. It was the first time in what felt like forever that anyone had taken her side over a so-called prank. She swallowed hard against that lump as Ixtli came back empty handed.

"Well," she said, forcing another, more watery, smile. "There goes dinner. Thanks for trying, I appreciate it." She did, more than she could ever find words for. These, though poor, would have to do. "Yeah, let's catch a replacement fish or two. And maybe after, start a hunting lesson with kitty-cat tracks?" She turned again towards the bait tin, and this time she wasn't interrupted. Picking out a fat maggot, she jabbed it onto the hook with shaking fingers and walked back towards the sea. At least the sea didn't take what she'd worked for, even if it had banished her during the red tide.

She tossed the hook out the easy way, without flipping the tip of the rod out and back first. It wasn't such a good cast or such a flashy one, but it got the job done, even if it landed much closer than it could otherwise have done. She let the waves carry it further out and settled herself to wait. "What was it like growing up under so many trees?" she asked hesitantly, trying to fill in time. "I never saw so many until I came here... It always feels odd not to be able to see as far."

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Fishhooks and Knives (Ixtli)

Postby Ixtli on July 11th, 2018, 3:19 pm

The Myrian shrugged; Ashka was too good, really. Back in Taloba, a failed chase was simply failed, and nobody would have taken the time to thank her for only trying. Ixtli was a little surprised, and it took her a few ticks to understand the girl's gratitude.

"Yes, we could," she answered to the hunting question, a grim smile stretching her lips. "The prints will be fresh, and it's not too late in the day… Although it might not be the best type of prey for a first hunt, I'm more than willing to try and track it down." Her eyes drifted towards the jungle edge once more. "Ocelot or not, we will find something. Monkeys and birds make for nice meals as well."

She helped herself to the bait tin after Ashka had picked hers and hooked a wriggly worm at the end of her line, then walked a few steps away from the fisher girl to throw her baited hook in the softly waving waters. Her awkward cast sent the line twisting through the air, and it pierced the surface of the waves with a loud splash. Well, that certainly scared the fish away… Good job Ixtli. She sighed at her heavy-handed approach and looked over at Ashka to see how the more experienced girl held her own line, before copying her grip and stance as best as she could.

Ticks went by in silence as they stand next to each other, gazes lost in the turquoise sea, surrounded by the song of the rolling waves and blowing winds, before Ashka's voice rose between them, uncertain, hesitating to fill the stillness between them.
What was it like growing up under so many trees?

Ixtli pondered over her question for a moment. Knowing only the jungle, its tall canopy and thick underbrush ever since she was a child, she had never stopped to consider that foreigners could find a dark and strange place to spend your life.

"I guess… I never thought about it that way. About not being able to see far, I mean. We all learn to move and find our way around the trees even without seeing the sun. Matter of habit I suppose." Her eyes moved from the sea to the coast, where her gaze seemed to get lost into the green maze of the Sykan forest. "There's plenty of water… plenty of game as well. Wood and plants, for weapons and medicine. Shelter, from the heat and the rain. The jungle provides everything you need," she said pensively. "This land is blessed, and with Myri's favour we have the strength to survive."

Turning back to Ashka, the Myrian's eyes refocused, gaze fixated onto the young girl.

"But living on a boat, like you did… How did you make it? There's no water to drink, nowhere to go. It must be maddening to be stuck in the same living space for more than a day."

A gentle thud from the line caused Ixtli's hands to tighten their grip onto the pole, but it felt too faint for her to try and pull a new catch out of the waves yet. While her attention and eyes were with Ashka, her body straightened and prepared for the next pull.

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