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Carus Nothus

Postby Carus Nothus on February 12th, 2018, 7:20 am

Carus Nothus


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: 25, Fall, 490 AV
Birthplace: Syliras

Appearance: Carus is of medium height for a human, standing at 5’8”. His body is lean, without scars or blemishes, showing that he has done little to none of physical labor through the years. His limbs are however toned with some muscle because of the daily workout routine he has done since he was barely sixteen to keep his appearance at top, which is the only thing that keeps him alive at this point. His dark hair reaches his shoulders and is always slicked behind his ears.

While most people do see him as handsome, few people see him as handsome as he does. He knows he is Sivah’s gift to the human race, more beautiful and smarter than any other.

Character Concept

Being born in a very rich family, Carus never had anything he actually needed to do to get money or affection from his parents. Until recently he simply lived his life however he saw fit for the time being, with no thought of the consequences of his actions, and to be honest the last year of living alone hasn’t changed the last part very much.
He has simply always done what he wanted, when he wanted and spent his parent’s money on it all. He’s used to spending his days drinking, partying, womanizing and overall just doing whatever he feels like.

This has turned him into a spoiled brat, that has never worked for anything in his life. Most people find him as you’d imagine, that he’s kind of a jerk, and they’re probably right. He acts as if he deserves to have anything he wants. He lives with the simple knowledge that only high born people have, the fact that everyone else is simply beneath him.

Just as he was Sivah’s gift to man, Sivah gave the rest of the world as a gift to him.

While one might think his manors and demeanor would change now that he has to tend for himself, and is soon close to penniless, it certainly hasn’t. He acts as if he has the right to do whatever he wants like before, and that’s usually just how he gets by. If you act like everything is yours, a lot of people simply don’t dare question it. This makes convincing, coercing and stealing a lot easier.
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Carus Nothus (WIP)

Postby Carus Nothus on February 12th, 2018, 7:21 am

Character History

Carus was born on a calm autumn day in his parents big mansion in Syliras. His mother always said that he was so happy and cheerful that he must have been blessed by Sivah, something that Carus clung to. His mother also used to say that the blessings of Sivah attracted him, which was quite clear as he got older. Partying, drinking, gambling and womanising was without a doubt Carus favourite pass time when he got a bit older.

His parents didn’t spend too much time with him as he was growing up. They gave him things and money as he wished, and without a doubt they did love him. However he was mostly raised by servants, who he learned even from a young age that he could treat as he wished and they wouldn’t really do anything about it, afraid of losing their jobs no doubt. From his parents he still got the most affection from his mother, who spoiled him a lot more than his father ever did.

The time he did spend with his father was done hunting. His father was rather proud of this, as it was the only skill he had managed to pass on to Carus, as it was the only thing he had tried to teach him that he seemed to actually enjoy. They only hunted for sport of course, only keeping and eating the best of their kills. They mostly hunted deer, but had taken a boar now and then as well.

As Carus got older he spent more time out with friends, mostly gambling and drinking. People clung to him, doing everything to be in his good graces. This was because he was quite generous to his friends, paying for their drink and company of women with no care in the world. Not all his friends where quite as rich as he was, and he had no problem with paying for their things as long as they knew their place below him. That’s not to say that he had poor friends either, you couldn’t be too poor and still be allowed in Carus good graces.

As Carus got older he should probably have noticed how his parent’s started to act differently and the things that happened around him. His parents suddenly decided that he wouldn’t be allowed to spend their money as frivolously as before, and they had to start letting some of their servants go. Instead of seeing this as a sign that not everything was right, Carus saw it like his parents was just trying to spite him. So he spent their money anyway, using his father's name to get credit at establishments or stealing the money from his parents. Not even when people started showing up at the door, big burly men who obviously weren’t of the kind sort, did he stop his spending. It was first when he overheard a conversation between his father and two of these men that he realised his father had borrowed a lot of money from the wrong sort of people. So he decided to that night go out on one last hurrah before he couldn’t spend anymore.

Oh what a night it was, the drinks flowed for him and his friends, and the company of women was bought for all of them. It was late at night when he stumbled home towards his house. He could see the flames from afar but refused to think it was his house until he was close enough to feel the heat. He could see his parents bodies outside, they had tried to run but had obviously caught fire before they ran outside, unable to stop the burning before it killed them. He stood in shock for a while, before he hurried to the stables, took his horse and ran off as fast as he could, only having the clothes on his back, the money that was left in his pocket and the hunting knife he had gotten from his father.

For the next few years he traveled with caravans, mostly going wherever the next caravan happened to go. Sure, he could have stayed in Syliras when his parents died. He could probably have went to a friend. But the shame would have been too large, and he was afraid that the people who had set the house on fire would be after him next. He mostly stayed in the Sylira’s region, using his father’s name for credit for as long as he could, before the news of his death had travelled too far. Then he stole, scammed and conned his way for a living. Doing everything from gambling and stealing to keeping the companies of women he had no desire in simply for their money. But after awhile, most establishments in most towns in the region had him barred, and the law was after him in most of them as well, which is how he ended up in Sunberth.
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Carus Nothus (WIP)

Postby Carus Nothus on February 12th, 2018, 7:22 am


Carus only knows common, as he has always been completely disinterested in learning another language or culture. He has, since arriving in Sunberth, learned that he might have had an easier time if he would have learned something about how other peoples culture worked.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 1 RPLosing a Friend +1 1/100 Novice
Endurance 2 RPA rather interesting day +2 2/100 Novice
Gambling 1 RP 1/100 Novice
Hunting 15 SP 15/100 Novice
Interrogation 3 RP 3/100 Novice
Land Navigation 3 RPA rather interesting day +3 3/100 Novice
Observation 15 RPLosing a Friend +5, A rather interesting day +5 15/100 Novice
Persuasion 10 SP, 1 RPA rather interesting day +1 11/100 Novice
Planning 1 RPA rather interesting day +1 1/100 Novice
Running 1 RPA rather interesting day +2 2/100 Novice
Socialization 5 RPA rather interesting day +1 5/100 Novice
Stealth 3 RPA rather interesting day +3 3/100 Novice
Subterfuge 2 RPA rather interesting day +2 2/100 Novice
Tactics 1 RPLosing a Friend +1 1/100 Novice
Weapon skill: Knife 10 SP, 15 RB, 4 RPLosing a Friend +2 28/100 Competent
Weapon skill: Short Bow 15 SP 15/100 Novice


Lore: Places :
Sunberth: Location Tent City
Sunberth: Location Tall Johnny’s
Sunberth: Location Dust Beds
Sunberth: Location Dust Bed Ridge
Sunberth: Takes Pleasure In Stealing/Hurting Weaker Folk
Location: Seaside Market
Location: Sunset Quarters
Sunberth Poor: Will kill horses for food
Larceny: Difficult in a poor area
Land Navigation: Picking smaller paths to avoid rough areas
Sunberth: Better safe than sorry
Stealth: Running in a zig-zag pattern to throw off the chase

Lore: People :
Kelski: Sunberth Slave, Owned by Jaren Jorenson, Jeweler
Kelski: Not Human Due To Unusual Coloring
Kelski: Poor
Kelski: Feels Sunberth Is Rotting From The Inside Out
Kelski: Fights With A Dagger
Old Man: Thinks Carus Is His Lost Wife
Old Man: Throws Fire
Old Man: Defends Carus, Fights Bravely
Old Man: Thinks Carus is Espalia
Kelski: Eats Raw Meat.
Carus: Regards working as a peasant’s domain
Carus: Thinks himself handsome
Person: Cloaked, running stranger with letter
People: Red-headed strangers at the Slaver’s Row
Item: ‘Whip of Arrows’ card inside the mysterious envelope
Item: Cryptic note dropped by cloaked stranger
Stealth: Keeping quiet to avoid attention
Persuasion: Offering a favour for a favour
Stealth: Importance of getting off the streets
Carus: Owes a favour to the Vino
Edward Vino: Old man with greying hair and beard
Socialisation: Making an introduction
The Vino: A Sunberth gang
Sunberth Location: Brega’s Brothel
Land Navigation: Using the surroundings as a mental map
Sunberth Location: Tall Johnny’s
Land Navigation: Directions to Brega’s

Lore: Combat and Combat related :
Combat: Fighting Wolves
Hunting: Picking out the weak
Knife: Propper knife care
Wrestling: Should pin the arms when grabbing from behind
Observation: Noticing weapons


Starting Items :
Simple Shirt
Simple Pants
Simple Undergarments
Simple Cloak
Simple Boots
1 Backpack which contains:
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Aquired at creation :
Fine wool Shirt (Buttoned, Dyed green
Fine wool pants (Dyed black)

Aquired/lost during threads :
A large, completely black colored Mix-blood mare named Umbra. Murdered.

Heirloom: Hunting knife that he got from his father with an ornated golden handle (Worth 30 gm)
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Carus Nothus (WIP)

Postby Carus Nothus on February 12th, 2018, 7:22 am


Location: Sunberth, Tent city

House: Tent package.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Shirt -14.5 SM 98 GM, 5 SM, 50 CM
Pants -24 SM 96 GM, 1 SM, 50 CM
Gambling -1 GM 95 GM, 1 SM, 50 CM
Living expenses: Winter 517AV (Poor) -45 GM 50 GM, 1 SM, 50 CM
Living expenses: Spring 518AV (Poor) -45 GM 5 GM, 1 SM, 50 CM

Thread List

Winter 517 AV

Among the Pre-Valterrian graves (46th)
Losing a friend (48th)
Not a day for stealing (66th)

Spring 518 AV

Fresh Meat in a new place (1st)
A rather interesting day (2nd)
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