Open A Late Winter?

One of Morwen's Own arrives in Sunberth

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

A Late Winter?

Postby Chetha Iceglaze on March 1st, 2018, 4:11 am

She watched as Dresden turned, she was surprised at how far he turned. Being human his eyes were set closely together enough that it would seem thathe should be able to see a good bit to the far side. She said nothing though, perhaps his range of vision had been more damaged than it was apparent to her untrained eyes. As his attentin turned back to her she prepared to answer his querie. She set down her pack leaning it against her left leg, making sure the axe handle was clear of it.

When he looked back she gave a wry grin, "It's the city... it's... unnatural... " She shook herself, the motion starting like a arge animal just at her neck then makng it's way down her slender all too human body. "I am not used to so many people... so close." She almost bristled as a man nearly justled her, then stepped back and blinked at her as it seemed to him he had struck an all too solid obstacle. Her dark eyed gaze followed him as he moved on, glancing back and the solid seeming young girl.
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A Late Winter?

Postby Dresden Muireach on March 2nd, 2018, 7:25 pm

He raised an eyebrow at the way she moved, once again it was something that struck him as odd about Chetha. "You'll get used to it, most people manage to adapt rather quickly. It's either that or this place will deal with you promptly." He said. He took a step back as he watched a man walk up to Chetha and bumped into her, he smirked at the man's expression and watched him as he walked off. Today was rather entertaining, surprisingly.

"Well you're certainly not a feeble women i'll tell ya that." He crossed his arms across his chest and laughed a little. This person was alright, she didn't seem to mind him either. "Kinda scary really, the axe doesn't make you look any friendlier either." He joked, amusing himself "Good to know i haven't gotten on your bad side... hopefully." Dresden looked up at her as he spoke, she would be able to notice the old coloration of his left eye and the dark rings that clinging underneath his eye. Dresden clearly hadn't slept in a while, either that or he slept so little it seemed to do nothing to benefit him in anyway. "Still. I can run pretty fast."
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