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Neras meets the Sun Birth for the first time in the Proving Grounds

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Tools of the Trade

Postby Neras Frostfawn on February 25th, 2018, 7:54 am

Timestamp: 50th of Winter, 510AV

“Neras get out of bed!”

Neras heard his mother call from the other side of their one room house, but he did his best to act like he was asleep, so he started to fake snore. He tried to mimic his mother the best that he could, so he add a snort to his snore. He heard his mother chuckle as she approached his bed, and she pounced on her son and started to tickle him. She said with a laugh, “You are not asleep. Get up little one.”

The boy laughed trying to get away from his mother and said with smile, “OK..ok I am up Mom! What do we have for breakfast?”

Aleria looked at him and smiled at him sadly, “Can you hold off till supper? I killed a fat rabbit, so I just have enough money to buy some potato and carrots to roast it. I am sorry. I didn't have anymore to buy anything for lunch. Can you make due, Neras?”

The skinny boy felt his stomach growl, but he knew his mother only made money when she made a kill. Since it was winter, game was scares around the city of Sunberth, so they often had to make due with one meal a day. Unless his mother was desperate and hunted the brats in city or the outskirts. In the other seasons, they tended to have at least two meals a day, so it really depended on the time of year when his family had the most money. He knew his mother had a emergency stash of money hidden somewhere in the apartment, but he never went to go look of it. She told him that it was their savings to take a trip back to her homeland, Avanthal. He just smiled thinking about living in a home filled with people who looked like his mother. Also, he was excited to one day meet Morwen.

Neras knew that he wasn't a full blooded Vantha, but maybe the goddess will take in the half breed too. The boy got out of bed and put on his clothes. They were dirty since his mother only had time to wash them twice a month, but he never complained since he knew his mother was doing her best to take care of him. She was excited to teach him how to hunt since it was kind of her passion from a young age, so she wanted to teach him the trade at a early age, so he didn't have to rely on the Sunberth economy to land a honest job.

He knew from his mother's complaining that she resented the fact that she lived in a city like Sunberth. She wanted to live in a city like Syliras or Zeltiva, but the only ship out of Thunder Bay was heading to Sunberth. The destination wasn't her first choice since she was fleeing Wind Reach at the time. Neras always wondered her reason for fleeing Wind Reach, but she always told him when he brought it up that it was a story that she would tell him when he was older. He knew it was a subject that she had a hard time talking about, but if she had been drinking. Sadly, She would always be stroking her Inarta made bow and telling him that his father would have been proud of him. Feeling his stomach growling, he put on his coat and waited for his mother to get ready. She put on her coat, grabbed her quiver filled with arrows and the family short bow, and walked over besides him. Strapping her kukri to her waist, she smiled down at her little man and said, “Grab you hat. It cold outside..”

Looking at the short bow, Neras knew that it was given to his mother by his father when they were in Wind Reach. He was always curious about his father if he was strong and brave like his mother Aleria, but she didn't talk about him.often unless she was drinking than the stories flowed like water over a waterfall. He knew his father was a handsome man with a charming personality. He was hard worker who cared deeply for his foreign lover. They always talked about moving to city like Lhavit or Syliras where they could raise a family in relative peace. The boy wished he lived in either of those cities any place other than Sunberth would be a huge step up from his current living conditions. He wanted to go home to Avanthal because even if it was cold there. It would be nice to meet his grandparents and cousins along with being in the presence of Morwen.

When the Frostfawns left their apartment, they lived in a neighborhood that mostly consisted of other Vantha. Her mother never really trusted the other humans and citizens out side of her community, so being around other Vantha gave her a strong sense of community. Also, everyone in the community watched out for suspicious activity, so they were prepared to defend themselves against outside threats. Some of the Vantha men took protecting the community seriously, so they often patrol the row of small houses at night to keep the riff-raff away. In away, it was relatively safe in the community, and everyone knew each other, so it felt like he had a extended family outside of his mother.
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