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Winter job thread 1

Postby Dresden Muireach on February 28th, 2018, 2:42 pm

Cutters and Carvers
62 Winter 517 AV

Today was Dresden's first time looking for an actual job. He wasn't doing some stupid, irrelevant task for an old crusty piece of bread to snack on whilst he hid away in some derelict alley way with a comfy looking corner to sit in. It was some distance away from where he usually resided, but distance wasn't a massive issue with him. A good run always took him to wherever he needed to be whenever he needed to go there. It took a couple Bells for him to reach Cutters and Carvers over in Riverside.

His chosen path to get there was to head through the seaside market and make his way past the gated community in order to avoid going through less than favourable places. He'd done a couple things in preparation for getting the job at Cutters and Carvers. He'd made sure to make himself look slightly more presentable than usual, by his standards that meant sleeping for more than one chime so he didn't have dark rings under his eyes. He couldn't do much better than that all things considered. He was just going to hope they didn't take his small stature and height into account when deciding whether he could take the job, it would be nice if they ignored the whole partially blind thing too. He didn't get his hopes up too high though, he wasn't stupid enough to do that.

There was an issue though. That was getting across the river that blocked his path, he couldn't get through there by himself. Dresden couldn't take an alternate path as he'd need a boat either way. He looked around to see if there were any easy ways across from where he was, he knew the Daggerhand had some people able to get him across the river but that would mean he'd have to interact with them, so that was a no. Maybe a Svefra would be willing enough to lend him a ride across. Course he didn't really have money to spare so in order to get across he carefully picked out who he thought would be easiest to convince into taking him across. By convince he meant the easiest to eventually annoy into letting him catch a ride, it worked. Eventually. He managed to annoy a young women into getting him across after a while, an older man who seemed rather impatient whom crumbled under Dresden constant harassment and whilst it may have taken more time than he wanted it to he couldn't deny he got alright results in the end.

He strode up to the workshop with the smile he usually wore in his face, a look of confidence for certain. Entering the establishment he was greeted with the sight of a rather well organised and to his surprise clean looking work place. He could see various pieces of lumber of varying sizes and shapes and the place was ripe with the smell of saw dust, he could hear men working away in he yard too. Using his one functioning eye he saw two men who he reasoned were the owners of the place, they looked identical to him, must be twins he thought. Dresden called out to the pair, waving at them from where he stood "Oi! I'm 'ere for the job. You two are the owners right?"

One of the two men walked over to Dresden, like most people he was taller than him, and as expected as someone who worked in a job that involved constantly cutting down and carving wood he had a rather good physique. His brother looked just a bit more muscular though, from that he assumed that out of the two the one he was speaking to most be the one people call the carver.

The man smiled at Dresden and started to speak "Hello there, you can call me Dean. We're always hiring new workers. What are you interested in... an apprenticeship perhaps?" He asked crossing his arms across his chest, the one eyed street urchin noticed the Dean was looking at him, sizing the possible worker up. He was anxious about what this would mean for him, was Dean going to be concerned about his size? about the fact he was skinny and possessed rather underwhelming muscles.

All he could do at this point was to smile and hope things went his way. "I don't think i said my name... I'm Dresden i was hoping i could get a job cutting down trees."

To Dresden's surprise Dean responded with an approving nod "Of course. We'll find out if you are worth keeping around." Dresden beamed up at him as Dean turned his back and gestured for him to follow as he walked towards his twin brother.
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