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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Syka Calendar - Spring 518 AV

Postby Gossamer on March 2nd, 2018, 1:50 am


As folks might realize, Fire In The Sky is still underway. That doesn't mean we can't move forward in Syka while the events of that thread unfold. If it wraps up with any alacrity, the events in Syka will move forward quite drastically. However, until then there are two main themes going on in the city. We are going to be building and constructing and we are going to learn how to integrate with another unknown species into our space. The invaders in Syka, scary and slightly mysterious, are more known now. They aren't necessarily hostile, though they can be when provoked, and have been invited by a few of the Founders to join the new Settlement. This remnant race, called the Verusk, are human hybrids... the children of Velispar and humans that used to inhabit Pavena. The Verusk are muscular though slender, with oddly shaped noses and ears with long tufted ends which include an extra membrane. Their skin is patterned though not scaled as a first glance might suggest. They come in metallic tones, and none of them resemble each other – with a wide variety of coloring and patterning on their skin. Some are silver, gold, copper, even pearlescent white. Their stomachs and chests are different contrasting non-metallic colors. Verusk have elongated hands with long elegant claws. Having sent males and females, these Verusk are highly intelligent, speak common, and come with a wide variety of skillsets including some with a working knowledge of magic. They have bright luminous eyes, that fluorescent oddly in the dark when light strikes them. Trapped on the other side of the World Gate until recently, they have sent a delegation of ten NPCs to Syka at Mathias and Randal's urging, to try reintroduction into Mizahar.

What does this mean to you? As a PC in Syka, you have the option to adopt a Verusk to show around Syka and learn from. Consider this a sort of foreign exchange student type program. The catch? You get to develop this NPC yourself and submit it as a permanent resident of Syka when the season is over and the Verusk are set loose as NPCs in Syka. You can pick the age, sex, and to some extent the skillset of the Verusk you choose if you opt into this plot. I will require dice rolls in chat to determine if your personal Verusk has magical knowledge. Each pc can adopt only one Verusk until the ten are integrated. There are plot points involved! If there are left over Verusk, interested PCs can invite more than one into their homes. I have ten Verusks to pass out. If you want one you must REGISTER in the Character Registry and ask me in the OOC channel for one. If you want it to have magic, you can dice a 1d100 in chat in front of me. If you land on 70 or higher, you get a magical one and we will dice from the magic list to see what magic it has. :) Everything else is up to you... age, sex, skillset, religion, personality. etc. :)

Obviously with the integration of the Verusk, strange things STOP happening in Syka. The Fire In The Sky has been revealed to be the operation of the World Gate and everyone relaxes a bit when this phenomenon occures.

This season - while we let current quests play out and unfold - will be about building personal relationships, businesses, and constructing homes with one sole exception...

The Veronica is still missing and Juli is frantic to find her father. With the other two founders busy elsewhere.... something has to be done to investigate its disappearance.

This will be a Quest on the 50th of this Season and everyone, regardless of their new or old status to Syka, and whatever other quest they might be involved in, will be welcome to join. I am going to be concentrating on the ongoing Fire In The Sky, The Veronica, and doing one big question in Riverfall this season, so this is the extent of the city events in Syka unless you as players drive them.

The Verusk leave the possibilities endless and the threading can go wild if you yourself get involved and volunteer to host one or at least interact with others who are hosting Verusk.

✨Plot Points✨

Please keep a running tally of the plot points you hit. I will be posting a thread in the Paradise Rediscovered Subforum for you to turn in your plotpoints when you want to cash in and get a prize. Prizes are now currently available at ANY TIME. The Plot Point Cash In Thread will have further information on how to cash these in. Meanwhile there are new Plot Points available for this season. You can turn in older threads that qualify for the current plot points to receive awards - such as you built something in the past - and acquire points.

✴ Develop and Host a Verusk - 100 pts
✴ Interact With Other Verusks - 20 pts
✴ Join The Veronica Quest - 50 pts
✴ Build A Simple Item - 25 pts
✴ Build A Building - 100 pts
✴ Start An Open Thread - 20 pts
✴ Discover A Ghost - 10 pts
✴ Explore Ruins - 45 pts
✴ Create A Trail To Somewhere - 30 pts
✴ Help The Settlement In Some Way - 120 pts
✴ Learn A New Skill - 20 pts
✴ Explore The Maw - 45 pts
✴ Learn The Location Of A Maw Place & Reveal It To The Settlement - 50 pts
✴ Throw A Beach Party - 30 pts

Plot Points From Winter 517 AV :
✴ Take a Skill to the next level - 10 pts
✴ Mention/See/Hear The Main Seasonal Theme in a thread - 10 pts
✴ Search for evidence as to whats happening - 20 pts
✴ Research The Fire In The Skies In Some Fashion - 25 pts
✴ Have A Stranger (like the dead one) Attack - 30 pts
✴ Create A Theory - 20 pts
✴ Receive a Wound like the scorch marks on the trees - 50 pts
✴ Rally help to go investigate (ie Round up a posse!) - 150 pts
✴ Discover The True Name Of The Person Found- 100 pts
✴ Discover How "The Person" got here - 500 pts
✴ Discover Where "The Person" came from - 250 pts
✴ Discover evidence and the real truth as to why it snowed - 500 pts
✴ Help The Settlement In Some Way - 120 pts
✴ Capture another "The Person" alive - 80 pts
✴ Explore The Maw - 45 pts
✴ Interrogate/Question another "The Person" - 30 pts

Feel free to suggest more plotpoints. :)

✨How Do I Know...✨

When running threads with the Verusk, feel free to PM me with any questions you might be asking, investigating, or any information you need as it comes up in thread. Share the information you get from me in the OOC thread. We need to utilize the OOC thread more and communicate more as a Settlement. I will release the information to you as you do the thread work. If there is enough interest I will do moderated threads or hop into threads if the need arises. You, as a player, have a lot of freedom on this plot. But when it comes to certain things, run it by me...

I answer my pms daily and won't hold up anyone's threads. Plus I'm almost always in the Discord chat so you can feel free to send me a pm on chat if you want instant answers. Some of my answers will depend on random dice rolls in chat.

✨What About An Actual Calendar With Complete Dates?✨

Nope! No Calendar other than the set quest and what you make of the season. Have fun!
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