Flashback The Delinquent and the Silver Fox (Berkley)

Neras cooks up a plan to get his mother a birthday present.

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The Delinquent and the Silver Fox (Berkley)

Postby Neras Frostfawn on March 7th, 2018, 9:43 am

Timestamp: 81th of Spring 509AV

Neras sat on a barrel outside of their small shack. The one bedroom was enough from for his mother and him, but it wasn't large compared to the houses in the gated community in Sun Birth controlled territory. The boy watched as a brat scurried to one house to another. The boy wanted to hunt the rat, but he was grounded for fighting, so he was told by his mother that he was ground for a week. If he was caught, he would get the beating of a lifetime from his loving Vantha mother. Aleria, his mother, was a hunter by trade, so she was often away from the house for days at time while she was away. At a early age, Neras learned to fend for himself, and if he needed anything. He would walk over to the Coolwater house next store for help. They were their when she gave birth to Neras. The Coolwaters' were his mother oldest friends in Sunberth. They had one daughter that he swore his mother was trying to arrange a deal with her parents. He didn't understand it since it was grown up stuff, so he had to focus at the task at hand. What he should do when his mother went to sell her pelts in the market? He knew that he wasn't going to spend here doing house work. He needed to make some money to buy something nice for his Mom since it was her birthday tomorrow.

Hearing the door open, the ten year old boy watched his mother walk into bright sunshine of Syna. Her hair was shimmering a soft green. She looked at her son and narrowed her eyes, “Neras Berial Frostfawn...”

Immediately the ten year old eyes widen when his mother added his middle name to his full name. He knew that Berial was his father's name. He was hunter from Wind Reach, and he was a falconer too. He remembered his mother telling him about his father's love of birds. He used them to aid him in his hunts in the Unforgiving. It must have been magical to live in place like Wind Reach. Endals and giant wind eagles souring through the heavens. Suddenly, the boy's grey eyes looked into his mother's red eyes as she snapped, “I swear your head is always in the clouds, Neras. Now listen to me. I am going to the market to sell my pelts, so I will be gone for four bells. If I hear from the Coolwater's that you leave the the house. I will tan your hide. Got it!”

Neras looked at her with a pouty face and asked, “Why can't I come to the market? I will be good. Plus I play with crabs or the dead fish...”

Aleria looked at him, shook her head, and said gently, “I can't do business if I have to watch you, Neras.”

Neras looked at his mother and said with nod, “Fine, I will just sit here and stare at the dirt...”

Aleria rolled her eyes and said simply, “Honey, I would normally take you with me, but I need to make these sales. Please be good...”

When she said please be good, Neras gave her a innocent look and said with sweet smile, “I am always good.”

Aleria laughed out loud, walked over, and hugged the boy. She messed up his hair and said with nod, “Why don't I believe you? Anyways, I will be around two bells past noon.”

Neras watched his mother disappear down the street, and he immediately jumped off the barrel. He ran into the house, took off his nice clothes, and replaced them with a holey pair pants. He was happy that it was warm outside, so he decided to go shirtless. He walked over to place that he knew his mother was hiding there savings. He pushed the trunk out of the way and lifted the loose floor board to reveal his mother's stash of mizas. Neras never took anything from the savings before, but he needed to make a trade for a beat up bucket. He needed boozes to get it. Taking out a copper piece, he pocketed the coin in his pants, replaced the loose floor board, and pushed back the trunk. Running outside, he saw Miss Coolwater sweeping dust off her porch. He smiled at her as he started to roll around in the dirt road.

Suddenly, he heard Miss Coolwater call over to him, “Ummm Neras. What are you doing?”

Neras looked up at her with a wide grin, “I am blending into the surrounding, Auntie. Mother said it camouflage, so I figured if I looked dirty. Nobody would notice me.”

Auntie said with chuckle, “Dear, it really not working. You look like a fool rolling around in the dirt...”

Logically, Neras yelled at her with a laugh, “If you can see me than I need more dirt!” He took a hand full of dirt, closed his eyes, and threw it into his face. The half breed child started to cough at the dust in his face and hair. He jumped up and down letting the excess dirt fall from his body and clothes. When he was finished, Miss Coolwater walked back into her house, so Neras started to run down the street into the heart of Sunberth.

Neras seemed to have all the energy in the world as he ran through the streets of Sunberth. He ran past crowds of people, and he stayed away from shady alleys. When he stopped to catch his breath, he took a moment to look around at his surrounding. He knew that his mother and him lived on the west side of the city, and the market was just over the bridge. He needed to go to his mother's favorite dive, the No Man's Land to buy a small bottle of boozes. He needed it to pay off a bum for his pan. He heard from his friends that the bum's have the best beggar pans in the city. The more beat up the better. However, he couldn't just pay for it. No they won't part ways with it without boozes.

When Neras caught his breath, he ran down the street till he stopped in front of the tavern called the No Man's Land. The boy straighten out his pants and walked into the bar like he owned the place. The ten year old saw the bouncer, so he walked close to crowd of adults walking into the bar. When he got inside the busy tavern, he noticed how short he was compared to the crowd of adults. Neras weaved through the bar till he got to bar. Climbing up on the bar stool, he sat down like he was paying costumer. Pulling out his copper piece, he tapped the metal coin on the counter waiting for the bartender if one of the adults talked to him. He said to them with a nod trying to act as grown up as possible, “After a long day of work, I need some boozes...”
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