Poisoncrafting 101 Part I

Avinasai continues what she has learned from her friends. (Other threads TBA)

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Poisoncrafting 101 Part I

Postby Avinasai on March 18th, 2018, 12:09 am

Spring 1st 518av, morning.

Location: The Woods/Outskirts of Sunberth. Deep in the woods.
Who: Just Avinasai.

There's been a long silence between Avinasai and company, company that she yearned for so long. She wanted to be with people again, but the instant deaths of her closest three friends by a street gang didn't really give Avinasai comfort of forming close relationships. She knew already about some of those that she had met during winter and fall- they were affiliated with the Sun's Births. Or some of them were, she wasn't so sure if all of those that she met were. Otherwise, that would mean she was affiliated with the Sun's Births directly herself, but she wanted to be neutral amongst the gangs of Sunberth. She didn't want to be affiliated with just the one, though the Sun's Births did seem to be a better fit than the Daggerhands. The Daggerhands were more possessive and territorial too, well at least from what Avinasai had experienced with Kelski and Zukai.

Going through these woods had always sparked a memory to the auburn haired woman. Avinasai kept close to those memories because they were the only things that gave her the consistent push to make poison. She would do her best to make as much poison as she could, if she had it her way she would probably spend all of her days to make poison instead of make poison and train with her rapier given to her by Janeth years ago.

However, she does need to train with the rapier still. Currently she had it with her, along with her Identification Kit, which was in her bag and some rations just in case if she was out here longer than usual hunting for poisonus frogs/amphibians. She had her cloak to camouflage herself with the nature just in case if she encounters any bandits, but she doubted that that would happen. Since Spring is arriving, that would mean there's higher chances (possibly) that the bandits would be scouting the roads more often than wandering the woods. Though, there could be hunters too that Avinasai would have to watch out for as well. She really didn't want to take any chances, she just had to find the frogs and get the petch out of the woods as soon as possible.
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