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Alwyn and Kelani meet on the ocean and happen to be in a similar situation.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Greetings of the Sea

Postby Kelani on March 19th, 2018, 12:59 am

Timestamp: The 2nd Day of Spring, 518 AV

As Kelani looked out over the horizon, the deep blue color of the Suvan stretched out for as long as she could see. If she turned to face the northeast, Solitude Isle could be seen in the distance framed by fluffy white clouds. The svefra rested her tired and sore body perched in a makeshift hammock on the beach someone had left behind before her. It was shaded by thick jungle leaves that kept out a majority of the baking Skyan sun. If it were anyone else, they might have been inclined to stay there all day, but to Kelani if felt as if there was an inch she needed to scratch. The water was calling to her.

She clumsily made her way out of the hammock and down the sandy white beach towards waves that were lapping gently toward her, beckoning her. She was only wearing a white linen scarf that she had wrapped around her body to double as a lightweight dress that was secured to her body with a long string of sea glass. It was far too hot to sustain any more clothing than what she already had on. As soon as she stepped out of the shade, she could feel the sun bearing down on her tanned skin. She lifted a hand up to shield her sensitive eyes and slowly made her way to the ocean. When she reached it, she fully submerged herself in the cool water for a moment of relief.

She managed to have a good night’s rest and had been relaxing for most of the day since it had only been the day before that she landed in Syka. It didn’t seem like she was out of place. Most of the residents were not out working during the hours the sun was at its peak, instead opting for a nap or food with friends. It was very similar to how things used to be in her pod. They always had too much time on their hands and came up with interesting ways to pass the days, some of them not always what outsiders would approve of.

After taking her time in the water and greeting a friendly stingray, she figured it must be time for her to make her way back to town and collect T’aidell from whatever she was getting herself into. The Verusk insisted on getting to know everyone in settlement and made rounds to each shop so she could meet the owners and citizens. Kelani just didn’t have it in her to meet just everyone quite yet, but she knew it would happen eventually. She wasn’t in any particular rush. Yet the svefra learned that she had to keep an eye on T’aidell for she was slightly unpredictable in her antics. When Kelani tried to get her to sleep in her casinor for the night she obliged, but when the morning came she was no where to be seen. She didn’t find her until checking the Tidepool Bar where it had seemed she had shacked up with Stu for the night. She knew then that no time could be wasted finding a suitable place for the Verusk.

As she walked along the beach towards the town, noticed she was almost there. Her mission was to find a founder and finally speak with them about her role in the settlement and a claim to build something for T’aidell. However, she also noticed the enticing prospect of the sails to her tied up casinor also coming into view. She hadn’t been out on the seas since waking up this morning, and the breeze was just right for a cruise around the coasts or maybe to even catch a fish or two… she decided the Verusk could wait one more bell.

She picked up her pace and untied the sturdy rope from the rock that was holding her casinor down. She waited for a good wave before using its momentum and her strong legs to propel the boat off the beach and into the salty ocean. When she was satisfied it was out far enough, she lifted her body over the hull and got to work on the sails. The wind was easy to catch and she was off in just a few short moments. She lifted her face to the gusts of air and water that spritzed her when she ran through a wave and tried to forget her worries, if only for a little while.
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Greetings of the Sea

Postby Alwyn Seapearl on March 19th, 2018, 3:58 am

To anyone that happened to glance out at the lone and bare-chested man on the small boat, they might think he was struggling. The salty sea spray had covered his sun-bathed form and lent his tanned skin and brown hair a light sheen that could be mistaken for a heavy sweat from the physically daunting task that was controlling a boat by oneself for a long length of time.

And it was true, he'd been sailing for quite a bit of time now. Since he'd opened his eyes and pissed over the side of his casinor, as Syna broke the ever distant horizon and met the Svefra with the heat of a million candles. He'd began that day as he always had: a long, loud scream at the heavens above, challenging the very world to come at him. A scream of defiance and growing power and yet, at the same time, a scream to show that Laviku's children could survive anything. It had quickly been followed by a prayer to the Sea God himself, a bite to eat, and sails quickly hoisted.

It had been repeated so often that every motion came without a single thought. He'd been sailing alone for long enough that he'd embraced the silence and allowed his mind to wander lazily from one thing to the next, and never committed to one subject. As he pulled the main sheet until it was a comfortable amount away from aft, he was thinking about whether or not he'd meet anyone today. As the wind tilted him too far away from the wind, which indicated that he hadn't trimmed the main sheet well enough, he broke the main sheet so that the boat wasn't so overpowered by the wind. He began to think of finally landing and exploring the coast as he trimmed the jib sheets, making sure not to confuse his active sheet with his lazy sheet.

He trimmed the mainsail, letting the front edge flap like a chicken without a head for a second before he carefully pulled it back until it stopped and stayed that way for more than a few seconds and the well-kept casinor began to fly over the waves. While his mind was mostly blank as the boat sailed, and his hands checked and changed and trimmed and checked and changed and trimmed to match the wind, a small smile on his bearded face displayed how he really felt about the task of sailing towards his destination, however close or far it might be.

And it wasn't far, it seemed. He'd barely been sailing for a bell before the sight of another casinor and a lone sailor made him cock his brows and almost will his sails to catch the wind better to get to this unknown person even faster.

"Ahoy!" He shouted in Fratava, even when they were some distance away. Though he kept one hand on the tiller, as any good sailor should remember todo, he lifted one and began to wave like mad, as if he was stranded on a beach and was seeing his first person in quite a long time. And it honestly felt like that - Svefra were social creatures, and Alwyn was no exception. The lack of people to speak to had begun to fray at his nerves, no matter what he wanted to say to himself. "Ahoy!" He shouted again, even louder, hoping dearly that they heard him over the pounding music of the ocean and the ever-blowing breeze.
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