Closed [Pig's Foot Tavern] How's the Gang Doin'?

Kreig decides to update himself on the gangs of Sunberth.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

[Pig's Foot Tavern] How's the Gang Doin'?

Postby Kreig Messer on March 21st, 2018, 10:42 am

25th of Spring, 518 AV, 15th Bell.

Kreig felt ignorant, it need be said. Its been a fair bit since he arrived into the city now, yet he’d not actually updated his information on the city itself; only scraps of tidbits that one could barely call informative. And so he was back at his favorite haunt, the Pig’s Foot tavern. His home away from home years past as he sat at upon a stool at the bar counter, a plate of meats before him with a nice mug of ale to drink it all down. It was a busy day in the tavern as was the norm around here.

It didn’t matter if folks were barely scraping a copper to get by, so long as the Pig’s Foot was about they’d come a flocking. Merv himself was standing on the otherside before Kreig, looking like he’d prefer the brawler was anywhere but here. But Kreig knew he was that way with most people, and he’d have been a poor tavern owner if he couldn’t tend to the needs of his customers.

Kreig grabbed a strip of meat, sliding it into his mouth as he savored the taste of flesh that helped good brawlers grow big and strong. After giving it a good chewing he swallowed it down with a gulp of his ale, then gently placed the mug back onto the counter.

“Ah, that really hits the spot”

“ ‘course it did, now mind telling me what you wanted to talk about? I do have customers to tend to and the hours are short enough as is without you takin’ it up” Merve spoke with no small hint of annoyance, the older man was old enough to be his grandfather and Kreig felt a sort of kin ship to him because of that.

He’d never had grandparents, of course the feeling wasn’t mutual Kreig felt. So in respect to his elders Kreig simply nodded and raised his hand peacefully to get to the point “Now Now, Merv. All I want is some information, I’ve been neglectful of Sunberth’s… uh, political status”

The older man snorted “Fancy way of saying gangs, Kreig. Get to the point”

He pouted at that, taking a sip of his ale before continuing “Oh alright, I just need to know their current going ons. I’ve been gone a while, so I at least want to be on the up and up”

“So you come asking me despite the fact I’m busy running this tavern? For news anyone else could tell you?” He grumbled, his brows furrowing.

Kreig sighed in exasperation “Yes I know, but there’s few I’d trust to give me a detailed enough answer. And even if I did they’d be wanting a miz or two” Kreig said, leaning forwards and picking up another slice of meat to gobble down “Ahf fwant mah mhunnies fworth”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full” Merv chastised.

Kreig gulped down the food in response. Giving a frown at being treated like a child, though it was justified “I said I want my money’s worth. And I’m willing to pay a gold piece for it”

Merv raised a brow at that, the old tavern keeper then raised his fingers for three Mizas rather than the one. Kreig’s brows shot up, while he certainly could pay that much, he didn’t’ feel the information warranted that!

“Ah come on, Merv! How ‘bout two instead?”

Nope, the same three fingers. Kreig simply sighed in defeat then as he fished out three gold-rimmed Miza’s, palming them in Merv’s outstretched hand who quickly pocketed them. The time better spent on customers now reimbursed, he gave Kreig a critical look.

“Alright, which do you wanna know first?”
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